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Society weekly jobs

Currently you can only accept 10 society quests per account and you have to commit to which 10 in advance with no option of dropping one.

I would like to suggest that when you complete a job it let's you pick an additional job however not changing the total complete jobs per week.

Or just let us be able to drop unwanted jobs and pick new ones so we aren't locked in for the whole week.
You can drop jobs, just need to click on the diamond beside the job - if you haven't completed it. I've done it several times.

I would like to make my own suggestion on jobs though - allow us to take new jobs each week, but don't have them expire at the end of the week, this way people with less time on their hands can still participate over time, especially on some of the bigger jobs. A completed job would remain in your list of 10 jobs, until the end of the week it completed in, so you are advantaged to finish jobs in the week you get them in, so you can grab your 10 each week, but if you don't finish them, and don't drop them they will take up an active slot.

Any job you drop from a previous week, you would of course be unable to grab again.
As a player with relatively low playtime, I would really appreciate this change. I made it through a chunk of my "kill 100k worth of gold" job but wasn't able to finish it off, and it was discouraging to not be able to complete it the following week.
Not finishing some of those larger goals like the 100k gold grinds etc could catalyze grouping depending on how the gold drop splits. Like will both people get full credit or is it divided or round robin?

Also might create a nice niche for crafted gear (jewelry perhaps) that have small % increase gold drops etc. Or food buffs crafted from rare fish.
I also have relatively low playtime and almost all of the jobs are impossible to finish in one week, would love to see more small jobs or a way to extend the bigger ones.
I'll see if I can drop one tonight that I'm not going to do, I swear I was able to week one. just by unchecking the blue diamond, but no I haven't tried recently.
I accidentally took a society job to catch a fish with my warrior. I see no way to cancel it. Is there anything I can do to get rid of it? Right now I am stuck with it and it really annoy me, because is no way to complete it since I am no fisher. At least the job will disappear if I don't complete it in one week?
I think I found the answer to my question:

At the start of a week, all Society Jobs are reset and randomly regenerated for each Society
  • Any existing ones players had currently still in progress are forfeited
  • The Job Reset Timer can be viewed in the Societies Overview gump