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*SOLD* Small Orc House - Literally inside the orc fort!


You have the orc fort all to yourself. One of the most unique house spots in all the land. The ambiance is out of this world. Dead bodys, pits of stinking skulls with flies buzzing, etc.

You can upgrade to a small tower. With the housing tool I could also fit a stone square house, all green ....but something about a static square said it wouldn't place.

The orc mage can hit you from the wall, so it sets you up with some amazing opportunities for creative macros.

In any case, it is magnificent, and a sight to behold!

500k OBO

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I have set the price of the house to 150k. Just walk up to the sign and buy it. I was trying to hold onto it for someone else, but I need some liquid capital.

Better hurry!!!
Still for sale!

I should also mention, you can hike directly to it. And think of the possibilities with an orc mask!

75k would hurt too much.
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Not sure if asking price is really worth it. I'd need to tear down the small hut, eat the loss on that, then place a new palisade hut, cheapest is 150k.
The return on investment is very low (orcs are barely tier 1 mobs) and the mountain face is very small compared to our primary fort which has no spawn around it to harass our miners.

Purchase Price: 100k
Loss on demolish: 5k
New hut: 150k

A 255k investment for a secondary fort right now is a big ask as the guild is trying to save up for a large palisade keep. Perhaps in the near future.
Urukton fort? Bad choice.

Really don't understand the orc masks choice. Orcs have always been a part of UO. Another bad choice.

Kilgu, I am not understanding your math. Won't you just sell the small house deed back to a vendor? That would put you at 200k.