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----------WTS 16x16 Large Wooden House on Ophidian Isle----------

Have you ever dreamed of dropping the busy city life and moving to a secluded tropical island? Of course you have, and now's your chance!!!

Proudly entering the market today is this stunning 16x16 Large Wooden House, made from sustainable harvested Darkmire lumber. Located in the northern everglades of Ophidian Isle, ensuring you a peaceful slice of island paradise. Featuring 2 private rooms and one large open concept living area, this home is the ideal size for both the aspiring adventurer and wizened vet. Beautifully crafted windows wrap around the entirety of the home, providing gorgeous views of the surrounding everglades and creating a bright and cheery interior.


- Exotic flora and fauna surround your home with the sounds and smells of island paradise.
- Relative seclusion with very few neighbours and lots of clear space surrounding the home.
- 11 magically secured chests ensure all your hoarding needs are met!
- Calm and pristine beach located a stones throw to the south, suitable for all ages.

S/B: 1.25m
Bid increments: 100K
B/O: 2m

Please post with any bids. Bids from discord will be posted here with the name of the bidder included. This auction will run for 24 hours, March 23 9am est, unless the B/O is met. Thank you for your interest and happy bidding!

** This auction has passed it's deadline several times without a bit and will therefore transition to a traditional sale to the first party willing to post the S/B **
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