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Some more DPS test results after last patch.

These are full build test results (some people had requested). For discordance I assigned the skill points but didn't use (I just applied the multiplier on the back end so I don't need to macro it during testing). These are PvM focused farming builds that I would actually use myself. Tests were run for 5m on the leather armor w/ weapon trainers. I'll add to this as the week goes on.

Discordance Dexxer: 100 Macing, 100 Tactics, 100 Anatomy, 100 Healing, 120 music, 120 Discordance, 80 Forensic Eval (ramped up to max 16% bonus)
  • Eminently Accurate Black Staff of Force: 27.7 DPS
  • Supremely Accurate Black Staff of Vanquishing: 35.7 DPS (22.3)
  • Supremely Accurate Black Staff of Vanquishing & Greater humanoid slaying: 49.6 DPS (Note: This should come out to be roughly 57.12 DPS. It looks like forensics slayer bonus is not stacking with weapon slayer bonus like it's supposed to. I repeated this test a couple times in different ways and it definitely looks like it's not stacking).

Tamer-Dexxer: 120 Taming, 120 Animal Lore, 120 Veterinary, 120 Herding, 100 weap skill, 80 Arms Lore, 60 magery. Pets were Ember Dragon & Ember drake (both had decent stats).
  • Pets attacking by themselves: 45.2 DPS
  • Fencing w/ 80 tactics instead of 80 arms lore just for this one test: 51.7 DPS
  • Macing w/ eminent/force black staff: 61.7 DPS
  • Fencing w/ eminent/force short spear: 63 DPS
  • Fencing again, but using level 10 command aspect armor: 95.4 DPS (almost all of the charges on the weapon and armor alike got consumed during the 5 minute test. I think 6-7 minutes of steady fighting would've taken them to 0).
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