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GUIDE Start Up (What/Why/How?)

Template Options

Fixed Templates - these are "viable" compared to what people usually expect. Some templates issue more skill points than selecting custom skills. Example - Bard gives 250 points (4xmusic skills plus magery).

Custom Skills - Take a total of 100 points, taking 50/49/1 allows you to get 3 sets of starting items. You also get a token for "100" skill points, which can be used instead of gold to teach skills. Total skill points 200.

Notes - Skills gain extremely fast to 50 (virtually no point buying a skill except those with no skill gain bonuses i.e./ craft and harvest skills)

Skill gain works as follows;

  • Harvest/craft skills no bonus to gains
  • All other skills benefit from a 5x skill gain rate after killing any mob (a bird, a headless, a balron etc)
  • The newbie dungeon "region" found on shelter island offers 10x skill gain rate (not cumulative with killing a mob)
Point of note here that newbie dungeon offers half gold drop rates and gold is lower than most people are used to from other servers.

Basic Strategies

General note that with lower gold drops but boosted skill gain, it is preferable to start in newbie dungeon with non-resource skills (ie/ not mage or archery) for the starts with the most "ease". If you look to take a resource based skill expect to run out of reagents or ammo during skill gain that will leave that character with no damage output.

Dexer starts don't warrant explanation - Dex newbie until some skills hit 70 skill cap, then head to other spawn and hunt.

Mage/Archer starts require the player to either take a weapon skill to supplement early output (will need to use in first few hours pvm) or have a feeder character supplement with gold/regs/arrows. It IS possible to start as a "pure" mage but it requires huge amounts of micromanagement and heading straight for mainland/dungeon spawn.

Other starts such as barding/taming/thunting are all viable but likely to be slower to get rolling early on. (ie/ taming the first wave of pets is hard with low peace or low mage to heal)

Things to Consider

  • All things under 5gp cannot be sold to vendors.
  • Scrolls only drop up to lv6, and cost large amounts of gold from vendors ie. bladespirit is 300gp - it is a lot cheaper to fill your book with a mule char with 50mage/50inscript for lvs1-4 if you have gaps.
  • All character templates start with bandages, utilise throwaways to stock early bandages.
  • Any resource skill should be macroed (or gain naturally) within newbie dungeon region to 70 skill. An example like mage, it costs circa 5k to get 50-70 in newbie region. Outside that region with no mob kill bonus it would cost 50k.
  • Damage bonuses are linear, so it is worth maxing a template early with the bonus damage skills (ie/ buy 50 mining on a macer for +10% dmg) even if you don't intend to use these skills long term you can get to +30-40% additional output for very little effort.
Forensics is good for early gold.. I used half my ticket to learn Forensic Eval to 50, and bought my skinning knife immediately after I earned 25g from Mongbats. Forensics nets about 5g+ extra per monster in the newbie dungeon. Also, boosts damage.