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Stat drops when not maxed with arrow down.

When your stats are not maxed, but one (known example: INT) is marked down, and you are doing a skill that will gain the other two (STR, DEX). The INT decreases by 1 with the other two remaining unchanged. You lose a stat entirely.

In my case, I was right on the edge of the cap (224). It wasn't moving up, so I flipped INT down because I thought it was locked, and was too lazy to math it out. I began to notice INT drop without STR or DEX increasing. Added them up and was at 223.

It's a weird bug, but I guess it's not that big of a deal. Should still be investigated though in my opinion.
Can confirm that I have encountered this bug several times.

When gaining right at the stat cap, the server will incorrectly force a stat to decrease 1 lower than it needs to.
It happened to me as well when I only had Magery left to skill up. I was at 24 dex and surprisingly I gained the dex doing Magery. So stats are different here unless dex has always been gained by Magery but I don't recall that. I'm not even sure it's tied to skill gain here?
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