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Stealth Archer?

100 Arch
100 Tact
100 Hide
100 Stealth (120 late game for more BS damage)
100 Arms Lore
any 2 of the dmg modifiers: Track/Forensic/Camp
(I took tracking and forensic)

Relies on pots for healing and is pretty dependent on the shadow aspect suit/wep
I've seen some run Arms lore at 80 to squeeze points elsewhere, all comes down to preference.
Is it good? Yeah, the backstab damage gets bigly. It's a good solo template, although it takes some patience to play with the hiding/stealth timers.
Definite grief potential as you can steal looting rights like crazy...

EDIT: they recently increased the skillgain % chance while attempting backstabs so its very rewarding to level while actually playing now (above 80 arch and arms lore anyway)
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Hinder is random chance with no CD and stackable, chance increases with more arms lore.
It all comes down to playstyle if you want arms lore for the disarm every 30 seconds or not.
Cheapest way is to make a crafting mule character
50 lumberjacking/50 Carp
Buy up 50 swords & 50 Forensics with starter check
Plenty of birds on shelter island to kill and skin. 10 logs/boards = 25 shafts.
Also if it's a first character, don't be ashamed to have to take a melee weapon skill to build up some coin, 10x skill gain in shelter island dungeon to 70 skill, you could easily build up a small amount of gold from hunting further in the new player dungeon, to purchase up some arrows.