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Steam/Client don't wait to my Input

Yes guys, I dont know where to smash my head to solve this.

Let me explain you what happen, If I use a skill or cast a spell (via macro/hotkey or even manually double clicking the icon) and THEN i immediatly use a skill or cast a spell or even press the button to invite someone in party the Steam/Client don't wait to receive my input holding the cursor on but instead it immediatly/automatic drop the target on the last target i dropped previusly.

The only way to avoid this is to wait a lot (5 or more seconds) between each action.

I don't know where to check because in Steam there are no options about Queuee Deley/Target.

It's not a macro that auto-drop because this happen even if i press the key/macro that only "Cast SpellName" without setting a target, this happen while i double click the (usable) Skills buttons, this happen while i press EVERYTHING that create a target on cursor IMMEDIATLY after another action.

Another example, if i drag Peacemaking and Taming skill button on screen, I use peacemaking on a mob and then i furiously double click taming button (no macro no hotkey, simply double) it automaticatic begin to tame the creature INSTEAD simply holdin on cursor.

Someone know what this is? Please help me I'm going creazy :)
this is very strange. here are a few things that you could try to narrow down the issue:
- try unbinding last target. in steam, in the clients macros.
- try binding last target to a different key.
- try razor
does it still happen if you try any of this?