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Streamer Status in Discord


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We now have a bot, a Comm Crystal, that will assist in promoting Streamers. Additional functionality will be added to it eventually but for now it will promote a player to STREAMER status when they go live. We truly appreciate our Streamers for helping promote the shard and sharing their experiences. If you would like to join their ranks, follow the instructions below:


Click User Settings (the gear by your name)


Click Connections and add your streamer tag (Twitch or Youtube)
Click Display on profile ON


Click Game Activity
If you do not see UO listed, click "Add it!" and find the UO window
Click in the green where it says UOS v1.0.5 or Razor and rename it to UO Outlands
Click Display currently running game as a status message ON


Click Streamer Mode
Enable Streamer Mode


Start Streaming
Make sure you have the word Outlands in the stream title (if you do not have Outlands, it will ignore you)
Your profile pic should have a purple dot and say "Streaming YourStreamTitleOutlands"
The bot should pick you up automatically and add you to the STREAMER group

Hey all, Draftbrew here! Fairly new to Outlands and all I have been playing the past week. Streamed a few times the past couple days as well. Come check me out for a chill stream!