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Suggested Balance to Parry & Disarm mechanic


Disregard this, it seems shields already can be disarmed and I am just stupid.


* If a player character is disarmed, but has a shield equipped, and is currently not holding a weapon, the shield should disarm and follow the standard disarm rules/delay.

* If a player character is disarmed but remains holding a shield, if they are disarmed again before re-equipping the weapon, the shield will also be disarmed.

* The 30 second cool down on disarming STILL applies for the attacker. Meaning it will be impossible for 1 player to disarm both weapon, and shield, of another (unless they are just REALLY slow at re-arming that weapon for 30 seconds).


As a non wrestling dexer, losing your weapon can lead to a quick demise, yet mages remain unaffected. This proposed change would (in my opinion) help to balance the mage/dexer gap a little bit by providing a counter to turtling parry mages (of which I am one of) that is also available to dexers. Compared to the current situation where the only effective counter involves magery.

Presently, there is very little a melee user can do to a parry character. The expected outcome here is to give some of these melee/tamer or melee/bard type characters a slight means of offense vs parry mages, as well as parry dexers (in the event they are disarmed once more before re-arming the weapon).
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