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suggestion: allow a flag or turn off aspect special procs on weak creatures

often my water aspect weapon procs on trash mobs (rats etc) but due to rng luck it often does not on harder spawns. This makes it hard for me on a water archer build to get enough purple drink to sustain the drain at times.

Can we have an option or permanent solution so aspect gear do not proc the special if your targeted monster has a barding difficulty lower than 30 (or whatever tier 100-150 gp+ starts).


You aren't really "wasting" the proc on trash monster, that's not how "random" works. Because it worked on a mongbat doesn't reduce the chances of it working on the elder vampire you fight right after.
Im less concerned on its waste of "damage" but waste on an expensive resource. Often it procs on weak monsters causing a large essence drain that I wont get a magic item drop to recover the essence cost.

Since its a "high end game content " feature, filtering out trash mobs would be nice.

(non stealth archer)