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Suggestion: House Add-On & House Door Dyes Craftable from Colored Materials


Some people have been discussing uses for colored materials. I suggest that colored materials can be used to craft dyes for house add-ons & house doors. The dye would color the house add-on or door to the material color that you used to craft the dye. The resources required would be whatever 2500 * Rarity is, with Dull Copper/Dullwood/Dullhide being the index case. So Valorite would be quite a lot less, but still based on rarity.

Each crafting speciality could make dyes used for any add-on or door, but they would use their respective material.

Fantastic! Doors and house add-ons will never be as good looking!
I rather wish the housing here were just shells, floors and stairs, and then you could buy wall and door pieces, to lock down in your house to make your own rooms where you wanted. I think that'd make housing a ton of fun...