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Suggestion: Increase the value of Doubloons and make Ships more Enticing

As a small background you may all be familiar with the existence of house boats, which can be placed on any of 64 spots spread around the world. This is a special housing type that can only be purchased by doubloons.

My suggestion is quite simple:

- Make it so you can have one house boat in addition to one regular house per account.
- This will create a market for doubloons and make players more inclined to buy house boats.
I will give more ideas now.

Doubloons being alternative currency to gold is good and interesting.

Doubloons are bulk of reward from boatman activity.

It would be nice to spend doubloon on special vendor where you may exchange doubloon for bulk reagents, cloth, bottle, arrow, things like this. The would help add a floor to doubloon market

It would also be nice if the exchange rate for doubloons:goods would fluctuate within RNG daily. Just because fun and speculation.