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suggestion: move disarm checks to "hits" only (tested on archery)

a majority of my disarm checks occur on misses which is a double fail (you missed so will disarm).

a. move the disarm check / chance to after a hit occurs (not on misses)
b. at 110 arms + gm archery it misses quiet a bit and fails often (probably succeeds < 20%).

I am not sure if this behavior occurs with all weapons or just archery. Thanks for considering.


hit chance IS the disarm chance. If you hit, and have 80 arms lore and 80 melee/wrestle, it will disarm. There is no additional check just a minimum requirement you have to meet to try to disarm.

You aren't double failing.

The only reason to go past 80 arms lore is for the other benefits if you even want them.
If I understand correctly what you are hoping for, this would Nerf the stealth backstabber template, if you mean that you would like the disarm to occur following the initial hit. That would not be a welcome change.
No "same hit". what i see happening is it fails to disarm on both hits or misses. Im suggesting to move the disarm chance to on hits only which may already be occuring. However from the system messages I see, disarm fails on both hits and misses. I will try to monitor it more closely in case this was a false alert.
I'd like to see proof in some way, the hit/miss check is your success/fail check, it's the same check. When disarm is available, the next attempted shot will fire, if it's a hit you disarm and you wait 30s before the next disarm to be available, or if you miss, you fail the disarm, and wait 15s before the next disarm to be available.
with heavy xbow i have bad luck:
a. disarm yay!
b. miss
c. miss
d. no longer disarmed
e. hop on discord to rant
f. hinder
g. misss
h. miss
i. misss
j. giant rat spawns.... water aspect gear procs special on them
k. demon spawns... miss