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Summoner Template Discussion

Just wanted to pop in and see what you other summoners are doing for builds.

Currently running 120 ss 100 mage med eval tracking forensic 80 camping with eldritch aspect and really enjoying it, but curious about some of my options. Mainly I’m considering incorporating herding into my build and dropping forensic evaluation, and possibly even picking up taste id instead of camping. Mostly I’m curious as to other people’s experience with herding and eldritch aspect since the buffs to spirit speak really seem to make earth ele shine.

Also does anyone run command with earth eles? Obviously you lose the spirit speak buff which is pretty considerable but I’ve heard that command is pretty great atm.

Also interested in bard builds and how well they are performing, I haven’t seen any out farming yet, so haven’t seen them in action. You would most definitely use lyric aspect correct? And build would be something like 120 ss 100 mage med music peace discord 80 tracking or herding?

Anything anyone would like to add to discussion is more than welcome, thanks!
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Personally haven't gone above 100 on any skills, and haven't gone to 720, because why spend the gold, just so you can farm more gold, when farming is boring in general (personal opinion!), but have played a couple of different summoners now.

My main PvM is a scribe/eldritch summoner, 100 SS, Scribe, Mage, Med, Eval, Forensics, Taste ID - for a long time I ran him with wrestling, rarely seeing PK's, I finally switched it to Taste ID, and it's great, getting mana back that much faster, so I can keep casting is awesome, you really notice a difference in your DPS, as you are throwing your full damage faster/sooner. With 120 SS, I think herding would be a great option especially in an eldritch suit, as you are increasing your summons damage, on 150 SS at T10, that's gotta put in some solid numbers.. Eldritch keeps going up and up on costs..

I also run a water/macer summoner, 100 Macing, Tactics, Magery, Forensics, SS, 80 Arms Lore, Healing, 40 Alch - with 100 str, 75 dex, 50 mana. Smashing out the armor, increases the damage my earth ele's do from about 40 to about 60 when they hit, it's a pretty fun build, that is fairly surviveable if PK's come, where as my eldritch summoner without wrestle gets chewed up by dexxer pk's. It can handle Daemons, Elder Vamps, Cavernam 3 (avoid dots)... This is a pretty cheap template to get into as water aspect isn't that costly...

I'm sure either of these builds would perform better with 120 SS.. But I'll likely never be that, unless I manage to farm all the scrolls myself.

I've made a bard summoner, but at this point I haven't played him, from all I hear, you need decent lyric, high level instruments, 120 Music, Peace, Discord, the investment to make it viable seems far too high in my eyes, for a template that literally has no way to fight back if PK's come, but i've seen some very high DPS numbers posted on people who run the build.


Command is far too expensive to use for a summoner and the eldritch suit offers much better synergy with your build. Also, I'd recommend herding over forensic if you're trying to get more damage out of your summons, but if you're only using them as meat (earth?) shields then stick with forensics for the extra bonus damage you'll do with your spells.

Edit: Add some skill balls to your build and get GM camping for even more PVM damage :)
I personally took Forensics for the extra leathers (and feathers when I need them). But at this point I'm almost 120 tailor, and can see me dropping forensics for another skill like herding to really push my damage.. Since there isn't much profit in selling special leather suits, considering most leather wearers aren't getting hit, so why bother?
I sell all my leathers and just buy the armor when I need it, so forensics is purely for the dps boost and harvesting leather to sell, which does add quite a bit of gold to each kill, especially when colored leather drops. Maybe one day I will make a tailor but for now its just as easy to grind the gold and buy a suit.

Currently my damage looks like it is split about 65% self and 35% summons, would it be worth a 20% sdi loss for whatever bonus herding would bring? Think this may be something I have to test myself, as everyone seems to prefer different things in their summoner builds. I would just like to see my damage while meditating increase a little, although pumping out all those high damage mind blasts is pretty fun, and I really dont have much down time. I tend to mind blast until the mob has ~10% health left and let the earth eles finish the mob off as I meditate back a little. Unless I'm farming 100% casters I never see my earth eles go down before their timer is up.

I may do skill balls when I'm rolling in gold, but right now I feel like my gold is better spent on gaining eldritch tiers over a 5% sdi.
For the record I tried out herding and its definitely a good skill to have once you start getting your effective spirit speak up there.