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Summoning Guide

How to summon: a basic explanation of core summoning and some features unique to Outlands

What are "Summons"?

- For the purpose of this guide, "Summons" referes to all Circle 5 and Circle 8 Magically Summoned Creatures, including Blade Spirits and Energy Vortex.


Circle 5 Summons (Summon Creature and Blade Spirits) are usually the starting point for all Mages who wish to utilize Summons as companions. Many new players will purchase these spell scrolls from NPC Mages, but they may also be crafted with the Inscription Skill at 50 Magery + 50 Inscription and may be found as loot.
*Note, the spell must be in the Scribe's Spellbook before they can create scrolls.


Circle 8 Summons (Energy Vortex, Summon Daemon, Air/Earth/Fire/Water Elementals) cannot be purchased from NPC Mages, and will not be found as loot. Only Player Scribe/Mages can create Circle 7 and 8 Scrolls.
*Note, Scribes are NOT required to have Circle 7 or 8 spells in their Spellbooks in order to create these scrolls.


"Basic" Summoned Creatures are ones that aren't "buffed" through the use of Spirit Stones. They can still be viable partners, adding to your overall damage in a fight, or simply used to draw agro away from you.


"Buffed" Summoned Creatures are those who have been "upgraded" through the use of Spirit Summoning Stones. There are two "upgrades" you can summon; Elder and Ancient.


elder ancient earth.PNG

Spirit Summoning Stones

Blank Spirit Stones can be purchased from an NPC Mage. Players must cast Magic Lock onto the stone before it can be used. When cast upon, the player will be given a choice to unlock the stone as a Summoning Stone, or as a Spell Stone. Since this guide is outlining Summons, we will only cover the Summoning Stone.

lock stone.gif

Once you have Locked your stone, it will get filled with Spirit Energy every time you use Spirit Speak around the corpse of a mob you have helped to kill. The amount of Spirit Energy you receive is dependent on how much of the overall damage you did to the mob, the mob's difficulty level, and your Spirit Speaking skill.


In order to draw Spirit Energy from your stone (so you can upgrade your Summons), the stone must first be "Activated." This is done by simply double-clicking the stone. You can also "deactivate" the stone in the same manner, which will prevent the depletion of stones you wish to keep filled.


More information about Spirit Speak and how it effects your Summons can be found HERE, and information about the various Summoning Spells (and creatures that are called forth) can be found HERE.

For those Solo Adventurers out there, Ancient Summons can prove to be a powerful tool, and will allow you to tackle challenges that might otherwise prove impossible without them.

As always, have fun and happy trails! :D
Unlike taming(which requires dropping magic resist for vetrinarian), I think spirit speak summoners have a chance to be a serious template for weapon users( With Magery and spirit speaking as 6th and 7th skills.)

Does anyone know if healing or veterinary can heal summoned creatures?
so does eval int also help with how strong your heals are or is it only the healing skill? I mean for the potency of your heals and greater heals.
so does eval int also help with how strong your heals are or is it only the healing skill? I mean for the potency of your heals and greater heals.
I don't know about the heal spell, but I do know that greater heal will restore more hitpoints at GM than what it will at like 50 skill.

It all just depends on how high your magery skill is.
I am having questions about the summoner template.

I currently have
spirit speak

for my pvm summoner. With this template i have no problem farming lesser molten daemons.

What can i change to make it better?

I think that +25% damage from herding is smaller than the dmg i can do with a bow. Is this true?
Do i need eval int? Veterinary?

If i have a decent archery skill, i could also fight back on PK's and not be totally helpless.

Im thinking to change it to this:

spirit speak

Will this one be better?
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