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Tank Build

I always play mages, bards, and tamers. I wanna try something a bit more in your face. Is it better to 7x GM or should I spread the last 300 points around due to all the passive bonuses? Also, If I parry, should I pick something other than resist due to resist pots being a thing? Thanks.
You would still want resist for pvp, I'd assume.
Resist pots would bring your resist up to 200, again I'm assuming, for end game content.


Resist pots only last for 120 seconds, I'd recommend still having resist.

Here is my old tank's set up. I ran him with Earth aspect gear and a fire mace.

GM Weapon Skill
GM Tactics
GM Anatomy
GM Healing
GM Resist
GM Parry
GM Tracking
Here is the tank build I went with - and the reasons why - I ran it with the water aspect suit, for the additional heal percentage and the additional chance to hit your special and found this could handle just fine up to daemons, which I generally consider the high end of mobs. Always carry potions, as without Anatomy you can't cure poison, and occasionally if a caster decides to throw a few circle 6 spells at you in a row, you may have to chug a heal pot, if one of them doesn't get absorbed by your parry or resist.

The bonus, this build was super incredibly easy to GM all the skills (except forensics), and it provides you extra income as you farm with the forensics, and with a few different skills you have a few tools at your belt, to make it not so monotonous.

700 skill template - add 20 into something if you decide to go 720 (more unnecessary expense)
Mace 100 +special - pierce target - reduces target AR by 50, can stack, if you reduce AR to zero it then starts stacking damage up to 30%
Tact 100 +50% dmg
Resist 80 +absorb spell dmg, return it back in your melee strike for more dmg
Heal 80 you get a decent amount of healing + carry potions as a backup
Parry 80 +taunt ability - doubles AR of your shield for a time, while pulling aggro
Forensic 100 +25% dmg, +extra leathers to sell, +hamstring due to having Track also
Tracking 80 +20% dmg, +passive red tracking for a red alert system
Arms Lore 80 +8% chance for specials (now 18% for fast stacking) - with macing is increased dmg, +disarm which also gives a +25 dmg boost in PvM
this is the tank im working on for hopefully partnering with guild members to do the damage. the goal is to stack magic resist potions to reflect magic damage and do 50% reflect from tailoring at 50+.. (its higher than the wiki formula says)

sucks to solo with gimped damage. currently alchy is at 52 and i like it

id 80
heal 80
arms 80
alch 90
tailor 80
I've been working on this build. It's good for both PvE and PVP:

100 Mace
100 Tact
100 Alchemy
80 Healing
80 Anatomy
80 Resist
80 Parry
80 Arms Lore

Gives you decent bandage heals, big pot heals to deal with burst, and long lasting buffs. Gives you both Hamstring and Disarm for PvPvE and a crappy rez to boot. The extra 8% chance to super Whomp with maces from 80 arms lore is really good since the damage keeps stacking up, especially when they get disarmed.
Why is mace so heavily preferred? I have tried the fencing bonus which seemed ok and I really enjoy the stacking bleed effects of swords currently.
Why is mace so heavily preferred? I have tried the fencing bonus which seemed ok and I really enjoy the stacking bleed effects of swords currently.
I like the big hits when you wipe out someone's armor, and 30% damage when you keep stacking - the bleeds are nicer on higher end mobs, but if you farm the mid game more, I think the maces are more effective, because the damage all comes up front.
Soooo... on a different note, what do you think about the AR bonus to smithing? Would that be viable? Something like maybe....
100 weapon
100 tactics
100 blacksmith
100 parry
100 spell resist
100 anatomy or 80 anat
100 healing and 80 healing + 40 Taste for resists?

I get that i have no damage output here, just looking for a real tanky guy. also, i Like the Alchemy Idea too from above.