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Taste ID

I was looking for this same information today. There seems to be some conflicting info on pvp poison and taste ID.
The skills 3.0 post says....

"Player-applied Poison (through spells or weapons) has its damage against creatures increased by (50% * (Taste ID Skill / 100)"

Which is the same as what the wiki says under the taste ID page.
However, the wiki page for poisoning simply states...

"Player-applied Poison (through spells or weapons) has its damage increased by (50% * (Taste ID Skill / 100))"

But... Since that page is the only one hinting at it being viable in pvp while 3 other resources indicate pvm only I assumed it is solely pvm.... Unfortunately ;)
I saw something mentioned in patch notes the other day about this:

  • Fixed several issues that were making high levels of poison (especially ones "boosted" by Taste ID skill) much easier to cure than intended, including how "progressive" curing bonuses were stacking
  • Players playing Taste ID poisoners should now be much more effective in PvP