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[TBC] The Blackstone Company Bios - Know Your Mercenary


As more and more of the Outlands' sellswords sign up for a life of fortune and adventure in The Blackstone Company, this tome has been created to record it's notable members (or at least those that create a character bio).

Please treat anything in this thread as OOC info unless shared with you IC & no posts other than bios too please!

Khalil, Vagabond, The Blackstone Company.
Derek Lumbar

A medium sized man with small eyes, neatly trimmed hair and a horseshoe moustache. His face and hands show the wear of a life on the road. Despite the cruel realities of his line of work, he seems to greet most situations with an easy smile.

He is currently known as the leader of The Blackstone Company, but when conversation drifts to life before the company, he tends to avoid or deflect the questions, preferring to let people talk about themselves.

Whether things are going well or poorly, he attributes a great many things to the Gods. It is often unclear whether or not he is joking, especially as he will praise and bemoan them in the same sentence, should his luck show a sudden turn.
Name- Jara Lobreth
Age- In her early thirties
Eye Color- green
Hair Color- ginger
Race- Human
Place of Birth- Unknown
Weight- Around 114lbs
Height- 5'2"

Description: Jara is a small and fragile looking lass with long, ginger hair and freckles all over her body. However, her appearance deceives. She's fearless in battle and due to her quick feet and hands, she's hard to come by. There is not much known about her past, but recently she strolled upon Derek Lumbar of the Blackstone Company Mercenary Group and was invited to join the Club.
Jaras face doesn't show much expression usually and she masters to stay calm at almost every situation - except for petty insults and taunts.

While she does not speak much, a bottle too much beverage might loosen her tongue. Among people she trusts, she's open, yet still keeps her secrets.
It is rumored she had some bad experience with the other sex in her past and therefor tries to avoid any feelings for them rather than friendship.

History: As mentioned, not much is known about her and those wishing to find out more will need to try hard to earn her trust. Scars among her body though indicate she had a tough life and that she spent several years either alone or in hard surroundings.


Name: Khalil. Surname unknown.
Age: Mid to late 20's.
Place of Birth: Former Cambrian province of Tartaria.

Appearance: Standing at 5'11" and around 180lbs, Khalil has a lithe, athletic build, easily concealed beneath his leather jerkin. He sports dark brown hair and short cropped beard, with sunkissed skin and a generally brooding demeanour, that often makes him appear a little older than he is.

Brief bio: Barely a man, Khalil joined an irregular company of mounted archers, hunting the bandits that roamed Cambrian territory under the banner of the once prince Luka. He was badly wounded and left for dead at the battle of Break Pass and once healed he was again pressed into service of the Cambrian army, as Prevalians laid one of many sieges to the walled city.

It was during one such siege that Mount Inferno erupted, erasing Tartaria from the map. The once proud province, that boasted architecture even more magnificent than Cambria's, was lost to the watery depths and cataclysmic mud slides.

Distraught at the destruction of his homeland, Khalil stepped into the shadows and spirited himself away from the besieged city and through Prevalian lines.

He has been searching for 'home' ever since.
Name: Evram Dorain.
Race: Half-Elf.
Class: Bard.
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral.
Hometown: Cambria.
Born: 590 AC. (Current shard year 612 AC)
Age: 22.

Standing at 6'2 and weighting approximately 160lbs, the half-elven figure infront of you has a tall and slender physique. He has sharp and handsome features, narrow jaws and thin arced eyebrows. His long blond hair hangs down to his shoulders, and his eyes are emerald green in colour, showing strong elven presence in his otherwise human-dominated heritage. Most of the time he has a smile upon his face, with a free-spirited attitude. Always clad in fine clothing and light armor, with a well sewn purple surcoat covering his upper body - his apperance is always well kept. Hanging on his right hip is a sword sheated in a scabbard, revealing to the trained eye that he is a south-paw.

Evram was born and raised in Cambria. His mother worked as a messenger for a local scribe, and his father made a humble living of the land - growing and nurturing both plants and vegetables. Evram quickly became restless of the dull and repetitive days on the farm - at the age of 15 he started his studies at the college of Mages within the walls of Cambria. Lacking both the discipline and desire needed to truly master the arcane arts, Evram quit his studies after three enduring years.

"And in this land I'll proudly stand
Until my dying day, sir;
For whate'er a king o'er all command,
I'll still be a Cambrian brave, sir."
-cambrian chorus-

Three more years went by, without any direction or goals - Evram had to turn to criminal activities and seek work as an exotic performer for lords and ladies. Growing tired of abusive and stalking customers, Evram decided to leave Cambria and head further north - serving as a guard on a ship called "The Singing Mermaid", protecting cargo sailing to Terran.
In Terran, Evram saw a poster - it was a band of mercenaries, known as the Blackstone Company, seeking new recruits - recruiting capable men and women to their service. Evram knew he did not have a knight's courage nor the zealotry of a paladin - but being a capable swordsman, with a knack for charm and seductive tunes combined with a few magical tricks up his sleeve - and of course with a grand desire for wealth and luxury - he decided to pursuit this career, as a sellsword - a Blackstone mercenary even!

"I can be the King or yer Queen, I can norture and rejuvenate yer spirit with music and soothing words, I can be yer Knight in shinin' armor on the battlefield- I, Evram Dorain, can be whatever yer heart desires... Fer the right amount of coin, of course."

He's a fairly average looking bloke standing about 5'11" tall. Usually wearing some scruffy cobbled together scraps of armour and muddy boots. The only decent things he owns are his crossbow and a well used golden skinning knife.

Not even Reknaw himself can remember what his real name is. A nickname from his earliest days that has replaced any true identity he may have had.
Rek is the stereotypical drifter, His earliest memories are growing up with his mother who worked at the stables in Terran. He never knew his father and led a pretty ordinary childhood albeit a little bit isolated from the other youngsters of the town.

Rek never took to any of the typical career paths open to young men of Terran. Too lazy to become a lumberjack, too scruffy and rude to get work in the local tavern or shops. He took to roaming the woods, living rough and occasionally selling hides and meat when he had a successful hunt, he has just about scraped by for most of his life.

More recently he has begun working for the Blackstone Company. Although hes a bit of an outsider, he still enjoys the company of others and especially a good drink! He can be regularly found at the Tavern in Terran and loves exaggerating his hunting prowess over a few ales. Rek has found that working for the company is a lot more lucrative than his career as a hunter. Although this line of work is a lot more dangerous it has given him even more free time to indulge in his favourite pass times, namely sleeping and drinking.
Name: Valerya Dorain.
Race: Half-Elf.
Class: Rogue.
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral.
Hometown: Cambria.
Born: 593 AC. (Current shard year 612 AC)
Age: 19.

Valerya is 5'5 tall, slender and fit. She has sun-bleached hair, green emerald eyes and a deep tan.

When asked about her past - Valerya reveals that she was originally from Cambria.
As a child she was cute, outgoing and dangerously curious - causing no end of trouble for her parents. They tried to curb her lunatic behavior, and encouraged her to be content with her home, like other Cambrians. Valerya found this unbearably stifling, and left to explore the world.

She quickly found herself falling into all sorts of trouble, going to the wrong places and angering the wrong sorts of people. Eventually she found herself in the city of Prevalia, and it was there that she discovered her future profession: Thievery. To begin with, wealth was never her chief concern - it's just that too many interesting things are found behind locked chests and doors. As she grew older - Valerya quickly realized that she could make a fortune with her burgular skillset.
Her unassuming temperament makes it easy for her to hoodwink the authorities, and her sweet nature has saved her from a jail cell numerous times.

She has just recently joined up with her brother, Evram Dorain, in the Blackstone Mercenary Company. Why she decided to become a mercenary is a secret only known to Valerya.
Full Name: Carmine Aldous Duskwood
Aliases: "Rabbit Foot," "The Charm," "Misericordia"
Born: 580 AC
Place of Birth: Andaria
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 169 lbs
Hair: Copper
Eyes: Left partially Heterochromatic light blue/gray
(Fuch's Heterochromic Iridocyclitis.) Right Dark Blue.
Skin: Fair Skinned

Left orphaned in 585 AC when Andaria was sacked by orcs led by
Warlord Goth Vultog. Taken in by Mazden Wolfbane, then Champion, of the
"Succor En-carmine." A condottiere in the employ of the Mage's Guild
specializing in rescue and corpse recovery. Their Kapitan, Arthur Clark,
along with many of the men take heart in the coincidence of his name.
Many other orphans are taken in greatly consolidating the future ranks of

The Guild and The Condottiere.
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It is in these surrounds that Carmine quickly grows up by
necessity. Harsh realities of the countless bodies both human and orc alike
burn for days, the screams of the dying wailing through the streets more
sharply than the biting gale. The months following are a living nightmare
that casts an ever darkened light upon Andaria for years to come as orcs
continue their raids and the rise of the dreaded "Black Banner Company"
spreads further heartache.

These years pass with Carmine and others aged around 10
beginning duties with corpse collection and misericord "Mercy Killing" of the
fallen. Inundated by death and gore, young Carmine begins a morbid
fascination that buds into a self taught art of medicine. His practice however
comes mostly from the remains of stray animals; a happenstance which would
lead others to think of him as both capricious and uncaring. His affiliation
with the mage's guild would later start rumours of necromancy.

In his thirties, now a "banner-man" of Succor En-carmine, he takes
up a more prevalent role as "sawbones" and good luck charm. He and the men
around him come through when others do not; he is generally the only man
still walking yet many live, somehow. The Condottiere under lucrative
contract march on Corpse Creek. Though harbouring great misgivings a run
of bad luck at dice sees Carmine bidding into the contract alongside many
banner-men. The march ends in blood, to his knowledge, only Carmine
escapes to Terran. The final days of 611 AC close like the snap of glaciers
colliding leaving Carmine destitute, far from home, yet again an orphan of

war. . . .
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