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With the reworking of some classically useless skills and changes to some of the traditional templates, many new templates are now possible. Please discuss below.

Updated 2/21/2019

Disco Dexxor
120 Music Peace Discord
100 Macing Tactics
80 Armslore Tracking
Lyric Armor + Lyric Weapon (Solo)
Fortune Armor(or anything else you like) + Artisan Weapon (Group)

Group Tank
120 Blacksmith Alchemy
100 Macing Resist Parry TasteID
80 Healing
Void Armor + Artisan or Water Weapon

Glass Cannon Summoner
120 SpiritSpeak Inscription
100 Mage Med Eval Tracking(or Camping or Herding)
80 Camping(or Herding or Tracking)
Eldritch Armor + Command Book
*Take inscription to whatever level needed to cap out 100% FS scroll return
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Camping feels like a staple in any PvM build though, just due to the 50% back pack size, plus the 20% damage bonus.
I was going to do a summoner type DPS build - I'm not sure if anyone has tested, but does the 20% damage bonus to your mobs damage equate to more than 20% more damage to your own damage?

DPS Summoner Mage
100 Mage
100 Med
100 Eval
100 SS
100 Camping
100 Tracking
100 Forensics or 100 Inscription (Forensics to start for sure for the extra leather, may switch it later to Inscription and cast from scrolls)
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Something I've been really pleased with, and think that other people should know, is that passive skill gain from playing the game is very rewarding. Not only that, but it allows you to know what skills will buff the strategy you're using at the moment.

I hadn't kept up with all the most recent skill changes and so eventually I went out with a newbie character in the newbie dungeon. I left all my skills up and decided to just have fun. I gained a TON of skill in more than 7 skills, and all of them were advantageous to my DPS, especially as a new character.

This way may be the absolute best way to learn and find some killer templates for all the people struggling with the wall of text that is the skill summary! As you're gaining the skill while playing, you could read about it on that page and understand how it's helping.
iv tested a buncha taming templates and these are the only like, sorta ok ones. in order of how good they are

An important note is that some pets have lil upgrades if you got camping/forensics eval and the like. the only good one though is camping so roll with that if you got a pet like that

generic tamer:

Animal Taming
Animal Lore

bard tamer:

Animal Taming
Animal Lore

Big boi dexxer tamer:

Animal Taming
Animal Lore
Weapon Skill (archery probably)

Stealth tamer (good luck):

animal taming
animal lore
Wep skill (archery, probably)
This is the template I'm kicking around for my Day 1 Launch Char.

Battle Smithy
120 Smith
100 Mace
100 Anatomy
100 Tactics
100 Healing
100 Magic Resist
70 Parry
30 Magery
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spent 22 years coming up with the perfect template son, it's classified information son, so i won't be posting it to be stolen son, but guess what son, 22 years of playing 1 game doesn't make you superior and chances are a template someone made up 1 second ago is better than my template son but still, i keep my templates to myself son, but here's an example of what my template might be...

weapon skill
no shield cuz shields fill up your hands son, and i need my bare hands to see things son
hiding, the most underrated skill in the game, if you don't have hiding you're dead
+ other stuff, classified information
Spirit Speak
Forensic Eval

Has great damage from support skills, advanced warning against reds, powerful summons, and decent ability to generate gold from inscription.

I'd take this setup for PVM over the classic mage build any day.
Any ideas for a Dungeon diver template? Sorta like a TH but for dungeon diving.
Weapon skill
Remove Trap
?????? Idk

My build right now:

Arms Lore
Magic Resist

Originally went with parry but I am dropping it for alchemy. Alchemy is better for surviving burst damage which is really what kills you most of the time. Parry is good but unreliable.

I also really like the combo of Swords/Arms Lore, which a lucky streak you can get up to 45% special effect chance. Death by a thousand cuts when you are using a katana or scimitar.
Any ideas for a Dungeon diver template? Sorta like a TH but for dungeon diving.
Weapon skill
Remove Trap
?????? Idk

7th skill use magery.
End game you won't have enough skill points when you raise stealth, remove traps to 120. Both are worth 120points.
Magery at like 70 will be fine for your purposes.
Go archery too. Works better with backstab and you don't have a reliable healing source if you take damage in melee
IMHO for a backstab character get arms lore if you're using archery or mace fighting (or even wrestling lel!). If you are playing swordsmanship or fencing, then get poisoning, even if it's crappy like at 50 skill.
Nox mage template?
Taste ID
does this look good? Or am i missing something?

I've also been thinking about a sneak Nox mage,
Taste ID

so the idea is when i see some peeps fighting mobs throw a Poison spell on them and then run off in the shadows? Maybe idk thoughts?!!
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the same old 7x templates, there are so many options here that begin at 80 skill, why not go 4x GM, 4x 80 - take an extra utility skill in builds? be creative?
My pvm dps mage/summoner:

100 spirit speak
100 magery
100 eval int
100 med
80 inscription
80 camping (20% spell damage)
80 forensic (20% spell damage)
60 tracking (15% spell damage)

Not sure where I'll put +20, either eval for +10% or inscription.
I dig that dholiday, I actually went with the same until I got PK'd a couple of times by dexxers, and decided I couldn't sacrifice the wrestling any longer, and ended up going 7x with Scribe/Forensics/Spirit, no resist. I'm too stubborn to just run away, but it was a great build with all the extra damage.
Like what? What would you suggest? I'm a new UO player so i'm just spitballing here.
In regards to your earlier build, I don't believe people are finding Taste ID to be that effective, it's just draining cure pots faster from people at which point they run if they are low, so it's not really giving a ton. May want to trade that for utility or surviveability, getting 80 tracking on to a template will give you hamstring with wrestling :)