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The Bloodclan Orcs Are Recruiting (Orcs)

Ug (Hello in Orcish) UO Outlands players,

The Bloodclan Orcs have landed and a group of us are scheduling weekly raids and events. If you love orcish military raid tactics, creative pvp and rp fun, you'll love playing an Orc!

Important note, we view each branch differently with new rp and rules, we recommend learning more from the branch leader or orcs in Discord.

RP Guilds: We are open to alliances or established RoE
Clan History Blurb:

Bloodclan in November 2003 with a small band of ex clan leaders from various different Ultima online shards. They lived in a small cave until one day the chief and his Elders decided to take control of the AI (artificial intelligence) orcish monster fort to spice things up for other online players. There were epic battles at this Orc Fort with humans that loved to "grief" (player kill freshly resurrected characters). Bloodclan's leaders would hold fort defense drills around the clock to help defend against this tactic. They thought if they could make an invincible fortress, then humans wouldn't be able to defeat and then grief them. Bloodclan's leaders would also help teach other important aspects to the clan such as it's history, the way of the Bloodgod and how to handle tribal conflicts.

PS: As for all you humans out there, don't forget to bring us tribute or your head.