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The Knight's Guild: Expedition Outlands




As it were, the Knight's Guild, a native order from the lands of Forever, had found themselves on yet another quest in a realm distant in both time and space known as, "The Outlands"... This is the story of how the new saga in the epic of the Knight's Guild begins to unfold...

It begins not with a battle or a heroic act told by bards in song among taverns; nay - it begins with architects. Stonemasons, and some of the best ale drinkers in all the land! We knights are close with this lot as their specialty is crucial in orders like ours establishing fortresses and strongholds from their master craftsmanship and engineering... A seasons worth of planning a new stronghold for knights unlike any that had ever been seen before was well under way. You see, the Knight's Guild had an elaborate plan to construct a fortress city on an island that would be a bastion of virtue and the heart of our order. However, as we would find out, there was a terrible unknown magic at play on that island... As our surveyors and architects were beginning construction on the island, a massive whirlpool opened up around the island swallowing it into the ocean! However, this was no ordinary whirlpool as it's magical properties created a portal to another realm instead. We sent out an rescue squad to find the architects and surveyors swallowed in the portal when the island sank, and we have finally received word back from them...

However, it comes with grave news. Somehow time travels much faster in the realm of the Outlands and in the time it took us to prepare the rescue squad and send them in, it had been 30 years passed... Given some calculable data in the message we received recently via communication crystals, we have estimated that it has now been over 150 years since the portal opened up in the Outlands. Our men have assured us that by the time their message reached us they will have long passed, but pleaded that we investigate further, as they believe that the time warp between our two realms of Forever and Outlands lies in the whirling waves of the portal that swallowed the island itself. This is how the Knight's Guild has come to know the Outlands, and having sent our best researchers to investigate the whirlpool, we estimate that it will soon stop spinning, placing the date to be around 612 AC when we can safely enter the portal. Prepare to be a part of the next chapter of the Knight's Guild! Huzzah!

Chapter 1 -- TLDR VERSION
The knights were going to build a castle city on an island.
The island was swallowed by a whirlpool portal to a different realm.
We sent a rescue team in to find our architects that were on the island, and they too got lost.
The rescue team sent back a message explaining a time difference between our worlds, and when it would be safe to enter the portal.
The whirlpool calmed and the time warp stopped, placing UOO in the time 612 AC (around 600 years passed in UOO since the portal opened for only a couple weeks on UOF).
We can now safely enter it and search for clues left behind by our men that only weeks ago went into the portal, but their lives have passed hundreds of years ago in the Outlands.
We will establish a foothold in the Outlands and begin exploring this new realm and continue our quest for virtue and making pilgrimage to their shrines! Huzzah!


As the maelstrom calmed and the portal became a stable gate between worlds, the Knight's Guild was now able to travel back and forth safely and at will. Their entry into these Outlands was met with far more than they had imagined; there were massive cities and kingdoms, politics and civil wars, people were everywhere and they seemed to always be in a hurry to get to their next destination or task in this life. Time somehow still seemed sped up, but as they would learn, it was merely the pace of the culture due to such a highly populated realm. They had seen many great things in their home of Forever, but this all was quite unique.

As the Knight's traveled from town to town, learning of many alien things to them that are normal in this world, they searched the people for information about their men who entered the Outlands portal only weeks ago, but have lived and been gone for hundreds of years here in this new realm. Exhausting all options in all towns, the Knight's spread out and began searching homesteads and farms, only to find strife among most of the countryside or harsh environments lacking any hope to find clues of their brothers and what they urged the Knight's to come in search of. Afterall, we knew that our brothers who first entered the portal had long passed when we would enter ourselves, but lo, they sent back a message urging us to send more men and find the clues to some delicate information they left behind for us... However, our search yielded very little except for a few vague memories of tales about a small order of Knights that roamed the lands seeking the Shrines, but nothing more.

Hope seemed to be fading, and over time, the Knights could not keep roaming these lands without a base or a home. It was then they setup their Prevalian outpost where they would lay the first stones in the foundation of a HQ to operate from while continuing their search, but also to recruit more knights as they realized their stay here would be a while.

It was then that they found their first glimmer of hope - in their recruits. At first, a few had joined us bringing with them their childhood tales of Knights of old, who seemed much like us, as their reason for wanting to join our order. But then, we began to gain recruits who claimed to know of whom we speak, and in fact were of their bloodlines, stating that some of our men that we named were their ancestors. They had joined us to fulfill their families duties in passing down their tale and protecting the information, awaiting our return in these lands where their forefathers had instructed them…

As we spoke with these recruits who claimed to be our knight’s great-great-great-great… grandchildren, we extracted enough information that lead us to Nusero island… As these recruits claimed, the knights of old decided the best way to preserve information, or whatever they discovered, would not be in written books or temples, but in their blood - they started families and became farmers and craftsmen while practicing Virtuism from our Order and taught it to their younger generations, instilling in them the importance in this quest - to find us when we came back and tell us all they knew. However, in the ravaging of time, word of mouth lost some of the important details that the Knight’s would now begin to search for and piece the whole purpose of their voyage here together… And so, now, on Nusero island, home to the dungeon it is named after and domain of the great dragons of this world, we setup camp and begin excavating where the kin of our brothers had instructed. And lo, we have found something..

As we continue to dig, we inch closer and closer to whatever it is that our Knights before us begged us to return for and discover of these strange Outlands…

(Nusero dungeon entrance 2 screens North of dig site)

Chapter 2 -- TLDR VERSION
We entered the portal, discovered a hugely populated world with lots of history.
We begin searching towns and countryside for clues about our knights here before us, but find nothing.
We decide to start recruiting and that’s when we find that recruits are claiming to be younger generations of our knights that were here before us.
We discover that our knights had families to pass down the clues and information to us when we got here, knowing it would be hundreds of years difference.
The recruits claimed their families told them they started their order on Nusero and that is where we would find out what they wanted us to come back for so badly.
We are now in the process of excavating the area rumored to hold the secrets we are looking for, right outside of the Nusero dungeon entrance, and have setup a base camp there for the dig site effort.

Chapter 3 Coming soon...