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Trade between characters

So I have a crafter-guy and a fighter-guy. I would like to move some stuff from one char to the other.

I noticed I cannot be logged in with 2 characters at the same time on the same account.

How do I trade between them if I do not have a house or guild?

Is it possible?
There's not a safe way, people put stuff in a bag in a out of way area, and then pick it up..

Or, you can create a second account (you are allowed 3), and have two game screens logged in at the same time and trade between characters.
Yeah I remember back in the day dropping bags at the inn and sweating it as I re-logged the other character. Because of that I'd also pay attention to people doing that and gank their bags. Not as likely people would be watching for that here since you can multi account but i'd just create a 2nd account to trade with.
Be careful not to drop your bags near NPCs. Not sure which ones do it, but some of them will scavenge things that are on the ground. I tried to trade my first ever paragon chest in this fashion and the sailor at Shelter Gate tavern picked it up on me.