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Treasure Hunting

I decided to track Lvl 1 - 6 Treasure Map Loot since there was some discussion of making the looter greater or worse. I think these TMaps are filled with tons of loot and could see myself supplementing my PvM Farming with treasure maps. I can also see them being contested by PK often during overland adventures.


The above displays Maps 1-6 in order and the Outlands Map of where the Maps were located. I primarily used basic tools with the exception being the lvl 5 map to increase the accuracy. Most maps took less than 15 minutes from start to finish and once a rune library is compiled for POI locations, im guessing tmaps can be done solo fairly quickly. Possibly finishing 3-5 an hour.

My template was highly debated but this was my first go at making a Treasure Hunter. I did not know that I could decipher (Cartography Skill) using a different toon and still use my Treasure Hunter to dig up the treasure so that opens up some points to play around with. Also, I took mining to open up the range to help me dig up the map faster. I am not sure at 35 mining it really helps so the template will be adjusted a bit. Maybe to include Resist / Spirit Speak.


Before posting the results, I want to say that I had a lot of fun with the Treasure Maps and I think the loot is very reasonable especially considering the ease of completing them. I also imagine although not confirmed that treasure maps will have rare cloth hues and rares added to them at some point. This is a great supplement to PvM farming, you obtain a lot of great items that can be sold off or retained. In addition, I can see myself running strictly a Treasure Hunter Toon simply because of the amount of play time I can generally get. Maybe 1-3 hours a week give or take. Therefore, if i could collect/buy tmaps and run maps I can still feel like I am farming enough gold and items to keep up. I also imagine this toon is going to take a lot of work to even reach the level of Level 5 or 6 Maps considering what is going to be needed to raise Lock Pick and Remove Trap to GM. Everything else should be done fairly reasonably. I may work on a guide to GM LP and Remove Trap to see how many hours something like this may take in the future.

Level 1 Map:


Lvl 2 Map:


Much happier with a level 2 map. Fishing and Spirit Speak Mastery Scrolls should fetch a decent price.

Level 3 TMap


Still a decent haul w/ a power spell book, alchemy, cooking mastery scrolls.

Level 4 TMap:


Crafting Mastery Scrolls should fetch some decent gold.

Level 5 TMap:


Looks like a resource gathering Mastery Set and Alchemy again which I am guessing will fetch some good gold.

Level 6 TMap:


Very Satisfied with Lvl 6 Map BUT this one took me about an hour and a half. It was directly within a POI with aggressive mobs, not only did i have to manage the mobs from the chest which were not that easy, I had to manage multiple mobs from the area. Furthermore, I believe my success rate on RT and LP were about 7.5% with Valorite Tools, I would not have been able to complete this map without them at my current skill level.

As far as loot is concerned, I enjoy the amount of loot that is given, I would say that after discussing this in discord, I agree that some thing could be added to the loot drops and some reduced. In my overall PvM experience I notice that spellbooks drop rather frequently. I would say reduce the spellbook drop ratio and add in specialty tools for Lockpicking, Remove Trap, Mining, Lumberjack, Tinkering, Tailoring, Carpentry, Blacksmith etc. Also maybe specialty food either raw or ingredients needed for chefs to complete recipes, more mastercraft recipes since those will be needed to make things like boats (with pirating, I imagine many will be sunk), even ingots, lumber and additional gems. Again I am picturing rares and rare cloth hues added to the loot drops as well.

I envision Treasure Maps as being very lucrative but seeing as you can probably handle 3-5 per hour at level 5 and below depending on their location thats easily around 10-20k in gold, plus all of the drops. It is a great farming opportunity but many of these POI may see houses erected near them (PK's) and once runebooks are made, I can see many reds taking the time to check POI for Tmappers and just hide until the chest is opened and pk the guy who opened the chest just to take its goods. It may end up being faster than to run to level 3 of any dungeon just to find some guy who may have just started farming or may not have that much loot. Endless Possibilities.

Overall Treasure Maps, loads of fun and ill be buying as many as I can day 1.

Finally the loot semi-organized:


Best Regards,

To be honest...(I have also done circa 15 TMAPS)

Loot is way too high in terms of skill scrolls/orbs/mastercrafts/aspect feeder craft components.​
More "trash" loot like gems/scrolls/raw resources.​
I dislike highly the tools suggestion. Tools are crafted items and should stay that way.​
I doubt PKs will travel to many POIs, there are 1600 tmap locations. PKs may scout the more lucrative overland POI's as some will be "farmed" for the spawn not because THunter "could" be there.​
The fact that several "non" Thunters have gone "wow lootz awesome I will do this" tells me they are overtuned loot wise. I have thunted for years and I suggest plentiful map drops but heavily toned down loot....I want to use my toons, not wait on the few maps I find, or compete over to buy, because everyone and there dog knows doing maps is the easiest way to the best loot.
thunting and fishing removes players from POI. For the first time ever, I decided to give it a shot. It was easy and I racked up loot wayyy to fast. Tmaps should be almost like rares imo. A thunter templated character should rarely need to login. The reward with little risk.. that's almost as bad as dungeon hot spot hunters. Why keep one if you think the other is bad. Just my two cents.
thunting and fishing removes players from POI. For the first time ever, I decided to give it a shot. It was easy and I racked up loot wayyy to fast. Tmaps should be almost like rares imo. A thunter templated character should rarely need to login. The reward with little risk.. that's almost as bad as dungeon hot spot hunters. Why keep one if you think the other is bad. Just my two cents.
The line about should never need to login...oh mys the facepalms. What a terrible suggestion. If you actually fix the risk/reward (ie/ make the reward properly) you have another viable thing to do in a sandbox game. Simple as that.
plentiful tmaps sounds fantastic but WAY WAY toned down loot as far as SPECIAL (like the other dude said: rare craft components, skill orbs, rare cloth, etc etc rare shit) items go is the way to go, tmaps don't need to be rare because it'd be nice for the people who log in and do nothing but maps to have something to do............... but then again they do have dungeon chests too but imo a dungeon picker is a whole seperate type of character....
I would agree with toning down the loot and putting uncommon house decor + very small chance of rare deco items in the chests with some gold and jewels, low power magic items, etc.
Are you forgetting, though, that you have to find the treasure maps before you can do them? It's not something you can chain unlimited. I don't think you will personally find as many treasure maps as to sustain you for very long, I've been finding maybe one per hour doing some decent farming. You'd have to buy them from other players, and the price would be adjusted to whatever the community thinks the treasure maps are worth. I dont think they need to be toned down, it's not like farming regular mobs.

I think one of the issues with tmaps here (at least when I tried it last), is that they only spawn one wave of mobs. So wheras before you might've spend 1-2 hours doing a high tmap, here you'd only spend maximum half an hour due to the low amount of mobs. I think that contributes to tmaps feeling very easy right now. Personally would like to see a return of the mechanic of pulling items to generate spawns, was one of the fun things of doing tmaps for me. If you don't want the spawns, youu can reduce the amount by just pulling whole stacks at once, obviously.