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Ultima Mapper

Ultima Mapper is an actively developed mapper program akin to UOAM.

You can locate it here http://ultimamapper.com/
You can locate and contribute to the Outlands marker files here https://github.com/Dirksmallwood/outlandsmapper

A group of beta testers have been working to get locations marked and ready for the general player base to utilize during launch and beyond to help familiarize themselves with a new map, places to train their skills, tameables, points of interest, etc.

If you need assistance, or are looking to help contribute please pm me in discord or in my pit #trash

If you are unsure what you can contribute here are some ideas
  • Simply utilize Ultima Mapper, verify existing markers are correct and appear in a way that makes sense
  • Report unmarked vendors, empty buildings etc
  • Tameable locations ( End game and training mobs for each level)
  • POIs
  • Caves / Tunnels
  • Teleporters
  • Dungeon Traps (such as muskeg and inferno bridges )
  • Level transitions in Dungeons
  • Entrance to mini boss / boss location
  • Faction points
  • Any others you may find useful
Things currently included :
  • Dungeon exit gates ( Sorted by type )
  • Dungeon Treasure chest ( Sorted by level )
  • Dungeon Entrances
  • Most existing npc vendors

Some examples: