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Vidi's Diary

Day one.

I have finally made my way out of the wilderness after seeing my unit lost. Change has come to Prevalia. The old guard is gone, and a new order has risen to protect the merchants and citizens of the empire. Factions of warbands have arisen. People have broken into bands interested in maintaining the old order and restoring peace to the land. Others simply look to sow chaos and destruction wherever they roam. One thing remains the same though, and that is war.

I’d had little time to reacquaint myself with the luxuries of society before a cry went out amongst the guard. A marauding party was descending upon Terran and forces were needed to protect those who could not protect themselves. The call to arms was not being heeded so I reluctantly picked my bow up and headed for the gate. Our forces marshaled in a mountain fortress and plotted the attack. The enemy was progressing with cavalry so we would do so as well. What’s more there was rumblings of a mysterious third group of fighters. Not much is apparently known except that they fight for advancement of their own agenda and freely switch between the side most likely to advance their agenda at the current time. Mounted ill suits me as I prefer to stick to the shadows and was apparently the only one to feel this way. I made my way to the stables to ensure my llama was secured and would be well fed while I was away for battle.

The cry to attack was well more of a mumble to attack. The gathered force sauntered to the meeting stone and dispersed in an unorganized fashion. The men seemed genuinely concerned who was a freedom fighter amongst us and could not be trusted. Putting these thoughts aside I entered the portal our wizards had opened and found myself amid the enemy, but luckily clung to the shadow of an evergreen and went unseen. The men it seemed entered the battle spread out all over Terran. At first the battle seemed to descend into a chaotic scene of every soldier for himself, but it soon gave way to an ebb and flow between the forces with no clear winner. I managed to get a few shots off at unsuspecting combatants, but their horses would quickly carry them out of range leaving me holding my…bow in hand.

The fighting quickly turned to the forces of order’s favor and I grew tired of watching from the shadows and retrieved my llama. My tracking abilities were for shite as I ran amongst the rabble fighters. I must figure out an easier way to discern enemy tracks from others while moving at so fast a pace. Nonetheless catching up with my allies in arms I felt the rush of battle enter my veins and found I quite enjoyed this mounted combat. In the end we did carry the battle, but rumblings are already underway of the repelled forces turning towards a new target and which side these freedom fighters would support this time. I decided to head for lower Prevalia and see what I could uncover about these mysterious freedom fighters.