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Vile Wolf The Creation

Vile Wolf: The Destruction

There once was a small village south of what we now call Prevalia, that was part of the tribe: wolf clan. It was mid summers eve where this story began. All the young wolf clan were playing a game called hunt and pray, Except for a young girl and her younger brother, Jade wolf.

The other children refused to play with the girl because her skin was Paler than the rest. The young girl and her brother were playing a different game called stealth and strike. It was her turn to hide when she felt the ground start to rumble. At least twenty White eyes in heavy armor on horse back road into the village slaughtering everyone. The girl grabbed Jade Wolf and pulled him into her hiding spot. She signaled him to be quiet as they watched their entire village be murdered. About twenty paces from them an arrow pierced their mother chest. Their dad ran to her and took an axe to the back. They were both lying motionless. As the white eyes began to leave, the girl overhears

“i think that is all of em’ Kalzen.”

the girl tried to hold her brother back as he ran to Their mom and dad. He almost made it to them when two arrows pierced him in the back. She sat there in terror. She knew she couldn’t scream or she would be dead as well.

To be continued...
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Vile Wolf: The grieving

The young girl sat there quiet for what seemed to be an eternity, too scared to move. The name Kalzen echoing through her mind. She finally came out of hiding slow and careful not to make any noise. She looked around for any sign of the white eyes. When she was sure they were gone, she ran over to the lifeless corpses of what was once her family. She let out an ear piercing scream like nothing you have ever heard, as the tears streamed down here face. All the emotions she had been holding back came bursting forth like a dam that just gave way. She didn't leave their sides for several days, sobbing herself to sleep every night. As her hands trembled, she felt it was time to bury her family. The young girl gathered as many rocks as she could find stacking them around and over her mom and dad. When she started to do the same to her brother, A gust of wind Blew his necklace to the side. She remembers the day her mom gave it to him.

“Someday when a member of this family is consumed by true darkness this will be the beacon that guides them to the light.”Her mom(Grey Wolf) had said. This necklace was nothing special. It was just piece of flint, but carved upon it was
“Pyaar mein aap jis tarah se mil jaega”.

She did not know what this meant,as she had not yet learned to read. The young girl gently took the necklace off her brother's neck and tied it around her own. She continued to bury him. She had heard of another village to the west. It was not long ago the chief ( Naga Wolf ) visited her village. The young girl did not know much about where it was located, yet she Grabbed a bow and arrows, and chose to head west nonetheless.

To be continued...
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Vile Wolf: The given name

Many seasons have passed since the young girl started to head west, However she never made to the village.
meanwhile at the village to the west, Chief Naga Wolf was talking to his son, Two wolves.

“The General from the white eyes army paid me a visit today. It seems there is a young girl whom attacks traveling white eyes At night, on the road to the east of here. He says she wears a wolf head piece therefore he believes her to be a member of our clan. The white eyes are calling her Night Wolf, as she only attacks at night. Three have been found dead With arrows still in their corpses, If there is anymore attacks he will consider this an act of war. You must find this Night Wolf, and Take care of her by any means necessary. We are at the brink of war and we do not have the strength to defeat the white eyes. Diplomacy is the only option” Naga Wolf told his son.

“How smooth the language of the white eyes to make wrong seem right and right seem wrong. It takes very few words to speak the truth. We should be praising this girl. Who cares if there is few less white eyes?” Two Wolves ranted

“Now that you have completed your right of passage and as future chief of the clan, you are bound by honor to do what is right for the well being of this village.” Naga wolf replied

“I will do this task, but know this, The day will come when we will have to stand our ground in battle against the white eyes. They know only war and destruction.” Two wolves promised his father. Two wolves headed east in search of this Night Wolf.

To be continued...
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Vile Wolf: The Hunter Becomes The Prey

Two wolves arrived at the sight of the last attack. To his surprise, there was very little evidence of the attacker to be found. This would not deter Two Wolves. He was known even among white eyes as the best tracker in the region. He searched the area till The break of day.

“I will set up camp near here til sun up. This girl intrigues me. I have never seen someone so cunning in their movement to leave this little evidence of being here. Shes either very good, or very lucky. I will find her either way” Two Wolves thought to himself as his eyes began to shut. He falls into a tranquil trance of sleep.

Two wolves starts to awake, He opens his eyes slowly just to see a shadow of a humanoid figure standing over top of him. He begins to reach for his spear. A voice breaks the silence
“ Touch that spear and your dead”.

As two wolves vision began to focus he sees a young girl standing over him with a bow pulled back aiming right at him.

The young girl speaks, “You only live because i can tell you are not a white eye. Speak quickly like your life depends on it, as it does. Tell me why I should continue to allow you to live.”

To be continued...
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Vile Wolf: Friend or foe

“In love you will find the way. I have heard those words before. You are part of a Wolf Clan. “ Two Wolves said, As he pointed to her necklace.

“ You can read this. ” The young Girl said, With a sense of surprise in her voice.
She slowly lowered her bow.

“Yes, White wolf (One of the village elders) works with all the young wolves to insure they can read. I take it you are the one they call Night Wolf, The one attacking the passing white eyes?” Two Wolves replied.

“I will kill every one of them until i find Kalzen, I am from the village east of here, or I was.” Night Wolf expressed in a trembling voice, As her eyes began to tear “Until they were slaughtered by Kalzen and the other white eyes.”

“Wait, everyone is dead from the village to the east.” Two Wolves said shocked.

“everyone, except me." Said Night Wolf.

"You must come back to my village to speak with Naga wolf about this. Maybe now he will agree to meet the white eyes in battle.” Said Two Wolves.
Night Wolf Agreed to travel back to the village with him. “We must hurry, I have to report this as soon as possible.” Two Wolves quickly gathered his gear. Night Wolf and Two wolves started their journey back to the village.

To be continued...
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Vile Wolf: The Brink of War

Two Wolves and Night Wolf arrived at the Wolf Clan village. They found Naga Wolf waiting to greet them at the path leading into the village entrance.
“This is Night Wolf. She is from the wolf clan to the east, as well as she is not a threat to us. Summon the high council, It is of importance
we meet at once. I will ask Moon Wolf to stay with NIght Wolf until our return. I will be waiting at Rendezvous.” Said two Wolves with Urgency in his voice. (AN ancient place of worship now used as a meeting spot for the high council.)

Most of the council have arrived at Rendezvous. Two Wolves speaks
“The white eye have drawn first blood. They have murdered every one in the village to the east led by a man called Kalzen. There were not any warriors in that village, They could not even fight back. It was just a massacre. Now I hear they are Invading more of our lands. They are building a city in north eastern part of our lands. They are calling it Prevalia. How many more of our innocents must die? How much more of our land will we let them take. The time for diplomacy is over! The time to fight is now!”

“Yes my son The white Eyes are building a city in the north east corner of our lands. It is a small piece of our land we can live without. Kalzen is not an ally to the White Eyes. He leads A group of bandits who steal murder and rape just for fun. They have terrorized these lands since you were a young boy. I will not lead this clan to its destruction.” Naga Wolf argues.

Two Wolves Leaves the meeting in disgust. Moments later they heard a voice.
“ So it has begun. We must kill the girl!” The council Looks over to see an outline of an elderly man walking toward them from the shadows.

To be continued...
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Vile Wolf: The prophecy

“You know the prophecy!” said an elderly man as he walked toward them. As he came closer Some of the council started to recognize as White Wolf, the clan Mundunugu

“It was written in the very place where you stand.” Said White Wolf.

“You would have me end the life of a child? Based on words from a lost religion, written in a language long forgotten? There is only two left alive who can still speak it, let alone read it.” Said Naga Wolf.

“A pale skin child will be born among you. With her falls a veil of darkness. Blood and death will fall before her. Through her the seed of hate will sprout an eveil which the likes the wolf clan has never seen. If you did not believe these words, you would not have traveled to her village to see the child yourself” said White Wolf. A moment of deafening silence filled the air.

“Night Wolf has suffered more loss and pain then then all of us combined.” said Naga Wolf

“That is more the reason she must be destroyed before it is to late.” said White Wolf. Just the an elderly lady known as Wolf Mother steps forward.

“Even you can not stop the will of the gods White Wolf. The punishment for even trying would be severe.” Said Wolf Mother.

“We must stop her before it is to late. She must never be allowed to learn the dark arts. You know how seductive their power can be wolf mother. Having dabbled in the dark arts yourself” said White Wolf

“That was a long time ago” said wolf Mother

“Believe it as you will” Said White Wolf with disbelief in his voice.

Naga Wolf Then addressed the counsel.
“I will not kill an innocent girl because what she might become. I will raise Night Wolf as my own daughter. If this is her destiny, we will change it through love. This counsel meeting is over” Wolf Mother smiled.

After most the counsel had left, Wolf Mother approached Naga Wolf.

“Are you going to tell her the truth... Are you going to tell her the truth about her father?” Said Wolf Mother.

“We are the only two left alive that knows that truth. I promised Grey Wolf on my honor it would remain unspoken. She has been through so much. To add that to her list of burdens, might be the thing that breaks her. She must not find out, It will destroy her.” Said Naga Wolf.

To be continued...
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Vile Wolf: Focus thou Rage

Night Wolf is about twelve now by the white eye calendar. It did not take her long to weave her way into the hearts of the clan, despite keeping mostly to herself. She spent most of her waking hours practicing her bow. So much so, that blood ran down her hands from the wounds on her finger tips, caused from the sheer number of times she had pulled her bow back. Two Wolves and Naga Wolf approached deep in conversation. They stopped briefly to watch Night Wolf practice.

“It looks like you might have some competition Two Wolves.” Said Naga Wolf “Even if her skills with a bow did rival my own, no girl has ever been allowed to compete in teerandaajee prativoqita.” Said Two Wolves of the tribe’s generational archery competition.

Naga Wolf approached Night Wolf and said, “I know why you train so hard Night Wolf. Revenge will not bring your family back. He has taken so much from you. Do not let him take any more through your rage. Do not let him turn you into something you are not. “

Night Wolf stood in silence, tears running down her cheek.

“I understand today is not that day. When you need someone to talk to, I am here” said Naga Wolf as he walked away.

Naga wolf went to visit White Wolf shortly after. “I want you to work with Night Wolf in the art of channeling. She has worn her fingers raw shooting her bow. I need her to focus her emotions elsewhere.” ,he said

“I cannot” said White Wolf. “Although channeling is nature magic, a student of channeling can very easily be enticed by the dark arts.”

Naga Wolf’s voice became sterner, “This is why you most do this. To Keep her from such a fate. Besides, I feel it might do you some good if you got to know her better. Her training will begin tomorrow at dawn, and you will be her guide.

To be continued...
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Vile Wolf: The reoccurring Dream

The unit of white eyes stormed in to the village slaying everyone in their path. Night Wolf's father tried to lure them away from Grey Wolf and his son, with his spear. It didn't take long before the white eyes over ran him. As his lifeless body hit the ground, three arrows pierced his wife in the back as she tried to get away with her son in her arms. Falling to the ground her son fell a few feet in front of her. Two of the white eyes picked him up by each arm. They held him up as he yelled for his sister to come save him. Night Wolf ran out and shot ten arrows into the two white eyes marauders in the matter of seconds. Before they died they called out to to their leader, Kalzen. He quickly turned to the two marauders holding the young boy, and smiled. As he pulled his bow back, he looked Night Wolf in the eyes and released the arrow. The arrow pierced her brothers heart. All three bodies fell to the ground. With his last breathe, Night Wolf's brother raised his hand and reached out to Night Wolf... and then he died.

Night Wolf awoke with a scream, body soaked in a cold sweat. Her heart was beating rapidly. Even though she was now awake, she could still see the look in her brothers eyes and he reached out for her help. As well as the face of Kalzen, and his rage inducing smirk. She could see them as clear as if they were standing in front of her.

Naga Wolf Runs into her hut and asks “What is wrong my child… ,is it that dream again?”

Night Wolf nods still in shock, “I feel so helpless. I did nothing to try to save them, now they are all dead.” “There was nothing you could have done. If you even tried you would be dead as well”

Naga Wolf said. “How is it fair, I lived and they are all dead. I Should have perished that day, same as them, but I lived because I was a coward.”,said Night Wolf

Naga Wolf snaps at Night Wolf, “Do not say such things! You lived because the Gods willed it, nothing more. Now go back to sleep. I will sit with you for a while.”

To be continued...
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Vile Wolf: The right of Passing

Many seasons had passed. Night wolf began to fit in well with the tribe. She even started conversing with some of the white eyes from the newly build city, Prevalia. She started to realize not all white eye are to blame for her family's death. She talked with Sargent Griffen, who was the commander of the local white eye troops, every time he came to visit the village. Night Wolf was slowly learning the language of the white eyes. One evening,

Naga wolf visited with White Wolf, “I came to check on Night Wolfs progress with channeling?”

“She is rather gifted and dedicated to learning the art. She has already surpassed some of my students who have been studying much longer. I fear her drive comes from the anger she holds inside.” Said White Wolf

Two Wolves walks in the hut, looking slightly annoyed, “Nage wolf, I must talk to you about the upcoming teerandaajee prativoqita.” “What do you need help with my son? Your skill surpasses any of the other men in the village.”

“That is just it, better than all the men! If I want to prove myself as future leader of this clan, I need to win against the best. You must let Night Wolf compete. Her skills with a bow are the only one in the village whom can even challenge my own.” Said Two Wolves

“You know its tradition that only men whom have undergone the right of passing since the last teerandaajee prativoqita may participate in this event. She is female, and females do not undergo the right of passing.” Said Naga Wolf

“Then break tradition” Said Two Wolf

“I will not! Even if I did how would it look if she won?” Said Naga Wolf

“So you do feel she can beat me? If you will not change your mind I wish to invoke Maut ke lie mukaabala".
Said Two Wolves of his ritual combat challenge against the chiefs verdict.

“You would invoke Maut ke lie mukaabala against your own father? You do know if you lose, your life is forfeit? You skills are good my son, but you are still no match for me.” said Naga Wolf

“Then my life will be forfeit.” Said Two Wolves

“I will not kill my own son. So You leave me no choice? Night Wolf will undergo the right of passing. You had better not dishoner me by losing to her!” Said Naga

Wolf White wolf abruptly interrupted them “Night Wolf can not undergo The right of passing. She will have to go into a dream state. Here she will have to face her self, as sum of all her inner demons. I fear her demons are greater than anyone whom has done this ritual before. What awakes may not be the Night Wolf we know, but instead her demons themselves. Is this a risk we are willing to take? Nage Wolf you know the prophecy.”

“Your concerns are noted, but I am left with no other option. White wolf please inform Wolf Mother. You both will perform the ritual at the begening of the next moon. I will prepare Night Wolf,” Said Naga Wolf

To be continued…
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Vile Wolf: The Forbidden Art

Wolf Mother visited Night Wolf and said, “I heard Naga Wolf is allowing you to undergo the right of passing. This is a great honor, you will be the first female ever aloud to undergo this ritual. Two Wolf himself demanded it. It seems he thinks very highly of your skills with a bow. He feels you will be his biggest rival in the upcoming teerandaajee prativoqita.

“He honors me, I just hope I do not disappoint him.” Said Night Wolf

“Nonsense, do not be so modest. No one can practice that much and not get good at it. Besides, I have seen your skill with a bow. I think Two Wolves should be worried you might beat him. White Wolf tells me you are doing extremely well with his teachings in channeling. You should show what you have learned.” Said Wolf Mother

Night Wolf began to chant “Vas Yiem Rel” After a few moments Night Wolf was no longer standing in front of Wolf Mother, but a beautiful grey wolf. After a short time the enchantment wore off and Night Wolf returned to her self.

“Wow! There member of the clan whom has been studying chanting since they were very young, and they still can not perform that enchantment. I guess you choose a grey wolf in honor of you mother. You miss your family a lot?” Said Wolf Mother

Night Wolf looks up at her and said “Very much so, I work really hard in hopes that one day I'll meet Kalzen in battle. Only then, can I avenge my families death."

“How do you plan on defeating him? You can not confront him directly. He is one of the most ruthless fighter these parts has ever seen. Any man whom has stood toe to toe with him has not lived to tell the story. You could try your bow, but your arrows will never make it past his shield before he is upon you. These channeling incantations are nice, but will not deem very useful against a seasoned warlord such of Kalzen. You know they're other ways?” said Wolf Mother as she starts chanting “An Mani” She waved her hands over a flower just outside Night Wolfs hut. The flower instantly welted. “You tell me if you are truly serious about avenging your family and I will teach how.”

“Arn't those magics forbidden in the wolf clan?” said Night Wolf

“Naga Wolf fears what he does not understand. So He forbids it. Would you like to try?” said Wolf Mother

Night wolf Shakes her head yes and began to chant, “An Mani” she waved her hands over the flower next to the other one and the it quickly wilted.

Wolf mother with excitement in her voice proclaimed, “You did it! Your a natural. If you want to learn more, come and see me right before daybreak and we will begin your lessons.” Wolf mother started walking to her hut and turned to Night Wolf and said “It's best if you didn't mention this to anyone. I do not think they would understand what needs to be done, like you and I.”

To be continued...

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Vile Wolf: The Battle With In

The new moon was upon them. Night wolf's right of passing would take place the next day. Night Wolf had worked with Wolf Mother every night to learn the forbidden Art. She had mastered many of the hardest incantations at this point. She headed over to Wolf Mothers a little early excited about her last lesson before the ritual. When she approached Wolf Mothers hut she heard her chanting an a language she never heard before.

She heard a strange eerie voice, “Issss evryyy thinggga goinggga toooo Plannna.”

“Yes Demonesses, she is almost ready.” Said Wolf Mother

Night Wolf rushed in, curious who the strange voice was. When she walked in she saw no other person. It was just Wolf Mother kneeling in the middle of her hut. In front of her was a book with strange markings. Nothing like Night Wolf had ever seen.


Confused Night Wolf asked “Is there not someelse in here? I thought I heard another voice.”

Wolf Mother was acting very strange and said “No my child I was just practicing my Sanskrit." Which was a language not commonly used. "If I do not use it an old lady such as myself will forget it. Sometimes I talk to myself as well. An old lady must keep herself entertained some how. Are you ready for your lesson??"

Night Wolf responder “Yes.” “Good then let us begin.” Said Wolf Mother

An arrow flies past Night Wolf's head just missing her. A young girl runs out, Night Wolf stares in anticipation. Looking close she can not believe how much this girl resembles herself.

"What kind of black magic is this.” said Night Wolf as she pulls back her bow and fires a shot.

The Young girl with the eyes as black as night moves as she releases the arrow. "You can not kill me, I know your every move. I know what your thinking, I’m you!" laughed the young girl.

Night Wolf was filled with anger as she chanted "Vas Ort Flam, Corp Por", but it did not seem to faze the young dark figure at all.

The young girl continued to laugh as she said, "the more you fight the stronger I get. You could not even save your family. How do expect to beat me?!"

Night Wolf yells, “Kal vas Flam” The young girl grins evily and says, "It's my turn... Vas Ort Flam... Corp Por"

Right then she lunches an arrow. Night wolf falls to her knees, her body is too fatigued to stand.

The young girl stands over her with her bow drawn. "Your pathetic and weak. I cant believe there was a time you ever controlled me. Well that is about to change. I will do what you are to weak to do. I will destroy Kalzen and one who stands in my way, including this Naga wolf and his foolish quest for peace. Peace is for those to pathetic to fight, and mercy is for the weak".

Night Wolf pulls out her knife slices the back of the young girls heel. She fell to the ground unable to stand. Night Wolf jumped up, pulled her bow back and released an arrow into her chest. When Night Wolf looked down the arrow was sticking out of the ground with nobody there. Night Wolf fell to the ground to weak to move.

Night then heard a voice. "I told you. You cannot defeat me.". It was the voice of the young girl.

The world faded into darkness as Night Wolf began to lose conciousness.

Naga Wolf approached White Wolf and said, “She has been under for a long time. Have you ever seen a vision quest take this long before?”

“No, but, She has seen more trama in her life then any of the others. It goes without saying, finding inner peace after all that would be difficult for any one.” said Naga Wolf

Just then Night Wolf fell over onto the ground.

Naga Wolf ran over and started to shack her, “Night wolf are you ok?” She did not respond.

To be continued.........

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Vile Wolf: Night Wolf Awakes

White wolf and Naga wolf were outside Night wolf’s hut. “She still has not awoken?” asked White Wolf.

“No! It has been three days. Wolf mother is with her now. She may be lost to us. I should have listened to you. Now this is something I will have to live with.” Responded Naga Wolf

“You must not blame yourself for this. Even I did not foresee this outcome. Although this saddens us all, we must begin preparing for the forteerandaajee prativoqita. It is only three days from now ” Said White Wolf as they began to walk away.

Wolf mother stands over Night wolf. “I can not let it end this way. We have big plans for you.” She begins to chant “An nox, In VAS Mani, In VAS Mani.” Night Wolf’s eye began to open.

Wolf mother ran outside the hut yelling “She's awake! She’s Awake!”

Naga Wolf and White Wolf ran back and hurried to enter the hut. “I thought we had lost you my child.” Said Naga Wolf as he turned his head to hide his tearing eyes.

Night Wolf began to speak. “Did I miss the forteerandaajee prativoqita?”

Naga Wolf said with a chuckle “No my child it is in three days, but you are in no shape to compete. You need to get some rest.”

“Two Wolves risked a lot just to persuade you to let me compete I will not disappoint him.” Said Night Wolf

“You have the strength and will of you mother. I see more and more of her in you everyday. I will allow it if you promise not to push yourself too hard. I know asking you that is like asking a fish not to swim, but you must rest to recover your strength.” Said Naga Wolf.

To be continued...
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