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Warrior Issues and Suggestions

Hello everyone!
Thanks for taking the time to read my thoughts on warriors.

Firstly I'd like to state that I do not understand how the game works on the back end and I am completely open to constructive criticism.
I have been playing an arms lore warrior at gm for awhile now and I mostly pvm only because I cannot secure kills in pvp.
There are major pain points that really discourage me from logging onto my warrior over my other characters.

1) The first pain point and the most heart breaking is the miss factor. There seems to be very few options for increasing my chance to hit. Occasionally I will go though 5 or 7 swings without hitting. My main source of damage as an arms warrior in pvm is the special attack, stacking the lacerate debuff is crucial - missing a few attacks and losing a 5 stack cuts my dps by an insane amount.
In pvp hamstring only lasts for a few seconds giving me a very short window to land a burst. Quite often I will miss all my attacks in the 3 second hamstring window forcing me to wait 30 seconds for another attempt to burst.
I have not fully leveled my aspect gear so perhaps I do not have the best view on hit chance in pvm and this may have been delicately balanced by the devs in beta, but its not fun when you miss.
- My suggestion for making this better is to add back luck protection of some kind. For example giving a hit chance increase when you miss or miss X times - could be baked into a buff or skill.

2) The second pain point is a reliance on potions and the inability to keep your weapon/or shield equipped. I know Razor can help with this, but when the game gets fast and you need to spam potions the un/Re-equip macro can stall and end up doing more harm then good. I love using potions, but when you un-equip your shield it tends to mess with shield taunt and when you un-equip your weapon it messes with your auto disarm/hamstring and obviously it messes up your swing timer.
- My suggestion would be to allow you to drink potions with your hands equipped this should definitely be tied to a skill perhaps parry, armslore or alchemy.

3) The last issue is the most minor issue. Aspect shields would be amazing! One of the main reasons I love aspect gear is the peace of mind I get from having blessed gear. This is kinda taken away from me when I choose to tank. I am not asking for a high AR aspect shield. It would just be nice to have a blessed shield.
- My suggestion is to add aspect shields, but I know from the last dev talk there is some issues with some items being aspect. Perhaps shields are one of them. A solution could be a shield bless deed or a special blessed shield of some kind.

Thanks again - Let me know what you think!
Do you have any ideas?
Do I have no idea what I'm talking about?
Let me know! :D
Perhaps, but it does not mean it should not be talked about.
There are players who feel that playing a tamer/summoner/bard are the only choices because of the issues with dexxers.
Balancing dexxers might help lower the copy & paste pet specs and open up the game to a lot of players.