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Welcome Seer Erik Gray


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I would like to announce the appointment of our new Seer & Roleplaying liason, Erik Gray!

Erik has been heavily involved in our roleplaying community and written a tremendous amount of lore, in addition to being a fantastic artist responsible for our sprite revisions and additions (wolf and wyvern, to start.)

For the roleplaying community this means that you now have a direct point of contact on Staff, and for the rest of the shard you will begin to see more world events happening. We have a few things in the works already which we look forward to bringing to fruition!

Erik is available in Discord and ingame for general support queries as well but his primary focus is on nurturing the roleplaying and event side of the shard.

Please join me in welcoming Seer Erik Gray to the Outlands team!
Grats man! Your write-ups are insane. Thanks for helping bring the shard to life. I just finished my first ever Orc character. Trying to learn the language so I can try out RP for the first time. Look forward to seeing what you have in store.


Thank you very kindly! I look forward to SMITING YOU ALL WITH MY NEW GODLIKE POWERS! AHAHAHAAAAA! *ahem* Oh, Owyn didn't give me any privileges yet.

Forget that last part!

In all seriousness, I really do look forward to drumming up some events and getting players involved in some fun things! Although I have a big soft spot for the RP community (if it isn't obvious by the novels I have written about Outlands lore and history), I will strive to make events and going-ons inclusive to ALL players that comprise the amazing community that is Outlands.

I will also be whipping up more new monster art to slowly but steadily replace the horrible late-era UO art (looking at you, wyvern) and also replace the monster art that is from other games, so that Outlands ends up with UO and original-made art. Feel free to let me know what the ugliest UO monster is so I know to make a special effort to replace it! :)

Thanks again!