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What an I missing on melee build?

I got my shit pushed in yesterday by a guy in vender gear. I was wearing full exceptional plate and a 2h axe and first hit took 30% of my HP. Only thing I can think of would be parry which I don't want on this char or arms lore maybe?

91 healing
95 anatomy
100 hiding
100 stealth
51 magery
52 meditation (will go away)
90 resist
85 swords
You need GM swords. Swords is by far your most important skill in that build, at least in PvP, and yours is 85.

Any other melee you fight is going to be GM. You are going to have a reduced hit chance, and they are going to have an increased hit chance. It won't work out well for you.
That doesn't really account for the 30% dmg in a single hit though. That's what I'm trying to figure out. Is there a skill that would increase defense?
I believe fencing weapons are specifically designed to have a large possible damage range on this server. Big hits like that are just going to happen (as will really small hits).

Blacksmithing and parrying would both reduce melee damage taken, as would better armor, but you're still going to get destroyed with 85 swords.
I realize it's a slower swing higher dmg but does 30% sound right against full exceptional plate?

I know I won't fight back much with 85 swords I'm trying to determine the amount of dmg taken.
Lower weapon skill your chance to be hit is higher. So gm swords. A dexxers weapon skill is like a mages wrestle. And the dmg could just be unlucky RNG
Yea I'm still working on increasing swords. Other than the skills it being GM yet, are the ones listed ok? I figured there's some skill that by not having at all is causing increased dmg taken.
Lol I haven't even began working on that yet. Everything fizzles right now. I'm trying to lvl everything that lets me farm good to get the mats for lvling magery.
honestly I think that build is pretty terrible. If you want to keep stealth and hide pick between either concentrating on magery or swords/weapon skill. not both.
otherwise drop stealth and hide and pick skills that help do what you want to do.

your defensive options against weapons are:
blacksmith (increased armor)
magery with inscription (for protection and reactive armor)
leathermaking (increased armor with leather armor)

honestly you already have high magic resist, high healing, GM stealth and hide. you should just embrace that and make a standard stealth weapon user... . I would suggest dropping swords for archer but whatever you prefer

archery or swords
magic resist

if you want to focus making a durable character start fresh with another character.
Magery is really oy there for recall/mark and eventually gate for group. Lvling tactics would be easy. Why archery? Just because distance from attacks?
Swords Or Macing (If mace-ing use war mace and shield for extra armor/parry or use a gnarled/black staff)
Hiding ( Or replace with Camping, Arms Lore, Mining, if you aren't dead set on hiding)

Get a runebook (and bless it) for your recalls etc.
Magery is really oy there for recall/mark and eventually gate for group. Lvling tactics would be easy. Why archery? Just because distance from attacks?
The long and short of it is... You will not compete with meta templates when you are using a non-template build. Play want you want, but be aware of what you are trading off and the advantages other players will have over your template.

Also, be aware of how expensive the ability to gate for your party is. Unless you are making magery a major part of your build, you are trading a lot of damage or defense for Magery/Med.