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What to macro when your broke??

Basically, what should I macro that can help me build a char to actually start making some money? Ive got like 20k....so anything i should do to build a char that can really make money well?
Bard warriors would be a good choice if you are @ 20K gold. Archery is a huge time-sink to GM due to getting wood, then feathers, then making 30K arrows to actually GM it. Its a cool build, but probably not what you are looking for (right now). Instruments are cheap and you can macro to GM right at Prevalia Zoo. Peacemaking will keep your bandages cost very low, and minimize your downtime while getting money. Also add Camping and Tracking while you are doing that, kindling is cheap and Tracking is free.

Then add Forensics, to get hides from what you kill - stock that leather and sell on UOO Sell channel - more $$, and a nice PVM bonus to boot.

Weapon, Tactics, Heal, Music, Peace, Forensic, Camping, with loose points in Tracking until you GM your main skills. No need for Anatomy, you won't take much damage. No need for resist, for same reason.

You will be rolling in cash in no time, and have a very competent PVM main. Bold skills are your macro ones.
A few additions to the comments here:

Peacing is slower but safer than Disco
Archery is safer but more expensive (and generally better on high-level mobs) than dexxing
Forensics is a great additional source of gold while hunting
Resist Spells will allow you to escape pks much more easily if you plan on hunting alone

Summoning and taming are generally considered the best PvE options, so try those if that matters to you. I made a few hundred k in no time with a disco dexxer, so that's good enough for most people imo.
wow, thanks guys. Ya i started just a dexxer because of ease, and coming back form a decades long break I figured learn then adapt...but thansk for all the answers. I figure if I can make a few hundred K, I can then afford to macro a summoner mage or archer mage, maybe a poisoner? Im basically gonna PvM so I can afford to make chars that could actually be better at surviving, or maybe even hunting PKs. but Thanks again, I think alot more people might find this helpful because in the newplayer# discord It seems a bunch of us were wondering how to progress to upper tier. Thanks for all, and anyone who thinks they can add please do so....more knowledge is all im concerned with.
Whats the better option peace or disco or provo? and whats the benefits of each?? Is there one that is just leagues better once GM or GM++, ?
That issue has been debated to death and still is being debated. In the spirit of your original question, peacemaking will serve you better = less bandages, less downtime = more money. To see the long history of that answer, hit up discord or one of many posts on the subject.
Don't fall into the trap of thinking you need to be 7x 100 to actually farm and play... with a 10x 70's char (with the extra damage skills), you can efficiently kill low level mobs, I'd recommend harpies, they seem like you won't get rich, but use forensics, with a skinning knife, get their leather and feathers, and sell that, you'll gain gold in no time, on low level mobs, with a character that will plow through them.
One approach could be to make a resource-gatherer character on each of your three accounts. It's not very difficult to manage three clients in terms of either stress or active play-time spent with the help of the smart harvest implemented here.
Set a hotkey for starting your resource collection, i.e one for mining, one for lumberjacking and one for skinning. Add attack by type (sparrow),(raven)(etc..) to your gathering macros and you'll also be pulling any nearby critters if you find a good area with lots of trees, veins and animals/monsters.
To top it off bring a pack animal or five to minimize time spent running to the bank. This way you'll be putting most of your gameplay to simply alt-tabbing and re-positioning your character(s) and the only interruption is the resource Captcha and the imminent danger of PKs.
Consider adding forensic evaluation and some combat skill, preferably something melee so you won't have to bother chasing after corpses. If you're using UOSteam I think there's a hotkey for dry-looting nearby corpses but I might be mistaken about that, I hope so.

So you'd be looking at something like this:
  • Lumberjacking
  • Mining
  • Forensic Evaluation
  • Fencing/Swordsmanship/Macefighting/Archery
  • Healing/Hiding/Stealth/Fishing <- This, and following options is per player preference(s)
For example if you want to try and min-max the template you could set out to get 5 pack animals and even also GM camping for the "The Camping skill increases a player's backpack maximum weight capacity and item count"-bonus.
"The Camping skill increases a player's backpack maximum weight capacity by (200 stones * (Camping Skill / 100))
It also increases a player's backpack maximum item count allowed by (50 * (Camping Skill / 100))"[*]

Then it's mostly a matter of finding buyers which isn't hard if you have access to either Discord or Forums. Best of luck!
I would max peace and music 1st. - Macro on your horse in town.

Then hit 70 - Healing,ana,weapon skill in the noob dungeon.

Then go out to farm in the world/dungeon. Easy with GM peace. Cap out the rest of your skills make gold while you do it.
Last night I decided to start a new character, un-helped by my already established characters...
  • I'm going with a pure macer build, gave him 1 macing, 49 forensics, 50 parrying, used my credits to buy resist to 50, and healing to 50.
  • Went out killed a bird to get my 5x active gains for 10 min on shelter island going, went to the training dummies, letting all the skills including anatomy go up, while starting passive tracking.
  • Had to kill 3 birds, but in 30 minutes, had 50 skill across all 8 skills I was looking to raise below, plus 50 in anatomy, so I went to the shelter island dungeon.
  • In 4 hours, I had 70 in all the skills below, had about 3k gold (had to buy bandages a couple of times), had 1500 leather (can sell for 2 gp ea - so 3k gold), and a handful of gems and other items, including a tailor scroll that goes for 5k. (zombies/headless for parry gains, 4-5 on you at a time, skele mages on level 2 for resist gains)
In 4 hours, i had a 70's character, who could function on his own, with about a net worth of 12k, after buying bandages, at which point you can buy 1.5k bandages. At some point you'll want to buy an exceptional macing weapon - or ask if someone is willing to donate one to a new player, but it's that easy to start up here.

I am wondering how well the healing is and if you're missing out on a lot of damage by not having anatomy. Perhaps switch parry for anat? You'd also be able to cure yourself and rezz.
Healing itself gives a far better benefit than Anatomy towards the heals, 5x the amount, so definitely some food for thought if you didn't want to go with Parrying. You can't rez yourself, so how much do you really need rez, especially if your the one tanking, and your friend is adding DPS? I'm very reliant on potions, never leave home without them, so the cures are trivial to me in that sense.

80 Healing, 0 Anatomy: 32-48 heals
100 Healing, 0 Anatomy: 40-60 heals
80 Heailng, 80 Anatomy: 37-56 heals (+16% dmg)
100 Healing, 60 Anatomy: 45-67 heals (+12% dmg)

For myself I'm a defensive player, and I get bored just swinging a weapon, I really enjoy the utility of having an extra skill in Taunt with the shield (the little things right?), which also doubles the AR of your shield when you taunt, reducing the amount you need to heal. You also get a chance to absorb spellcasts while holding a shield. The template could definitely get along alright without Parry, picking up some extra damage instead.
Interesting find on the healing+anatomy bonuses to healing, didn't realize it was such a trivial amount. If you're playing the tank role and someone else is doing DPS then your template seems perfect for that.