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Wonderful UO Renaissance music for UO Outlands

Music change on Outlands with Renaissance songs

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Some time ago I found on the net the old Ultima Online music - re-worked tunes from the old MIDI files from UO Renaissance client. The maker is Dinaris Techarin and he says he (re)built every song with some music composition software he developed as a hobby: (uo.stratics.com/content/music/techarinmusic.shtml), (www.angelfire.com/rpg/techarin/). These songs are not a simple conversion from MIDI to MP3.
They are EXCEPTIONAL songs, way better in my opinion than the Ultima 9 style songs found in the modern UO Classic client. UO Outlands have a version of these songs included but they are not the same as the ones in this package. In my opinion these songs creates an amazing atmosphere on my Ultima Online game.

SAMPLE: Here is a MKV HEVC1 video file with music for different Outlands cities after the change (~70Mb): https://mega.nz/#!VChwRS6C!AjDarBjVqOvmjF7Ccb4TgoFrYbKTaBz5Z06Esr9rk2I

DOWNLOAD: The package with the modified songs can be downloaded from here:
UO Music edited by Tyr Antilles.zip (~147Mb):

- Unpack "UO Music edited by Tyr Antilles.zip" to a temp folder.
- Run UO Outlands from the LAUNCHER and make sure you are up to date. Then close the game.
- Locate UO Outlands music folder (example: C:\Games\Ultima Online OUTLANDS\music\).
- Rename the folder called Digital from the music folder to something like Digital OUTLANDS.
- Go to the temp folder and unpack "Digital.rar" on the game's music folder.
- Without using the launcher, start UO Outlands from UO Steam or Razor included in the game's folder. This way the modified music folder won't get deleted and replaced with Outlands defaults.
That's it.
- To be sure you stay up to date when a new patch is announced, go to music folder, rename the Digital folder to something like Digital RENAISSANCE and rename back the original Outlands folder from Digital OUTLANDS to Digital. Run the launcher to patch the game, then rename back the two folders and start the game from UO Steam or Razor directly.
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