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Working UOFPS Patcher

Heyo! I've noticed a bunch of people looking for an FPS patcher for the Outlands shard. Here is a working version:

Make sure you run the program as Admin every single time.
Make sure that you have Razor and Outlands already open and logged in to your character.
You must re-apply the patch every single time you play, I recommend pinning it to your start menu and setting it as always admin in properties.

Here is the VirusTotal provided by BlooDReDRagE: https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/a...9cdea7936315bc825f97870f20d377ad80f/detection
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doesnt meant it wouldn't still harvest passwords just means its not a virus :) maybe they could post something official
Owen said that he plans on doing so, I was simply trying to post an option that works for players asking for it that are searching Google. If you are scared, move along, pretty simple lmao
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