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I suppose if I ever want to move up in the world I need to start selling some stuff. PM me on Discord (ZtruK#2801) if you want any of this.



Copperhide skinning map x2
Dullhide skinning map x2
Bronzehide skinning map x1
Goldhide skinning map x1
Rosehide skinning map x1

Skill Scrolls

Fishing x2
Discordance x1
Forensic Evaluation x1
Tracking x1


Void Core x6
Air Core x4
Artisan Core x5
Poison Core x3

Artisan Extract (Distillation) x3
Poison Extract (Distillation) x1
Void Extract (Distillation) x1

Poison phylactery x4
Artisan phylactery x3
Air phylactery x2
Earth phylactery x1


Cavernam shield dye (stack of 5)
Arcane scroll x44
Metallic pickle cloth x1
Ext common seed x33
Very common seed x6
Common seed x6
Plant chemicals x6
Silver Trip Wire x3
Gold Trip Wire x2
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