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  Murderers and Resurrection
Posted by: Luthius - 04-24-2017, 11:46 PM - Forum: Development - Replies (22)

Murderers And Resurrection

[Image: ebuLSxm.png]

System Summary

  • Players earn Murder Counts for killing Blue players and being reported by the affected player
  • Murder Counts decay once every 72 hours
  • Any player with 5 or more Murder Counts is known as a Murderer (and has red Notoriety)
  • Murderers are freely attackable by all players and cannot enter most towns
  • Players with more than 5 Murder Counts who die by Any Means will have to make a Murderer Penalty Choice when resurrecting and suffer one of three available penalties
  • Upon resurrection, a Murderer's Murder Counts are reset down to 5

[Image: cxLOlYj.png]

Players can view a Criminal Summary window to show their:
  • Current Murder Counts
  • Next Murder Count Decay Time
  • Lifetime Murder Counts (used for display purposes only)
  • Any Murderer Resurrection Penalties Currently In Effect

Players can access the Criminal Summary window by:
  • Saying "I must consider my sins" out loud
  • typing [considersins 
  • Clicking the Criminality tab on the Outlands Help page
[Image: kHceVHe.png]

Players can also click the Preview Murder Penalty Options button on the bottom of the Criminal Summary Window to view a preview of what their potential Murderer Penalty Options would theoretically look like were they to die at that moment

[Image: 8qDHkJs.png]

Murderer Penalty Choices

When any player with more than 5 murder counts dies for any means, they will be forced to make a Murderer Penalty Choice when they resurrect. 

All players have to pay a variable gold fee based on their decision option and the number of Punishable Murder Counts, which is the number of Murder Counts a player has above and beyond the number 5.

Murderer Penalty Choices are as follows:

Option 1
Pay 200 Gold per Punishable Murder Count (each count that is above 5) and all characters on the entire account are restricted from making any form of Criminal action (attacking, stealing, looting) for the next 24 hours

Option 2
Pay 300 Gold per Punishable Murder Count (each count that is above 5) and for the next 24 hours the character will suffer a cumulative combat penalty of:
  • -10% Damage Dealt
  • -10% to Healing Amounts (Given and Received)
  • +10% Chance to Fizzle when casting any Field Spell (Wall of Stone, Energy, Paralyze) or Paralyze Spell
Option 3
Pay 400 Gold per Punishable Murder Count (each count that is above 5). No additional penalties.

If a player does not have enough gold in their bank box to pay the required gold fee for their choice, gold will be drawn from the banks of other characters on their account. If the player does not have enough money across all their character's bank accounts, they will not be allowed to resurrect until they do.

[Image: iwR01Gy.png]

A player must click 'Apply' twice to lock in their decision.

After which, the player's Murder Counts are then reset down to 5, any penalties chosen are applied, and they are allowed to resurrect.

[Image: bPXtbxy.png]

If the player has an account-wide Criminal action restriction or a combat penalty already in effect from the last 24 hours, those existing penalty timers will refresh to back to 24 hours, and any new combat penalties will stack with existing ones.

[Image: ebuLSxm.png]

Once a player had made a decision, they can view any ongoing penalties they currently have as well as when those penalties expire within the Criminal Summary window 

Reporting a Murder

[Image: H2xD26q.png]

When players are murdered by another player, they will receive a window asking if they wish to report the murderer.

By clicking "Accept' twice, they will give that player a Murder Count.
Clicking Decline, they will yield that opportunity.

[Image: FyinXAV.png]

If a player should log out or disconnect while the Report Murder window is up, it will reappear when they log back in: the player must make a decision in order to close the window and resume gameplay.

If 48 hours passes after the time of the murder and the victim has still not made a decision, the victim will automatically Decline reporting the crime.

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  Help System
Posted by: Luthius - 04-24-2017, 11:45 PM - Forum: Development - Replies (1)

In-Game Help

[Image: H91FTEk.png]

System Summary

  • Nearly every gameplay window has a Guide button in the upper left corner, which players can click to launch the server's Wiki Webpage and go directly to the section that explains the gameplay mechanic in question
  • The In-Game Help System is Accessed by clicking the Help button on your Paper Doll and clicking the In-Game Help tab
  • Players can use the Stuck Feature to teleport to a randomized town
  • Players can have one active Help Request (types include: Request Assistance, Report Harrassment, Report a Bug or Exploit)
  • The Help Request window has buttons which allow the player to launch the server's Wiki Page, Website, Forums, or Discord channel to seek additional information about issues or gameplay
  • Help Requests are persistent, meaning a player who logs off or is disconnected will still maintain their place in the help queue and will still have their issue addressed whether they log back in or not
  • Players can modify their existing Help Requests to update it's text message should their situation change (also can be used to communicate back and forth with Staff)
  • Players can make up to 3 Gameplay Suggestions per day that will be viewed by staff members

Guide Buttons

[Image: cm2Hysh.png]

Nearly every in-game window has a Guide button in it's upper left corner, which when clicked, will launch the server's Wiki Webpage and go directly to the section that explains the gameplay mechanic in question

Players, if they wish however, will be able to toggle the appearance of these Guide buttons on or off through the Preferences page of the Outlands Help page.

In-Game Help for Players

[Image: JKSd2VL.png]

To access the In-Game Help system, open your character's Paper Doll and click on the Help button at the top. This will launch the Outlands Help Page.

On this page, click the In-Game Help tab in the upper-right corner

[Image: SCQULUp.png]

Players can seek help, report abuse, or submit suggestions via the In-Game Help window.
Players make a selection on the left side of the page to choose what type of issue they need help with, or to submit a gameplay suggestion to staff.

Players are only allowed to have one Help Request in place at a time (excluding Gameplay Suggestions, of which players are simply restricted to creating 3 per day).

If a player has an active Help Request in place, the selection buttons will be greyed out until that player's Help Request is resolved by staff, or the player cancels their current request by clicking the Cancel Request button.

Character is Stuck

[Image: WWw2hRq.png]

If a player finds themselves stuck in a location they can't seem to get out of, or simply become hopelessly lost, they may utilize the Character is Stuck help feature. 

This feature will freeze the character in place for 60 seconds (which may have the potential to put them at risk of being helpless to monsters or other places for that duration), upon which the player will be teleported to a randomized town.

Players are allowed to use the Character is Stuck feature up to twice per day.

[Image: ERgUAZk.png]

There are certain areas of the game world that are Stuck Restricted, which means the player may still use the feature, however they will be killed when they are teleported (leaving any non-newbied / non-blessed items behind as well as any followers) and will arrive at their randomized town destination as a ghost. Stuck Restricted areas are typically places where the Recall and Gate spell are disabled or certain event / special zones. Players will receive a red warning in the In-Game Help window warning them they are in a Stuck Restricted region.

Request Assistance

[Image: LcpPzDy.png]

This is the standard selection for most players who need assistance with an account issue, a game mechanic that is not functioning correctly, or simply need information they cannot find elsewhere.

It is recommended that players first use the WikiForum, and Discord tabs on the window to access those sources beforehand to see if their issue has either been addressed in the Wiki, by other players on the Forum, or can be found by asking another player in Discord if they know the answer to their question / issue.

Otherwise, players may type a message in the text window and press Place Request to submit their Help Request. 

[Image: H91FTEk.png]

Players may update their current request by typing and changing the text in the window and click the Update Request button. This will not change the player's current place in the Queue, however any staff members who are currently handling (i.e. addressing) their current Help Request will be notified that they have updated their Request Message (this can effectively be used as a way to converse with staff if they are not on screen).

Players can cancel their current request by clicking the Cancel Request button. 

Player Harassment

[Image: g6AIv46.png]

If a player is being subjected to inappropriate behavior that violates the server's Policy of Conduct, they may place a Player Harassment report here. Before doing so, players should click the Website tab to review the current server's Policy of Conduct to see whether their request meets those guidelines. 

Similarly to with Request Assistance, players will type their message in the window below and clicking Place Report. They can update their existing message by retyping the message and subsequently clicking the Update Report button.

Report a Bug or Exploit

[Image: fn8MmBS.png]

For minor bugs, players should consider making a Forum post under the Bug Reports section detailing the issue, with screenshots if possible. 

For any major bugs or exploits, players should immediately contact a staff member directly through a private message on the Forums, via chat in Discord, or by placing a Bug or Exploit Report in this window.

Players are responsible for reporting any issues they witness, either on their own character or that of another player, that offers the player a benefit that is obviously not intended normally through gameplay; i.e. an exploit. 

Players caught using using exploits without reporting them will be subject to punishment including and up to the loss of in-game resources or even account forfeiture. If a player is unsure of whether something constitutes an exploit, it is best to be safe and ask a staff member through this feature, through Discord, or a Private Message on the forums.

Make a Gameplay Suggestion

[Image: 99e9dIa.png]

Players can make up to 3 Gameplay Suggestions per day, which will be viewed by staff members. 

Note: making a Gameplay Suggestion will not prevent that player from making any other Help Requests as normal. Gameplay Suggestions are not considered Help Requests for the purposes of the "only one active Help Request is allowed per player" restriction.

Players in most cases will not receive notification when staff looks at their gameplay suggestion, but they will all will be viewed by staff. 

Players should also consider placing gameplay suggestions on the Forums as well.

Messages From Staff

[Image: 8kSGjuk.png]

Staff members may respond to Help Requests by sending a Staff Message. The staff message scrolls box will appear on the player's game window with a list of how many Unread messages they have. Players must click the large scrolls icon to view their messages and must click Mark as Read on each before the Staff Message window can be removed from their screen.

[Image: ejKW7hz.png]

If a player needs to communicate back with a staff member, and their Help Request has not yet been closed, they can update their Help Request text message and click Update Report, which will notify the staff member that their message for their Help Request has changed.

[Image: 6sv4wgL.png]

Staff In-Game Help

[Image: 087jSyh.png]

Staff members have a new In-Game Help menu for addressing Help Requests. It is accessed similarly to how players do it via the In-Game Help tab through the Outlands Help menu.

Each Help Request features:
  • A diamond button to view details of the request
  • A text window displaying the latest message from the player
  • The type of Help Request
  • The name of the player who made the Help Request (text color = player notoriety)
  • Which Staff member, if any, is currently handling the Help Request
  • When Help Request was created or last toggled as Handled by a staff member

If the Help Request / Handler text is in Green, that is a request that you currently have marked as handled yourself.

By default, any Help Requests that are Gameplay SuggestionsResolved, or Currently Handled are not displayed in the list unless you click the corresponding button at the top of the window to display those types of Help Requests.

It is recommended that staff toggle the Gameplay Suggestions filter on and review current suggestions from players at least once per day. 

Any Help Request that has been marked as Resolved and is over 24 hours old will be deleted permanently from the listings.

[Image: D8sRlU9.png]

The Inspect Player button launches a detailed window of that player's information.
The Account Notes button launches a window showing various notations made by staff regarding the account in question (typically explanations of jailings or other warnings)

[Image: TllTeHA.png]

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  Dungeon Preview
Posted by: Owen - 04-24-2017, 12:06 AM - Forum: Development - No Replies

Outlands will have have a total of 8 full-scale dungeons, meaning 2 or more levels with a boss and mini boss encounter, at the time of launch. 

Mounts are not allowed in dungeons. 

We have established Dungeon Moongates at various locations on the first level of each dungeon, which when entered into will send you back to a point of safety.  You can also exclusively mark, recall and gate within 8 tiles of these moongates.   

A single (or sometimes two) Crimson Moongates are found beyond the first level and will also send you back to safety. 

There are serveral other single level Point of Interest dungeon experiences to encounter throughout the map as well.  

Theme: Humanoid/Undead 
Levels: 3
[Image: 1x644my.jpg]

Muskeg Chasm 
Theme: Earth/Swamp 
Levels: 3
[Image: IwLGUvs.jpg]

Theme: Dragon
Levels: 3
[Image: ljM2Xxl.jpg]

Theme: Undead/Desert
Levels: 3
[Image: KM7gFz5.jpg]

Mount Petram 
Theme: Elemental/Earth 
Levels: 3
[Image: 6XRqCC7.jpg]

Theme: Elemental/Water 
Levels: 3 
[Image: 5FIIut8.jpg]

Aegis Keep
Theme: Humanoid 
Levels: 3 
[Image: E9p4Gta.jpg]

Theme: Elemental/Fire
Levels: 3
[Image: JkhhSp5.jpg]

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Posted by: clx - 04-22-2017, 11:14 AM - Forum: Suggestions & Ideas - Replies (1)

I think the number of towns should be directly related to expected numbers of players.

I'd personally work the amount of towns at launch as 1 town for every 50+ expected players.  Below that and you're just spreading the player base too much - especially as three of the towns (Prevalia, Andaria, Cambria) are very big. 300 anticipated players at launch 6 towns max (so 1 town gets cut)

what about reds in town? Corpse Creek is the 'red' town, but I take that to mean no guards, not reds allowed. I'd personally like reds to be allowed in all towns, with Corpse Creek having no guards or guardzone at all.

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  Player housing
Posted by: clx - 04-19-2017, 03:00 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (3)

From talking to Owen, I understand player housing on Outlands will work like this:

50+ pre-made, custom designs (created by Owen) for players to pick from, in addition to the classic and UOR houses from OSI. Additionally, I believe there will be a few 'prestige town houses' - a few buildings within each town that can be awarded to, or purchased by players.

A couple of other discussion points though:

1. Houses per player/account?

2. Player-made custom houses. I know from speaking to Owen, he's against them, but my preference is: Allow them, but make them prohibitively expensive. I know the reasoning behind not allowing player-made houses - people placing empty plots and ugly boxes. However, the most important thing about a shard is having sufficient players. Lots of players like custom housing. Allow it, but make them at least twice the cost of similar sized pre-made houses.

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  Tour of Towns
Posted by: Owen - 04-18-2017, 07:23 PM - Forum: Development - Replies (6)

The Outlands map has 3 main cities, 4 supporting towns and 1 starting town.  

All players begin their adventure on Shelter Island. Shelter Island is a haven for new players, and is the access point for the New Player Dungeon.  To leave Shelter Island, you can adventure through a passageway or use the moongate.  Once you leave the protection of Shelter Island, your new player status is revoked, and your adventure begins!  Shelter Island provides all of the NPC amenities you need to begin your character. 

[Image: bzCbb0z.jpg]

The map has three major metropolitan sister cities which divide the map:  Prevalia, the capital, Andaria and Cambria

Prevalia is the largest city on the map, and is situated centrally.  It is divided into an Upper and Lower town, each of which has it's own bank.  Upper Prevalia sits atop a stone island and is heavily fortified, while Lower Prevalia sits at the mouth of the bay and is accessible by canals and by foot. 

The main town square is a center of commerce, including interactive bulletin boards, a public moongate for access to events, a forge for repairing your armor and a kiosk for reward vendors. 
[Image: 1tZqcyx.jpg]

[Image: wHBCSgP.jpg]

[Image: 4SjATyu.jpg]
Lower Prevalia

[Image: tZ6Vf1M.jpg]

[Image: 6YAns2s.jpg]

Cambria sits to the south and acts as the center of commerce in the desert, and is reminiscent of Trinsic: 

[Image: 5r8JAXr.jpg]

[Image: blrpnl6.jpg]

[Image: lT14H61.jpg]

[Image: EvEQQQa.jpg]

Andaria sits to the north and is reminiscent of Britain: 

[Image: YfvkU8Q.jpg]

[Image: SR9zVpR.jpg]

[Image: pKADhmE.jpg]

[Image: 5FkbsW9.jpg]

[Image: OZNC5tN.jpg]

[Image: Y52ikuy.jpg]

The map features 3 supporting towns - Horseshoe Bay, Terran and Outpost

Horseshoe Bay is situated between Prevalia and Cambria, and is a cliff-side port town: 

[Image: uveF2TP.jpg]

[Image: 1HFPa9e.jpg]

[Image: 9zjMqkb.jpg]

Terran (working title) is situated due West of Prevalia, and is the most rustic of the towns, with a lumber theme:

[Image: LZs909r.jpg]

[Image: ICQiDF0.jpg]

[Image: N10TPje.jpg]

Outpost is accessible by underground passage from the Northeast: 

[Image: keHeOAy.jpg]

[Image: iO2L39i.jpg]

Corpse Creek is the designated town for murderers, and is located in the Northeast.  The town is small, comprised of a red banker, red healer, outdoor smithy, tavern, inn and provisioner: 

[Image: e4UKCe3.jpg]

I'll be sharing images of Dungeons and some specific Points of Interest in coming posts.

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  Making a success of Outlands
Posted by: clx - 04-17-2017, 04:46 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (7)

It's high time we had a successful, long-term replacement to the best UO era.  IPY and UOSA both succeeded in different ways, but when's the last time we saw a well populated, well managed t2a shard?

There's a few key things that this requires, most of which comes from the people that operate it, but as players we have a certain responsibility too. 


With very few exceptions, we're in our 30's and 40's.  If we're here in 2017, we're obviously very attached to this game. What we need to remember is that anyone taking on the responsibility of running a shard is basically putting themselves in for a world of pain. I've done it - it's not fun at all. Waking up every day to 50+ PM's in IRC/Discord, most of which are complaining or giving you shit. There is no doubt it's a second job, and often as demanding as your actual 'real' job. So let's consider that and try to make things as easy as we can on Owen and Luthius.

The same goes for disputes with other players in discord/forums - it's a massive turn off to people, especially the people UO shards struggle to attract these days - role players, monster bashers, etc. We just need to moderate ourselves if we want it to succeed.

The shard rule-set, etc:

I'm personally at a point where custom content is very welcome. I'm not at all interested in 'era accuracy' anymore. Previous attempts have shown it's very overrated.  Beyond having a mostly t2a based PvP system and the 'old UO' feel, I'm not wedded to any particular ideas or era. The custom map is a massive draw to me. The old map is too big, too ugly, and boring. I think the map Owen has built has to be used as a major way of attracting players, as should any custom content Luthius is working on.

My main concern with t2a is lack of end game content. My suggestion to fix this has been a skill cap of 80 before power scrolls, with a +15 scroll (for example) taking you to 95, with a cap of 100 per skill.  I'm told by Owen that Luthius has superior ideas to that - but regardless, the hardest thing to do in this era is to keep people involved once they've 7x'd their character, placed a house, etc. That's the main thing for the owners to address.

The admins:

My advice is not to get too engaged in the day to day BS. Don't worry about having to get involved in disputes between players - let them handle it, or appoint people to handle it. As soon as you get dragged into that, your energy is being wasted. You need to be free to work on the server. If that leads to players feeling you're aloof - never mind. People have been spoiled by free shards, having direct access to the developers. There was nothing of the sort on OSI and we managed.

The other thing is just preparing yourself for the long haul. The problem you now face in attracting players is the amount of previous shards that have failed. I've got a network of maybe 50 ex players. I will struggle to get a single one of them to play again, because they're fed up of seeing shard after shard fail, and their character/house/work down the drain. 

Have a donation shop - make some money out of the shard if you can. It'll make you feel less depressed when you come home from your real job to a ton of abuse from your hobby.

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  Return footstools to their former glory before launch.
Posted by: Pole - 04-17-2017, 04:12 PM - Forum: Suggestions & Ideas - Replies (4)

[Image: TXQyjQR.png]

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  Introduce Yourself
Posted by: Owen - 04-17-2017, 02:12 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (38)

My name is Owen and I'm a UO addict.  I have been working as the map developer for Outlands since it's inception. 

Previously I contributed map work to both An Corp and Rel Por, and staffed on shards like Oblivion and Icrontic. I have played UO since 2001 in various forms and capacities. 

Please introduce yourself and let us know you're here!

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Posted by: Owen - 04-17-2017, 01:53 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

Welcome to Outlands!

Beta is live, you can login:

How to Connect: http://forums.uooutlands.com/showthread.php?tid=149

Road to Launch / Development Pipeline: http://forums.uooutlands.com/showthread.php?tid=385

Development Forum: http://forums.uooutlands.com/forumdisplay.php?fid=10

Patches: http://forums.uooutlands.com/forumdisplay.php?fid=14

Launch thread: http://forums.uooutlands.com/showthread.php?tid=372 (updated with launch information) 

What is Outlands? 
UO Outlands is a new Ultima Online free shard currently being developed by Luthius & Owen. 

When are you launching? 
The shard is currently in development.  

Do you have a mailing list so I don't miss a launch announcement? 
Yes! Sign up here: http://uooutlands.com/

Is there a beta server? Can I play now? 
Yes!  You can connect here: http://forums.uooutlands.com/showthread.php?tid=149

Can I set my skills and get equipment on the beta server? 
Yes!  When you login to beta, you can set your character up (skills, stats, etc) using the green Player Editor statue by the fountain. You can equip yourself using the Storage Shelf. 

What era of gameplay is Outlands?
Outlands is a uniquely tailored mix of T2A and Renaissance era mechanics, with disarm, partial heal through poison (75% at greater poison, 50% at deadly poison, 25% at lethal) rather than flat 0% heal through poison, insta-hit, pre-casting.

Is it a Felucca-based shard? 
Yes, you can be killed anywhere outside of guard zones. 

Can you explain the PvP system? 
A great guide has been posted here which summarizes the PvP mechanics on Outlands: http://forums.uooutlands.com/showthread....18#pid1018

Is there any skillgain bonuses? 
The new player dungeon (accessible via Shelter Island) has a 10x skillgain bonus up to 70 in each skill.  This bonus doesn't apply to crafting, harvesting or taming. 
Otherwise, there is a global 5x skillgain bonus for activity - meaning you have killed something within 10 minutes that wasn't tamed or summoned.   This bonus doesn't apply to crafting, harvesting or taming.

Can I go into dungeons? 
You can access the dungeons using the red moongate in the center of town. There are 8 dungeons available. 

Will the beta server be wiped before launch?! 
Yes, the shard will be wiped before launch

Where is the server located?
We have a mainly East Coast based staff, and the server is hosted in Chicago.  You can ping play.uooutlands.com as a sample of your connectivity.

How many accounts and characters per IP?
3 accounts / 5 characters = 15 characters.

Can you tell me about the custom content? 
There is a tremendous amount of custom content and thousands of hours worth of development into both gameplay and the new map. As we get closer to launching we will begin to share more information. In the meantime, please join us in Discord (link below or on main web page) and view the #development-screenshots channel for some visuals of what we've been up to. 

Is there a new map? 
Yes! There is a 100% custom map featuring 3 major cities, 4 supporting towns and 8 never before seen dungeons.  It is approximately 50% smaller than the original Britannia map, but loaded with content and areas to explore.  There is plenty of room for housing! 

Can you recall in dungeons? 
There is no recall/mark/gate in dungeons overall, however we use a unique moongate system which is as follows: golden moongates are found within the front half of each dungeon's Level 1. You can recall/mark/cast gate within 8 tiles of these moongates. Level 2/3's have red moongates which act as an "escape hatch."  (generally 1 or 2, but in some cases more as in Inferno which is massive.)

Will you have mounts ingame? 
Mounts are available overland, but not in dungeons. We only have horses, llamas, frenzied ostards, forest orns and desert orns. 

Do you have heat seeking/chain reactive purple potions?
No. Standard countdown from 5.

Do you have a BOD system?
No.  We have a system called Societies which we feel is more balanced.

Do you have custom housing?
We have over 125 new placeable houses, but custom housing is currently N/A (and may never be.)

Is there instahit?

Can you heal through poison?

How many houses per accounts?
One house per account.

How do IDOC timers work?
There is a random timer between 12-24 hours.

Can homes be refreshed indefnitely by a friend if the owner isn't around?
Yes, any friend/co-owner of the house will refresh it by opening the door.

Are you hiring staff? 
At the moment Luthius and I are working independently, but plan on hiring staff members from the community eventually.  Please join the forum and Discord and get involved.

Do you have a Discord channel / chatroom? 
Yes, join us here.

Feel free to ask any other questions you may have below or in the Discord channel.

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