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  Pet Leveling + Traits
Posted by: Expo - 03-13-2018, 01:50 AM - Forum: Player Guides & Macros - Replies (1)

Pets gain experience when they assist in killing things. Once a pet levels up, use the Animal Lore skill to raise its stats and skills as well as give it special traits to further customize it. 

[Image: LKGXAjD.gif]

[Image: vr1qcUo.gif]

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  PvM Testing Patch 3-11-18
Posted by: Luthius - 03-11-2018, 09:28 PM - Forum: Patches - Replies (1)

Patch Notes

Account Deletion

  • For testing purposes, players now no longer need to wait 7 days to delete their accounts (should take at most 1 minute)

New Player Dungeon
  • New Player Dungeon has updated spawns including spawns in the newly expanded areas

  • The Paralyze spell will no longer cause Disrupts

Inscription Runes
  • Poison Warding Rune now also adds +20% cure chance to nearby players

Storage Shelf
  • Storage Shelves will now display the total number of items in a player's loadout
  • Players may now store Trapped Pouches and Kindling in Storage Shelves

Trapped Pouches
  • Players may now purchase Trapped Pouches from Provisioners and Mage NPCs

  • Players may now wear Aspect Armor and Weapons in the Arena (both will function as GM-level gear and will not suffer penalties on player death)

  • Dungeon Faction Struggles should now be announced as (Mountless)
  • The next Faction Struggle after a dungeon one will by default be Mounted (unless it happens to be another Dungeon one)
  • Fixed one of the Control Zones for the Inferno Faction Struggle

  • Tamed / summoned creatures should now go through all moongates correctly (provided they are at least 12 tiles away from the player and not in "Stay" mode)

  • Guilds now can toggle "Global War" which makes them at war with every other guild that also has "Global War" toggled, with the exception of any guilds that they have Allied with, or any guilds within their same faction during a Faction Struggle
  • Guilds can change their Global War toggle at most once per day
  • Officers and Guildmasters of a guild can change their Global War setting in the "Overview" page of the Guild Menu
  • Updated the Guild Details page of Invitation Management and Diplomacy Manage pages to display a guild's Faction as well as their current Global War setting
  • Players who have received invitations to guilds can now toggle whether to Ignore any future invitations from a particular guild as well as messages from that guild

Stun and Disarm
  • Players can now switch between multiple settings for Stun and Disarm dictating when they are automatically "untoggled" after usage
  • Players may change these manually by typing [stununtogglemode or [disarmuntogglemode or by going into the Paperdoll -> Help -> Commands and Settings Page -> Mechanics Tab for Stun Toggle and Disarm Toggle

  • Added Leather Cap Restyle Kits (players may convert a leather cap, including Aspect and Colored Material caps, into a Hat Style with the leather cap's original hue)
  • Restyled Leather Caps will have the words "restyled" in their name
  • Players may use dye tubs on items they are currently wearing
  • Straw Hats added to Tailor shop lists

Tamed Creatures
  • The Pack Instincts and Swarm Trait effects will now only do 20% of their normal damage bonus to other players

  • Updated Tracking and Animal Lore creature icons for Aegis Keep creatures and some other misc creatures
  • Fixed the bodyvalues for a few creatures such as Lava Elementals and Searing Earth after the latest graphics patch

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  special moves
Posted by: Syncopations - 03-07-2018, 08:28 AM - Forum: Suggestions & Ideas - Replies (4)

Some random people keep asking me if there are special moves. I see no reason to not to have them actually. Just make them bound to gm arms lore and dexxers can have them to spice things up. I dont think that would upset anybody. Plus, the less dichotomy between pvp and pvm the better.

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Posted by: Mercury - 03-02-2018, 07:32 AM - Forum: Suggestions & Ideas - No Replies

I did some testing;

30 mins fishing @ gm skill yielded

300~ basic fish steaks
9 fish fillets
0 crab
0 lobster

Now cooking is a bit funny in that it has no skill gain below 50, other than dough. (note: add wheat spawns/bakers/flour mills in towns).
Basic fish steaks as far as I'm aware only craft into 1 craft item - "Cooked Fishsteaks" which are a meagre food (lv1/5), requires 50 skill, and will allow gains until 75 skill. Same with basic meats.

I can create food as a mage for 9gp of same quality / Buy an apple (or plenty other foods) for 2gp from a farmer. So essentially cooked fish steaks / meats, which there could be millions of based on the fishing test above, are worth 1-1.5gp each at best. In fact...they will unlikely sell at all due to sheer volume of them available, ease of making.

My suggestions;

  • Use cooking skill to determine what you get when you "cut" raw fish. Small fish when filleted can give either fish steak or a fillet, with a formula something like at GM cooking 10% chance to give a fillet not fish steak. (as to not flood the market with fillets compared to other cooking mats, but to make small fish useful). 
  • Modify the tier 2 recipe "Cooked fish fillet" to "Gourmet Fish steak" and make mats required 5-10 fish steak, as this tier takes you to GM cooking mat cost should be high but make the core mat do it not a rare mat. (I'm not sure but I'm pretty sure all the meat varieties are all rare drops too like large fish - the route to GM Chef currently will be near impossible unless you replace some of these meat recipes with the low tier mat but more volume of, and leave the rarer mats to making high end food at above GM skill)
  • Add 5 Fishsteaks to each of the tier 3/4/5 fish recipes to add a fish steak use on top of the rarer ingredient. (as above if my assumptions are right on forensics, add the low tier mat to higher tier recipes as per fish steaks)
My reasoning is, 99% of what you fish/meat after the first day or so forensics/fishing/cooking, will now be food trash not even worth keeping. All other harvest profession utilise the core mat (iron etc.) all the way through the crafting pyramid.

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  PvM Testing Patch 2-28-18
Posted by: Luthius - 02-28-2018, 07:08 AM - Forum: Patches - No Replies

Patch Notes

Aegis Keep Dungeon

  • Aegis Keep is now open and accessible through Dungeon Moongates in towns

  • Towns now contain Town and Dungeon Moongates that players can use to navigate to other Towns, Dungeons, and the Arena

Stun Attacks
  • Stun Attacks are now toggled by players, via the [Stun command or using a razor/steam hotkey for Stun
  • Players must have 80 Anatomy and 80 Wrestling to attempt to make a stun attack
  • When players has Stun mode toggled, if their next Wrestling attack hits their opponent, it will stun them
  • A stunned player cannot move, swing weapons, cast spells, or use items for 3 seconds
  • A stunned creature cannot move and takes 25% additional damage from all sources for 10 seconds
  • Once a target has been stunned they may not be stunned again for 30 seconds
  • Once a player successfully makes a stun attack, they cannot attempt another one for 30 seconds
  • If a player has Stun toggled and misses a wrestling attack, their next stun attempt will be delayed by 15 seconds (but will automatically attempted again unless the player toggles Stun mode off)

Disarm Attacks
  • Disarm Attacks are now toggled by players, via the [Disarm command or using a razor/steam hotkey for Disarm
  • Players must have 80 Arms Lore and 80 Weapon skill in their currently equipped weapon (or 80 Wrestling for unarmed) to attempt to make a disarm attack
  • When players has Disarm mode toggled, if their next attack hits their opponent, it will disarm them
  • A disarmed player has any items in their hands dropped into their backpack, which then can not be moved or stolen by any player, including themselves, for 5 the next seconds
  • A disarmed player may not equip any items into their hands for the next 5 seconds
  • A disarmed creature takes 25% additional damage from all sources for 10 seconds
  • A disarmed creature has a 25% penalty to melee defense from all sources for 10 seconds
  • Once a target has been disarmed they may not be stunned again for 30 seconds
  • Once a player successfully makes a disarm attack, they cannot attempt another one for 30 seconds
  • If a player has Disarm toggled and misses an attack, their next disarm attempt will be delayed by 15 seconds (but will automatically attempted again unless the player toggles Disarm mode off)

  • Removed the Offensive Wrestling mechanic provided by Anatomy / Arms Lore
  • Players now only gain Wrestling damage bonuses from Anatomy (+50% * (Anatomy Skill / 100)) against creatures, and not players
  • Players now only gain Wrestling damage bonuses from Arms Lore (+50% * (Arms LoreSkill / 100)) against creatures, and not players

Magic Spellbooks
  • Fixed several issues with damage bonuses and charged spells from Magic Spellbooks not being calculated correctly
  • Players wielding a Magic Spellbook will receive an additional damage bonus against creatures if they have the Spirit Speaking or Inscription Skill (the higher of the two skills will be used)
  • The additional spell damage bonus against creatures is equal to (the item's base damage bonus * (higher value of Spirit Speaking Skill or Inscription Skill / 100))
  • For instance, a player with 80 Inscription and 50 Spirit Speaking would receive a spell damage bonus of (25% * (80/ 100)) for a Vanquishing-level magic spellbook

Players wielding a Magic Spell will by default not gain any damage bonus in PvP unless they:
1) Have had the spellbook equipped for 30 seconds consecutively
2) Have either the Inscription or Spirit Speaking skill 

The total damage bonus provided in PvP for Magic Spellbooks is equal to (the item's base damage bonus * (higher value of Spirit Speaking Skill or Inscription Skill / 100))

Aspect Spellbooks
  • Fixed several issues with damage bonuses and charged spell chances with Aspect Spellbooks not being calculated correctly
  • Players wielding an Aspect Spellbook will receive an additional damage bonus against creatures if they have the Spirit Speaking or Inscription Skill (the higher of the two skills will be used)
  • The additional spell damage bonus against creatures is equal to (the item's base damage bonus * (higher value of Spirit Speaking Skill or Inscription Skill / 100))

Aspect Gear
  • The maximum number of Aspect Charges that a player may add to an Aspect Weapon/Spellbook/Armor is now 180 (previously was 150)
  • When a player dies with Aspect Gear on them, each Aspect Item will lose 60 charges from the item and will be turned into Arcane Essence and left on the player's corpse (i.e. may be looted by other players or the player themselves)

Storage Shelf
  • Items currently equipped by the player or that will be equipped by the player will not count against the player's total item limit when resupplying from a storage shelf

Bless Spell
  • Players may now cast bless again on other players

Magic Trap Spell
  • Players may now cast the Magic Trap spell on a friendly (i.e. Green hue) target
  • Fixed an issue where players entering combat were having more pouches untrapped than they should (due to Inscription)

Remove Trap Spell
  • Should now correctly only untrap 1 pouch from the target

  • Players should no longer lose Fame/Karma for dying within the Arena
  • Players can now access the Arena from Town Moongates
  • The Arena Results window will now only show a player's highest hit streak (and not their miss streak)

Inferno and Muskeg Traps
  • Damage reduced significantly on Fire Bridge and Rolling Stone traps

Guild and Factions Gump
  • Fixed several issues with displaying countdown time until next Faction Struggle events 
  • Streamlined and added new buttons to the Guild Faction page to access Faction Struggle Page / Results

Explosion Potions
  • Explosion potions now have a 5 second timer and must be thrown before 1 second remains on the timer
  • While in flight, the explosion potion's timer will continue to tick
  • If a player attempts to throw an explosion potion and cannot (due to LOS / range / etc), they may double click the same potion or any explosion potion in their pack (or use a razor / steam explosion potion hotkey) to attempt to throw the potion again (provided more than 1 second remains on the timer)

Commands and Settings
  • Added entries in the Paperdoll -> Help -> Outlands Overview - >Commands and settings page for [Pouch, [Stun, and [Disarm (under the Mechanics Tab)

Active Skill Gain Boost
  • Players who successfully unlock a dungeon chest will receive the 10 minute Active Skill Gain boost (x5) that players normally receive for killing a creature
  • layers who successfully tame a creature (must not previously have been tamed) will receive the 10 minute Active Skill Gain boost (x5) that players normally receive for killing a creature (this will still not boost Animal Taming skill gain rate for the player, however)

Faction Struggles
  • Faction struggles will now alternate between being Mounted and Mountless every other event
  • Announcements for faction struggles will say which type is upcoming (i.e. Mounted or Mountless), and players may see in the Faction Struggle Page (accessible by typing [Faction) what the upcoming type will be
  • Players are limited to casting 5 Field Spells during a faction struggle, and may view how many they have used so far on the Faction Struggle Page
  • Players who are in area of a Faction Struggle but who are not part of a faction may not cast Field spells in the area until the event ends
  • Player should now keep their Faction Gumps up when they die and when resurrection
  • Corpses of players from opposing factions should now show the correct notoriety hue

  • Fixed a display issue in the Skill Mastery Scroll / Orb gump
  • Fixed an issue with Mini-Boss / Boss name hues (should be red)

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  explosion pots
Posted by: Syncopations - 02-20-2018, 04:13 PM - Forum: Suggestions & Ideas - Replies (1)

explosion potions are useless in terms of pvp as of now since you cant release them last 2 seconds. My suggestion is making explosion pot release time scale with dex so that dexxers can release them whenever they want. It would give them reliable damage and dungeon superiority and some field presence.

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  Inferno bridge(s) solution
Posted by: clx - 02-18-2018, 03:06 PM - Forum: Player Guides & Macros - No Replies

[Image: bridge1.PNG]

[Image: bridge2.PNG]

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  moar ideas
Posted by: Bacacay - 02-17-2018, 01:07 PM - Forum: Suggestions & Ideas - Replies (2)

I think we should think a bit more outside the box instead of trying to get UOR stuff to work so hard with instahit. How about we try something a little different, something that might fit better without clashing too much.

I'm proposing that we add in modified versions of both chivalry and necromancy, without the incompatible parts of AOS like spell channeling.

1. Rebalance both of these to ensure compatability
2. Focus as a second skill for chivalry. Acting as an alternative meditation based on dex instead of intelligence. Both Focus and Chivalry can possible act as defensive wrestling if required, but this may not be set in stone. It depends on how fast the cast speeds will be, but they should require open hands IMO. Also to prevent abuse by other med templates taking advantage of possibility additional mana from focus, perhaps the med rate shift based on focus should both override meditation if it's present, and also be based on both chivalry and focus, so it requires both skills.
3. Specific measures to ensure chivalry is used by dex templates but still use mana as a resource. One idea could be to have lower mana costs for chivalry spells directly based on dexterity. This would allow int templates to still technically use chivalry, but it would be much more inefficient to do so.
4. Spirit speak to act as evaluating intelligence for necromancy spells. Also ties in as an alternative summoner class based on the undead raising spells etc.

I think this might go a long way to bring about additional template diversity instead of trying to justify stun and nox mages at this point. I feel like this stuff would be alot easier to balance in comparison. As long as it's not a carbon copy of AOS, which I think with my three points it will be different enough, people used to "old school" UO shouldn't be automatically turning away. This could very well establish a new pure mage meta depending on how necro is rebalanced as well as giving dexxers a different path to follow.

EDIT: some ideas for rebalancing
The bless effect could possibly be replaced by an effect to cure strangle (NICE ONE SURGE) and also possibly the chivalry cure or a different spell to get rid of it as well FORGET THIS I FORGOT CHIVALRY COULD ALREADY DO THIS
Strangle when cured will still tick atleast once after it is cured, or possibly half of the total tick damage as one tick after the cure, so it's still a threat.

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  Few random ideas
Posted by: clx - 02-17-2018, 10:16 AM - Forum: Suggestions & Ideas - No Replies

Luthius, as your current focus seems to be on making more 'UOR' type templates viable, I thought I'd post some suggestions here on top of what I sent you in Discord.

Anatomy: Stun-punch. Make this have a 2-3 second duration, and need to be toggled on by a player, so they need to time it as part of a combo. Ideally it would have a mana (or stam?) cost as well, and a cooldown. 

Poisoning: Give poisoners cheaper poison fields, half mana cost, perhaps. I also liked Jaedan's suggestion where Meteor Swarm could have its damage increased by having points invested in the poisoning skill. 

Spellweaving: Increase unresisted spell damage by x amount (I have no idea how much)

Focus: Increased meditation rates (Again, I have no idea how much would be suitable)

There's four skills that would all work in different combinations with each other, in addition to other skills as they stand, such as SS or Scribe. Anatomy and Spellweaving sounds interesting for double spell damage increase when stunned. 

Some other ideas:


Give them toggled special moves for mana or stam costs. Require 80+ skill in all of wepskill/tact/anat/heal to prevent mages using them. 

The ones I suggest are: 

  • Mortal Strike - target is unable to heal or be healed for x seconds (health bar displays as yellow)
  • Armour Ignore - negates target AR value when calculating damage
  • Bleed Attack - Inflict x damage over time, which will disturb spell casting on the target on each tick
  • Paralysing Blow - Paralyse opponent for x amount of time

Paralyse Spell:

I absolutely hate the need to carry around 20 trapped pouches. Just needless crap.

Make paralyse spell duration/success based on caster magery vs target resist. 1 second paralysed per 10.0+ points difference, to a maximum of 6 seconds paralysed. No effect if less than 10.0 points difference.

This would work incredibly well with the Outlands changes to Mana Drain and Mana Vamp where they drop your resist skill. 

Quote:- Resist chance is (20% * (Magic Resist / 100))
- Will not stack with any other castings of Mana Drain or Mana Vampire on target
- Effect will be overridden by Mana Vampire if that is cast on target
- Players may drink a Magic Resist potion of any type to nullify the effects of either Mana Drain or Mana Vampire on themselves

Mana Drain
-Reduces target player's Magic Resist by 10 * (Magery / 100) for 2 minutes
Mana Vamp
Reduces target player's Magic Resist by 20 * (Magery / 100) for 2 minutes

No need for trapped pouches, and resist potions could in effect serve that purpose, they would only increase resist up to a maximum of 100(maybe 80?) vs paralyse, meaning that 0 resist templates would still be viable vs paralyse casts.

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Posted by: Owen - 02-16-2018, 09:02 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

Hi everyone, 

Please subscribe to our mailing list to stay up to date with news & our launch date announcement.


Thank you!

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