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  PvM Testing Patch 2-16-18
Posted by: Luthius - 02-16-2018, 08:02 PM - Forum: Patches - Replies (7)

Patch Notes


  • Faction Struggle Locations added for Outpost and Terran
  • Implemented automation for faction struggle event scheduling
  • Fixed some issues with guild scores for faction struggles
  • Players in the same faction should now always flag as green during faction struggles
  • Fixed various issues with spawn locations for faction bases and faction struggle zones
  • Players will now receive a confirmation prompt when using a Faction Moongate
  • Fixed some issues with pet teleporting when players die during faction struggles

  • The Poisoning skill increases the difficulty to cure poison cast by or applied by that player by (25% * (Poisoning Skill / 100)).
  • The Taste ID skill increases the difficulty to cure poison cast by or applied by that player by (25% * (Taste ID Skill / 100))

Magic Spellbooks
  • Magic Spellbooks will now grant their damage bonus in PvP as long as a player has had their Magic Spellbook equipped for 30 seconds

Stun Effect (Anatomy)
  • Players must have at least 80 Wrestling to inflict a Stun Attack
  • The chance to inflict a Stun Attack with a wrestling hit is now (20% * (Anatomy Skill / 100))
  • A Stunned player cannot move for 5 seconds and a Stunned creature cannot move for 10 seconds
  • Players and creatures take 25% more damage from all sources while stunned
  • A player or creature cannot be stunned more than once every 30 seconds

Disarm Effect (Arms Lore)
  • The chance to inflict a Disarm Attack with a hit is now (20% * (Arms Lore Skill / 100))  [scaled for weapon speed]
  • A Disarmed player cannot equip any items or move any disarmed gear for 5 seconds
  • Players take 25% more damage from all sources while Disarmed
  • Creatures take 50% more damage from all sources while Disarmed
  • A player or creature cannot be Disarmed more than once every 30 seconds

  • Players now can have their Pets resurrected by NPC Healers and will receive a window allowing selection of which pets to resurrect
  • Players can now use the "Move" and "All Move" commands to make their tamed / summoned creatures move two spaces in a random direction
  • Players can now use the "Pack" and "All Pack" commands to make Pack Animals open their packs for the player (provided they are within range)

Bless Spell
  • The Bless Spell will now automatically target the caster (similar to Protection / Reactive Armor / Magic Reflect)

Ship Crewmembers
  • Added the Sea Dog Ship Crewmember type

Bank Storage Locker
  • Added the Bank Storage Locker to Carpentry / Tinkering: acts as a Storage Shelf that can only be used from within a player's bankbox (requires less materials to craft than a storage locker)
Item Identification and Container Identification Wands
  • Players may now craft Identification Wands using the Tinkering Skill and Item ID (100 Skill)
  • Identification wands require 1 Arcane Scroll and 5 Boards (can be made with colored materials for more charges)
  • A player using an Item Identification wand will display the item's magical properties, as well as it's NPC gold sell value and Arcane Essence value (if applicable)

  • Players may now craft Container Identification Wands using the Tinkering Skill and Item ID (120 Skill)
  • Container Identification wands require 2 Arcane Scroll sand 5 Boards (can be made with colored materials for more charges)
  • A player using an Item Identification wand will display the magical properties for all items in a container, as well as the cumulative NPC gold sell value and Arcane Essence value (if applicable) for all items. Players may target their own backpack as a container

Aspect Phylacteries
  • Players will now find Aspect Phylacteries as loot drops
  • Aspect Phylacteries will have a randomized Aspect associated with them (such as Fire, Lyric, Earth, etc) 
  • If a player has an Aspect Phylactery in their backpack while using Aspect Weapons or Aspect Spellbooks matching the Phylactery's aspect, each weapon swing or spell cast will increase the Phylactery's charge percent, to a maximum of 100%
  • A player may double click a fully-charged Aspect Phylactery to consume it, which will then make the next weapon swing or spell cast while equipped with an Aspect Weapon or Spellbook of that matching aspect automatically be an Aspect Special Attack (such as Whirlwind for Air Aspect)
  • Players can only activate and "store up" one Aspect Special Attack at a time (if a player activates another Phylactery before triggering the previous one, it will override any existing one)

Arcane Symbols and Arcane Runes
  • Players will now find colored Arcane Symbols as loot drops
  • Arcane Symbols come in Red, Green, Orange, Blue, and Purple colors
  • Players with Inscription can use Arcane Symbols to craft Arcane Runes, which are single use items that provide a unique benefit to players in an radius from the activation spot
  • To activate a rune, a player must double click it and must have at least 100 Inscription Skill
  • Arcane Runes last for 5 Minutes + (5 * (User Inscription Skill / 100) minutes)
  • Players may receive the benefit from multiple runes simultaneously, so as long as they are of different types (i.e. can only receive the benefit from 1 Rune of Fortification)

Arcane Rune of Aggression (Orange)
All players within 3 tiles of the rune have their creature aggro increased greatly

Arcane Rune of Fortification (Red)
All players within 5 tiles of the rune receive 20% less physical damage from creatures

Arcane Rune of Spell Shielding (Purple)
All players within 5 tiles of the rune receive 20% less spell damage from creatures

Arcane Rune of Poison Warding (Green)
All players within 5 tiles of the rune receive 20% less poison damage from creatures

Arcane Rune of Healing Amplification (Blue)
All players within 5 tiles of the rune receive 20% more healing from healing effects (so long as they aren't flagged for PvP)

Slayer Wands
  • Slayer Wands will now drop as loot
  • Slayer wands come in Lesser, Regular, and Greater strength and have a randomized creature Slayer Group and randomized damaging spell
  • Slayer wands can only be used against creatures matching it's slayer type 
  • Slayer wands must be equipped to use them and have a limited number of charges
  • After using a wand, that wand cannot be used again for that wand's cooldown duration
  • After using a wand, that player cannot use any other wand again for that wand's cooldown duration

Magic Arrow Wand
60 (Lesser), 80 (Regular), 100 (Greater) Damage
1 Minute Cooldown

Harm Wand
80 (Lesser), 100 (Regular), 120 (Greater) Damage
2 Minute Cooldown

Fireball Wand
100 (Lesser), 120 (Regular), 140 (Greater) Damage
3 Minute Cooldown

Lightning Wand
120 (Lesser), 140 (Regular), 160 (Greater) Damage
4 Minute Cooldown

Mindblast Wand
140 (Lesser), 160 (Regular), 180 (Greater) Damage
5 Minute Cooldown

Energy Bolt Wand
160 (Lesser), 180 (Regular), 200 (Greater) Damage
6 Minute Cooldown

Explosion Wand
170 (Lesser), 190 (Regular), 210 (Greater) Damage
6 Minute Cooldown

Flamestrike Wand
200 (Lesser), 220 (Regular), 240 (Greater) Damage
7 Minute Cooldown

Meteor Swarm Wand
Range 4

60 (Lesser), 80 (Regular), 100 (Greater) Damage
7 Minute Cooldown

Chain Lightning Wand
Range 3
80 (Lesser), 100 (Regular), 120 (Greater) Damage
7 Minute Cooldown

Earthquake Wand
Range 8
60 (Lesser), 80 (Regular), 100 (Greater) Damage
8 Minute Cooldown

  • Added Cannon Shot commodities
  • Fixed an issue with system message displays for using Magic Resist potions
  • Fixed an issue where players receiving a Skinning Knife on character creation also receive a randomized starting weapon
  • Smoke Drake and Smoke Dragon ability will hit targets a maximum of one time
  • Mixed an issue with water splashes in Pulma boss room (again!)
  • Added Creature Taming Deeds for testing
  • Players should receive 50,000 gold in their bank during character creation during testing
  • Updated the gumps for player-cast Moongates

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Tongue Flag stolen items to prevent sale of stolen goods.
Posted by: coreball - 02-08-2018, 02:25 PM - Forum: Suggestions & Ideas - No Replies

This idea is pretty much a direct ripoff of how the Elder Scrolls game handles stolen items: flag the item with a “stolen” property to prevent it from being sold to normal town shopkeepers. A thief guild master could act as a fence, or perhaps it would lead to the establishment of a player run thieves guild which would deal with the moving of illicit goods. Perhaps even items looted from blue players who were PK’d could be flagged as such, creating black market for ill-gotten items. Obviously players would be free to sell or trade these things amongst each other.

Just my 2 cents on a way to make the eventually ruined economy a little more interesting.

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  Which town is going to be 'your' town?
Posted by: clx - 02-05-2018, 08:46 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (6)

A N D A R I A for me.

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  Registry of Outlands Professional Crafters
Posted by: Blaise - 02-05-2018, 02:49 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (6)

Hello folks, I had this idea earlier while discussing starting intentions for Outlands. I have plans to make a Blacksmith/Miner right out of the gate, along with a Bard/Warrior (one or maybe both).
What I'd like to do here is keep a list of player handles and what their intended craft professions may be, IF they are interested in providing those services to the people of Outlands. In short, if you plan on playing a Scribe right away, or Blacksmith, etc, post your intended professions here and I'll update the OP to keep a public list of who will be in what trade. This could help people decide where to start, should there be an abundance of one or another. It could also help your craft if new players can find you easily to potentially sell you resources or buy your wares before player vendors are up. I'll start it out here using just my handle as character names can't be chosen yet:







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Posted by: Owen - 02-05-2018, 01:41 AM - Forum: Announcements - Replies (4)

[Image: P4zOjSX.jpg]

Please join us online every night at 10PM EST for faction testing! 

To take part you will need to be in a guild (you can create your own) and aligned to a faction:

One of the Officers or Guildmaster in the guild needs to go to the Faction Page and click the "Change Guild Faction" button.  You'll get left and right arrows showing which faction to pick (or if you intend to switch from a faction back to neutral, the word "none") and then click the Accept button. 

[Image: 93o5ok2.png]

If you have any questions please join us in Discord. 

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  PvM Testing Patch 2-3-18
Posted by: Luthius - 02-03-2018, 06:21 PM - Forum: Patches - No Replies

Patch Notes


  • Implemented a number of additional Faction features including Faction Selection / Faction Combat Flagging on the Faction page of the Guild Menu

  • Fixed an issue with the arena Match Info button going missing from arena matchmaking
  • Fixed a flagging issue with the arena region lobby area (was set to DungeonRegion instead of ArenaRegion)

Mastercrafting and Item Durability
  • Rebalanced item durability bonuses for magical / colored materials
  • Exceptional quality items made by a player with 120 skill will be listed as "mastercrafted by" when single-clicked (instead of "crafted by")
  • Mastercrafted weapons and armor have an additional +50% base durability
  • Mastercrafted tools and instruments will have an additional +50% base number of uses

  • Appetizing and Delectable foods (which are non-stackable) now may have crafters marks (including mastercrafting)
  • Exceptional quality Appetizing and Delectable foods have 1 additional bite (uses) allowed
  • Mastercrafted Appetizing and Delectable foods have 2 additional bites (uses) allowed

Creature Ability Damage
  • Non-Tamed creature abilities will no longer deal +100% damage to player's a tamed or summoned creatures
  • Non-Tamed creature abilities will instead now deal (+20% * Target Creature Control's Slots) damage to a player's tamed or summoned creatures

Creature Spell Damage
  • Non-Tamed creature spells will no longer deal +50% damage to player's a tamed or summoned creatures
  • Non-Tamed creature spells will instead now deal (+10% * Target Creature Control's Slots) damage to a player's tamed or summoned creatures

Animal Taming
  • Players will now make an Animal Lore skill gain check each time they "speak" to an animal while taming it (essentially grants bonus Animal Lore skill gain checks)

  • Added a large number of new tree types that can be harvested with Lumberjacking (i.e. our new trees that have new graphics)
  • Using a dagger on yourself to harvest kindling from nearby trees will now consume a portion of the logs available from trees gathered from

  • Prevalia has been added to map patcher and can be accessed via moongate in Shelter Island. 
  • Issues with pets falling through in Pulma have been fixed 

  • Lowered the Muskeg Chasm rolling boulder trap damage somewhat
  • Players may now say "banco" to access town banks (instead of "bank")
  • Fixed a crash issue with creature ability firefields
  • Added some notification signs to Shelter Island for new player guidance
  • Fixes some notoriety flagging issues when players leave / join guilds

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  creating an organic gaming experience
Posted by: biorhythm - 02-03-2018, 04:46 PM - Forum: Suggestions & Ideas - Replies (1)

creating a lasting endgame gameplay experience in mmorpgs can be difficult, because there is no ending to the game.

a lot of times devs will come up with random things to do, which just come across as contrived and dont fit into the theme of the gameplay world.. thus making the whole gameplay world worse.
gameplay goals/minigames should fit in naturally to what people are already doing ingame and are interested in.
Take the development of the PC game civilization(1-5)...  there is a lot going on in the game with a plethora of options, but the designers made it so that the player doesnt actually see much of those options, until the player actually tries to access them.  The game screen has as little extra as possible on it, so the player really only sees the game world.    

In this thread I will offer ideas for long term gameplay that does not clash with the persistent rpg world.


1.) One option for long term gameplay is simply creating another character and trying a different experience.  With the way traditional mmorpgs are set up, this creation of a new character often just involes power farming or macroing.  UO being one of the classic examples of a game that is just macro'd and power farmed through. 

   If there was some sort of auto powering up that happened over time, there would be no arms race to 7x GM completed characters. 

  As I said earlier there is no completion to typical mmorpgs, but if characters had to progress through certain stages, then players would actually get to experience some feelings of completion as certain levels of a characters life cycle came to an end.  

This would ensure that creating a new character was always an actual gameplay experience and not just another power macro experience.

Have it so only 1 character per player account receives this over time leveling at a time.  This would help prevent someone from making a Pk who robs from the weak and then avoiding consequences by then playing on his blue character.  A player would have to invest in making 1 character at a time.


Another organic theme that happens naturally is player conflict.  As good as player vs world experience can be, a big part of the UO experience is players interacting with other players.. which can provide a never ending gameplay experience if handled right.

This PvP experience can be too much for many people, especially if it is implemented wrong.  It can become to aggressive and prevent people from enjoying the game..

There are ways to make pvp games without ruining gameplay for a lot of people.  Euro games, or german board games became synonymous with this over the last 20 years.  These board games like Settlers of Catan still offer pvp but it isnt as brutal, the players instead focus on playing the board and acquiring resources, which can indirectly foil their opponents plans... 

unlike western games like Risk, this doesnt become unfun for the other players who are losing.  where they just have to sit their for turn after turn and get sh|t on.

If players and guilds had a way to build up their own bases,  this would offer a way for a healthy long term pvp experience.

In addition PvP should be built around the natural conflicts is game already. 
The big ones I identified are: bad guys vs good guys,    social group vs social group,    competitive capitalists,  competition to be the alpha,  and possibly territorial competition.

I think this can be addressed in game organically as follows.


2.)  Loosely based off Shadowbane, guilds can build bases in certain areas.   This would be done by acquiring a very expensive base-guildstone.    The more money invested into the base-guildstone, the bigger the area could become.  This would create an end game goal for guilds.  The benefits of player cities/bases would be as follows..

-Make it so players can only place 1 npc merchant with a limited carrying capacity if they are not a subbed to/a member of a base-guildstone.

If a player is subbed to a base-guildstone then they can place multiple merchants. These merchants are invunerable like normal, unless the players base-guildstone is destroyed.   If the guildstone is destroyed then the merchants either are destroyed and all their goods are put into a safe in the house, or you could make it so the merchants are venerable to being killed and they drop some gold.
*note I dont think players should have to have their merchants within the base-guildstones territory.

this would give a way for merchants to compete and actively pursue wars with each other.

- In the area of a base-guildstone members get a +5 to +15 bonus to 5 skills of the guilds choice.  this would make certain bases more attractive to different types of players.    Maybe one large player base would be great for miners or another for poisoners or another for blacksmiths and fishers or another one for shadowy stealthers.

also in the area of the base-guildstone players could get a small bonus to skill gain, this would incentives players to spend time at their guild bases.

- guilds could purchase weaker/killable guards to place around their base-guildstones and maybe a couple other npc merchants like regent sellers or provisioners.

-the leader of the guilds could set tax rates on everything sold by their member merchants and maybe tax different groups differently.  (like different guilds or reds/blues)

-wars could be waged and base-guildstones destroyed in the following ways.  
An opposing faction could buy a war-stone.    They could then place the war-stone and target the base-guildstone they wanted to destroy.  Both stones are invunerable and then like after 24hours at a prime time the defenders choose the guildstones will become venerable to attack.  Whoever destroys the other stone first wins.  Maybe the attacking guild can even take over the stone if they choose.

2.5) have 2 major merchant guilds.  players need to have either high blacksmith, carpentry, leathermaking, cooking or tinkering to join.
the guilds can vote on what costs different groups need to pay.  This will automatically inflate or deflate the prices of everything they sell.  This will give the merchants a way to corner certain markets by working together and not undercut each other. 

this will also give merchants a way to push back against chaos/Pks.   If chaos/PKs abuse them too much, that merchant group can charge them inflated prices on everything, or even refuse to sell to them.   These inflated prices would be account wide, so players couldnt just do shopping on different accounts. 

Since there will be 2 separate merchant groups Pks/chaos and different groups could form alliances or avoid attacking certain merchants based on what merchant guild they are part of. 

The 2 different merchant guilds would have a bonus to join them too.  It would be that any npc merchants owned by a member could hold 50% more items.   So a craftsmen that was not subbed to any base-guildstone would still have access to 1 merchant with +50% carrying capacity


3.)  One of the most natural and organic conflicts is good vs evil   playstyles.

This can be enhanced through the order vs chaos guild system.    With each guild enhancing this style.   
Maybe have stiffer penalties for PKings all around but let Chaos get away with more Pking and stealing than normal. and at the same time give order help and benefits performing anti activity. 

also this system could also fill the function of creating an endgame for alpha king of the hill players.   
Maybe leaders of the chaos groups could get like +10 bonus to strength.

I could go on but I feel like Ive typed a lot.  So Ill leave this as is for now.

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  Some recent findings
Posted by: Campari - 02-02-2018, 06:19 PM - Forum: Development Feedback - No Replies


Peacemaking your own pets is a criminal offense if you are not in a party. However if you are in a party, it is not a criminal offense.

Animal Lore

The barding success on the animal lore gump is based on the highest of your musicianship skill and barding skill, when it should be based on the lowest.


The follow speed for pets while mounted is too slow, so the pets cant keep up.

When you upgrade the stats on your pet, the upgrade % is based on the neutral stats, not the tamed values. So if you find a pet with perfect damage of +10% vs neutral, and decide to upgrade the damage by 50%, the total damage bonus will be 60% instead of 65%. If the pet you tamed had neutral stats to begin with, you would end up with +50% total damage bonus. So a maxed out damage on a pet with perfect beginning stats will only be 160%/150% = 6,67% better, and not 10% as it was when freshly tamed. A 5% better pet to begin with, will only end up being 3.33% better when maxed out.

Pets should be resurrectable with magery.

New Player Dungeon

If you equip a weapon with a tactics modifier, you can't train to 70 base tactics.

Monster Difficulty

There are several monsters in Pulma which seem to have abilities that deal crazy damage in short amounts of time.
Precursor Conduit in Pulma have Difficulty Level 10.7 and runs around shooting fast bolts that hit for 20-30 damage.
Murky Water have Difficulty Level 17.8 and casts high level spells, hits with melee + applies a disease that ticks for 20 damage.
Befuddler hits you multiple times in fast succesion with the AoE attack for 20-30 damage each.
Deep Devourer devours you for 30 per tick pretty fast.

Smoke Drake/Smoke Dragon in Nusero can instakill you with the AoE attack.


When you enter level 3 in Pulma, there are 6 monsters in range to attack you immediately: Befuddler, Dark Water, Deep Devourer, Precursor Guardian, Precursor Servitor, Precursor Engineer.

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  Aspect Gear - Elevate Yourself
Posted by: Expo - 01-25-2018, 07:29 PM - Forum: Player Guides & Macros - Replies (4)

How do you access the Aspect Mastery system?
You can check your current progress within the Aspect Mastery gump. You can find it by opening your Paperdoll (Alt P), click Help, and then clicking Aspect Mastery. This will bring up the window that you can click on the various Aspects to see their abilities and stats. Click on the arrows to change through Weapon, Spellbook and Armor Bonuses from selected Aspect. Players earn experience in each Aspect by killing monsters while equipped with Aspect Gear of that aspect. When they have earned enough experience, they may upgrade that Aspect to the next Tier Level (maxing at Tier 10). 

[Image: BaW7M3k.gif]

Where does Arcane Essence come from?
Arcane Essence is needed to craft Aspect Gear. Players can get Arcane Essence by Recycling magical items. Use a Crafting Tool to open its menu and then click Begin Recycling. This will cause a single target cursor to appear which you'll then click on a magical item to Recycle it. There are different modes of Recycling. There are:

Recycle Single Item
Recycle Regular (of Type)
Recycle All (of Type)
Recycle All Magical - be VERY careful using this option as it will recycle ALL magical items in your backpack, even sub-containers. You then target yourself to begin Recycling.

[Image: 5qCXQl6.gif]

How do you craft Aspect Gear?
To create Aspect Gear, you will need to several components:

A GM-made Weapon / Armor Piece / Spellbook
12 Matching Aspect Cores for a Weapon/Spellbook or 2 Matching Aspect Cores for an Armor Piece
10 Matching Aspect Distillation of the same Aspect as the Cores
10 Arcane Essence
1 Mould Tool (of matching crafting skill type)

[Image: BxEomh3.gif]

[Image: sgAycyL.gif]

Oh so much more info on the Aspect Gear Dev Page. I wanted to just copy and paste all his info here because it's so thourough but you can just click that link and read more details. 

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  PvM Testing Patch Notes 1-24-18
Posted by: Luthius - 01-25-2018, 03:16 AM - Forum: Patches - Replies (1)

Patch Notes


  • Implemented a significant amount of backend faction handling
  • Players can now declare their guild faction allegiance from the Faction page of the Guild gump
  • Players can toggle their faction combat flag (i.e. when they flag as orange to opposing factions) from page 2 of the Faction page
  • Will be implementing the remaining faction gumps / mechanics and faction struggle system in the very near future

Creature AI
  • Implemented a new "shoving" mechanic for creatures, dictating how often they will push past players and creatures blocking them (since creatures in Outlands no longer use stamina)
  • Normal creatures can shove through players and creatures once every 10 seconds
  • Tamed creatures can shove through players and normal creatures once every 3 seconds
  • Tamed creatures can shove through other tamed creatures once every 1 second

  • Skill use cooldowns for all barding skills has been reduced to 5 seconds for both successes and failures
  • Players may make either one Provocation or one Peacemaking attempt every 10 seconds
  • Players may make one Discordance attempt every 10 seconds 

Forensic Eval
  • Increased the rate at which players boost their Forensic Eval slayer bonuses when carving corpses 

  • Decreased the skillgain rate for Mining and Lumberjacking dramatically
  • Fixed an issue where players with weapons equipped that provided Tactics bonuses would not gain skill at certain levels

  • Players should now be able to attack their own tamed creatures in New Player Dungeon

Taming And Animal Lore
  • Fixed an issue where ressed pets were not correctly receiving ressurection penalties (-25% to damage dealt and +25% to damage received for 30 minutes)
  • A tamed creature's current resurrection penalty value and timed remaining are now displayed in the Animal Lore Gump
  • Reworded the Passive Taming Skill Gain Remaining label on Animal Lore Gump (shows how much total passive taming skill gain the player has left in total for all followers)

  • Fixed several issues relating to displaying Camping Bonus duration
  • Players can now single click on a campfire to see their current camping bonus and duration
  • Players can now target themselves when double-clicking a bladed weapon to attempt to create kindling from any nearby trees in range

  • Makers marks now can be applied to non-stackable, crafted food items

Healing Potions

Lesser Heal Potion
Heals 10-20 (reduced to 5-10 while player is in PvP)

Heal Potion
Heals 15-30 (reduced to 10-20 while player is in PvP)

Greater Heal Potion
Heals 20-40 (reduced to 15-30 while player is in PvP)

  • In-town battle trainers no longer will make "gasping" noises when detecting "combatants"

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