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  Spirit Speak, Spirit Energy and You
Posted by: Expo - 01-24-2018, 02:13 AM - Forum: Player Guides & Macros - Replies (1)

Spirit Speak - Allows the player to see player ghosts and understand their speech. Players can purchase Empty Spirit Stones from NPC Mage Shopkeepers. Cast the Magic Lock spell to turn it into a standard Spirit Stone, which allows it to absorb Spirit Energy from corpses. These Charged Spirit Stones can then be used to increase the power of a player's summon spells.

[Image: Nip0JY3.gif]

[Image: 17OpJST.gif]

There's a lot more information in the Skills post by Luthius.

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  Creature Targeting (Aggro/Threat)
Posted by: jaedan - 01-22-2018, 10:59 PM - Forum: Player Guides & Macros - No Replies

Creatures decide who to target by selecting the highest priority target from available targets every few seconds. Priority is calculated as follows:

1) The last chosen target (i.e. the creature's current target) is given 3 points.
2) Tamed/summoned pets set to attack/order/patrol mode are given 3 points.
3) Targets are awarded between 1 and 5 points based on proximity, with immediately adjacent targets awarded 5 points.

How much damage you do, how ugly your face is, how loud you are shouting, etc. doesn't matter.

It is not currently known how ties are broken, although I speculate that it it chooses the target at a lower X coordinate, or if that is the same, the target at a lower Y coordinate, or if that is the same, the target at a lower Z coordinate.

Given these mechanics, there are a few interesting effects:

1) Creatures will always attack an adjacent pet over an adjacent player. If there is a pet nearby, you won't get hit.
2) Once a pet has been targeted, it will never drop threat no matter how far away it is as long as it is still in range and in the proper mode. This is because a pet that was previously targeted is given a +6 total priority, but a player that isn't the current target can only get to +5 maximum.
3) The only way to transfer threat from one player to another is for the targeted player to run away.

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  PvM Testing Patch Notes 1-16-18
Posted by: Luthius - 01-17-2018, 12:30 AM - Forum: Patches - No Replies

Patch Notes

Aspect Gear

  • Changed the hues on Air, Earth, and Eldritch aspect gear

Aspect Armor
  • Eldritch Aspect should now properly grant its normal Charged Spell chance bonuses
  • Command Aspect now also grants (5% + (1.5% * per Tier Level)) damage resistance for tamed creatures
  • Fire Aspect now also grants (12.5% + (3.75% per Tier Level)) a chance to ignore Field Effect damages (which includes fire fields and a large number of mini-boss / boss field effects)
  • Poison Aspect cure chance bonus increased to (10% + (3% per Tier Level))
  • Shadow Aspect damage resistance after exiting stealth duration increased to 10 seconds (from 5 seconds)
  • Void Aspect chance to regen stats is now (2.5% + (.75% per Tier Level))
  • Water Aspect healing amounts bonus now is (10% + (3% per Tier Level))

Aspect Weapon Special Effects
Rebuild all aspect weapon special effects with new mechanics as well as sounds and visuals

Air Aspect Weapon Special
Inflicts (500 + (50 * Tier Level)) magical damage divided among creatures within a 8 tile radius and reduces their defense skill by (10 + (1 * Tier Level)) for 30 seconds

Command Aspect Weapon Special
Heals your nearby followers completely and grants them a damage bonus of (100% + (10% * Tier Level)) against other creatures for 60 seconds

Earth Aspect Weapon Special
Earth Hands
Inflicts (500 + (50 * Tier Level)) physical damage divided among creatures within an 8 tile radius and reduces their armor by (30 + (3 * Tier Level)) for 30 seconds

Eldritch Aspect Weapon Special
Energy Surge
Inflicts (500 + (50 * Tier Level)) magical damage divided among creatures within a 12 tile radius and reduces their magic resist by (50 + (5 * Tier Level)) for 30 seconds

Fire Aspect Weapon Special
Fire Nova
Inflicts (750 + (75 * Tier Level)) physical damage divided among creatures within an 4 tile radius

Lyric Aspect Weapon Special
Inflicts (500 + (50 * Tier Level)) magical damage divided among creatures within a 12 tile radius that are currently barded and will reset the duration of their barded effects

Poison Aspect Weapon Special
Inflicts (1000 + (100 * Tier Level)) magical damage divided among creatures within a 6 tile radius that are currently poisoned. Damage for each creature is scaled by (creature's Poison Level * 20%)

Shadow Aspect Weapon Special
Places the player immediately into stealth and grants them (50 + (5 * Tier Level)) stealth steps. Damage on their next backstab attack within 30 seconds is increased by (750 + (75 * Tier Level))

Void Aspect Weapon Special
Doom Dragon
Inflicts (1000 + (100 * Tier Level)) magical damage to their target after 15 seconds have passed

Water Aspect Weapon Special
Ice Storm
Inflicts (500 + (50 * Tier Level)) magical damage divided among creatures within a 6 tile radius and slows their melee attacks and spellcasting by (10% + (1% * Tier Level)) for 30 seconds

  • Added Stealth to the list of skills players can increase to 120 skill through use of Skill Mastery Scrolls
  • Players making backstab attacks from stealth against creatures have their backstab damage scalar adjusted by (Stealth Skill / 100%)
  • Players now receive (5 + (Stealth Skill / 10)) steps when Stealth is activated
  • If players move while stealthed and have between 0-5 Stealth Steps remaining, they will leave footprints when they move

Armor and Clothing
  • Players can now double click Clothing, Shields, and Armor in their backpack or bank to equip them (and will simultaneously unequip any existing equipped ones as well)

  • Durations for Peacemaking are now increased by 50%
  • Durations for Discordance are now increased by 100%
  • Discording a creature will not be considered a hostile action unless done to a tamed creature (and therefore will not change the player's current combatant)
  • Fixed several issues where players would sometimes use the wrong skill for barding attempts
  • Fixed several issues with barding flagging owner as criminal for barding innocent targets
  • Removed overhead text messages for barding effect immunity cooldowns (still will display system messages for miniboss / boss barding immunity durations)

  • Skill use cooldown for Herding now changed to 2 seconds (down from 10 on success / 5 on failure)

  • Players healing tamed creatures with bandages will now receive +50% of the normal healing amounts that would be given by using the Healing Skill

  • Fixed an issue with creatures unable to "push" through other creatures and players
  • Creatures no longer utilize stamina for pushing, and can now push through other creatures once every 10 seconds

Tamed Creatures
  • If a tamed creature is stealthed, they will not leave any footprints behind while moving in stealth if their controller is currently hidden
  • Tamed creatures should now correctly "flag" as green to other tamed creatures owned by the same controller, so should no longer be guard whacked if ordered to attack each other
  • The Mule upgrade trait for creatures will now correctly grant (25 * Creature Control Slots) backpack space for the creature

  • Players can now recycle Magic Spellbooks found as loot to receive Arcane Essence

Character Creation
  • Players selecting Lockpicking at character creation will now receive 2 Lockpicks and 2 Trap Tools

Young Players
  • Young players will no longer keep all items upon death (will only keep Newbied items)

New Player Dungeon
  • Players can no longer do hostile actions to other players (including looting) while in the New Player Dungeon
  • Fixed an issue where tamed creatures wouldn't respond to commands unless very close to their tamer

  • Removed the ability for players to sell Ingots, Boards, Fish, Arrows, Bolts, and Bandages to NPC vendors (at least until several weeks after launch)

  • Fixed a few crash issues related to pets and pet interactions
  • Fixed the icons that appear for creatures via Tracking and Animal Lore gumps for all dungeon creatures
  • Players may now dye sandals normally

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  Notes/Findings/Random Thoughts
Posted by: GrizzlysGhost - 01-16-2018, 07:32 PM - Forum: Development Feedback - Replies (25)

Thought I'd start a thread of my own since it seems that's the way to go, rather than littering a half dozen other threads Smile

- Two doors don't currently auto-open in town on the Island: The Mage building, and trying to enter the Provisioner building from the sheep-pen side.  I think the issue for both doors might be objects placed too near them.  They will open with a double-click, but not auto.

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  PvP - Clarifications.
Posted by: Locomotive - 01-16-2018, 02:08 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (1)

Good day fellow UO dwellers.

After long years break though will look for a shard. Always great to start when its new. 

Quick question to those who know the answer. What would be the pvp overview? Classes? 

And the most important questions. Will you be able to run and cast? 

Thank you in advance for any information.

p.s. shard so far looks great.

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  Fresh Character Gold Generation
Posted by: Donald Trump - 01-16-2018, 05:57 AM - Forum: Development Feedback - No Replies

[Image: JBNJpgY.png]

50 lumberjack
49 carp
1 forensic eval

timer starts from standing on starter tile

train swords
train forensic eval

chop trees attack birds
craft arrows
sell to bowyer for 1ea

this was first run, should be able to reliably get this in just over 12 minutes not accounting for competition for trees and birds

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Music Random Tidbits of Info
Posted by: Expo - 01-15-2018, 10:02 PM - Forum: Player Guides & Macros - Replies (8)

I wasn't sure what some of the icons were in the status gump were. Here are the answers:

[Image: ikSp2FH.png]

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  Small bugs/finding
Posted by: FireDog - 01-15-2018, 09:06 PM - Forum: Development Feedback - No Replies

-Able to use Hatchet with a pickaxe equipped

- Telekinesis -> able to open locked and trapped chests

Shelter island Mines
- While 2 ppl were mining ores for 20 minutes or so, it was really difficult to find ore from the mines.

- Anatomy and Animal lore are opening the same gump when used on animals.

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  Blaise's Razor Macro Library for UOOL
Posted by: Blaise - 01-15-2018, 03:39 PM - Forum: Player Guides & Macros - No Replies

I tend to get asked for macros or help with macros in Razor on a fairly regular basis. I've decided to start sharing what I make that's specific to UOOL and I'll just keep adding to this as I go along.

Today I Spun up a quick mining macro here that'll dress your pickaxe, mine the area, say "Movin on!" and stop macro, when the resources have been depleted:

Mine Area Macro:
Requisites: Dress item "Pick" with pickaxe added by type. 
Optional Configs: Add Organizer Agent after SpeechAction to organize ore to pack animal (set as hotbag)
Assistant.Macros.SpeechAction|0|52|3|ENU|0|Movin on!

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  is uo worth playing again?
Posted by: reb - 01-12-2018, 12:58 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (3)

hi, ill try to keep this as short as possible.

i was an uo newcomer in 2012 or so, played ipy2 and relpor, also uo an corp and uo immortalis for a bit but quit early, dont remember much or why.

im burnt out on gaming today, cant find nothing interesting to play. was thinkig back at the short period i played uo and had to admit that it was one or maybe even THE best gaming experience ive had in the past 10 years.

i loved this game when i was new and naive. i later started to hate this game more and more when i realized how everyone else played it.
the following may sound super negative, please excuse me for that but these are the reasnons me, an uo outsider and probably others will never attempt to play this game or get playing again:

1: is the community still trying to skip the game by scripting/macroing everything available in the game?
id like to play the adventure, i enjoy the journey, but not when im totally gimping my progress and better just "cheat" like everyone else.
double skillgain in dungeons was a joke, maybe 10x would have done the trick, maybe still worse than unattended macroing progress.

2: steam uo was released just about when i quit. is steam not totally broken? isnt everyone abusing it even more than razor? doesnt it automate pvp even more?
when i see a video like this i do believe thats the case: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M01E8tXAfTs
id have to become a scripter to actually play this game again and to be on the same level as everyone else, frightening.
i have deleted all my razer macros. id need an all in one "scripts you need to play uo in 2018" package.

3: any plans to prevent ghost or hidden scouting in front of dungeons?
this was not a knight game to me, more like a high tech everything under surveillance world. 7 PEC guys showing up when you solo pked some guy and were trying to res him lol, ty paladin orb.

4: are you going with the OP stealth mechanics from relpor again?
it was kind of amusing to solo ancient wyrms on a stealth dexer with 90s skills and just a hally and some bandages with zero risk of death from any monster nor player.
BUT it turned the game into another game that i did not exacly enjoy. the limited interaction we had left due to low pop was further hurt when everyone started only stealth around and ganking anyone that wasnt smart enough to do the same.
part of it was also that the dungeons were overpacked with mobs. for example if you entered khalmar (name?) you had 5 imps cast on you, 2nd level 10 gargoyles dump you etc. there were barely any break zones except in every dungeon on the lowest floor. best loot, not much danger because none bothered coming down to hunt you, invisile, invulnerable! boring.

sorry, i didnt come here to bash uo or its developers, i want to thank you all for the experience i could have.
id just love to have a shard where active play is desired, ban macroing completely, id be down with it. i want a hardcore experience while seemingly this whole community is stuck in a bubble trying to trivialize the game as much as possible, or not?

hi miridor, we used to play with you guys on ipy2 etc, hans and ultimate_onliner/boogieknight i believe

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