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Introduce Yourself - Owen - 04-17-2017

My name is Owen and I'm a UO addict.  I have been working as the map developer for Outlands since it's inception. 

Previously I contributed map work to both An Corp and Rel Por, and staffed on shards like Oblivion and Icrontic. I have played UO since 2001 in various forms and capacities. 

Please introduce yourself and let us know you're here!

RE: Introduce Yourself - Folik - 04-17-2017

Folik here.... mostly played Angel Island

Played on Great Lakes OSI
Played on Faerun GoF
Played on some old Sphere Shards back in the day.

Love the UOR ruleset and era. Interested to see what happens here on Outlands.

Get your slay on.

RE: Introduce Yourself - Pole - 04-17-2017

I'm here to grief Kadull.

RE: Introduce Yourself - clx - 04-17-2017

clx: Pacific>Siege>Chesa>Europa>Drach>IPY>Rel Por>OUTLANDS>completed UO & life

RE: Introduce Yourself - Fenix - 04-25-2017

Old school Chessy player here, then eventually got into Hybrid/IPY2/UOF/UOAC/and Rel Por 2. I'm a PK, I don't typically grief much though unless you're an asshole so keep that in mind. I like to recruit people to play with and make large guilds with people who aren't dinks. I'm pretty excited for this shard, and Owen & Luthius are very capable, professional dev's/artists. I know some of the people here, and I hope to run into more of you once this gets under way, cheers!

RE: Introduce Yourself - Lochlyn - 05-25-2017

Played on:
Great Lakes 98-2002
Hybrid 2005-2007 2010-2012
An Corp
UORevealed (waiting for relaunch)
UOWars (really liked the pvm on the server)

Looking to join a solid party

RE: Introduce Yourself - chumbucket - 05-25-2017


Played LS long, long ago. Metropolis, UOSA, and UOR since then.

I just like to steal things.

RE: Introduce Yourself - Tucan Sam - 05-27-2017

PHey all,

Tucan Sam here played Great Lakes many years ago and then found Rel Por 2. I look forward to all facets of this share including talking about Fenix's mom and his weekends on Pierce Island.  So far I am extremely impressed with Owen and Luthius.  Lets have a successful launch in the fall!

RE: Introduce Yourself - Drizzle - 06-05-2017

hi am drizzle

have no wrestling and i played on ancorp2 and samurai OSI for the most part

trammel god signing out

RE: Introduce Yourself - peej - 06-05-2017

Hi I'm Peej, 

Played Atlantic since Renaissance came out,  switched to hybrid , ipy , RP 1, RP2 , UOF some

Bacacay taught me how to pvp and utilize a heal mage  and [sprint on the field quite well.   Im pretty much #1 best pvper around. So its best to just avoid me at all costs Big Grin.

Anyway's thats me, Hi.