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Notes/Findings/Random Thoughts - GrizzlysGhost - 01-16-2018

Thought I'd start a thread of my own since it seems that's the way to go, rather than littering a half dozen other threads Smile

- Two doors don't currently auto-open in town on the Island: The Mage building, and trying to enter the Provisioner building from the sheep-pen side.  I think the issue for both doors might be objects placed too near them.  They will open with a double-click, but not auto.

RE: Notes/Findings/Random Thoughts - GrizzlysGhost - 01-16-2018

I created a character for the sole purpose of exploring the dungeons as a ghost (since I'm not very likely to see much of the lower levels for real...) I started with 10 Intelligence, and slowly gained Int as I ran around the dungeons. I was only about an hour doing so, but in that time my Int raised to 42! Just for exploring around as a ghost. Is this intended?


RE: Notes/Findings/Random Thoughts - GrizzlysGhost - 01-16-2018

While leveling a fencer, I noticed Parry is ridiculously slow to climb (like a crafting skill), even in the Newby Dungeon. Wouldn't this be considered somewhat of a "combat" skill? I'm not sure if it was intended to be a slow gain, just thought I'd mention it.

RE: Notes/Findings/Random Thoughts - PollyPocket - 01-17-2018

(01-16-2018, 10:10 PM)GrizzlysGhost Wrote: While leveling a fencer, I noticed Parry is ridiculously slow to climb (like a crafting skill), even in the Newby Dungeon.  Wouldn't this be considered somewhat of a "combat" skill?  I'm not sure if it was intended to be a slow gain, just thought I'd mention it.

I was going to make a suggestion tonight that they add some sort of skill scroll system.  It isn't just parry which is crazy slow.  There are other skills like camping that are super painful to raise through use.

RE: Notes/Findings/Random Thoughts - GrizzlysGhost - 01-17-2018

I really liked the skill scroll system on An Corp, but since some skills do ramp pretty well here, it might create an imbalance (unless they could ensure only scrolls for un-ramped skills are distributed, I don't know). Some skills I can see taking time, but when I have sword and shield, it seems I should be blocking as much as swinging... so should see an equal rate of gain. Maybe? Smile

RE: Notes/Findings/Random Thoughts - GrizzlysGhost - 01-18-2018

I tested Fishing yesterday for 7 hours and it was just as exciting as you'd expect... Dodgy


- The fishing pole only uses a "charge" when it catches a fish, so you are guaranteed 500 fish/stuff (in my case, a mix of Raw Fish and Raw Large Fish, since being able to retrieve other items is not yet implemented).  This seems to be standard across the board with basic harvesting tools (i.e. pickaxe, hatchet), whereas what I call "secondary" tools (i.e. sewing kit, tongs, saw, etc.) do use a charge regardless of success or failure.  I like this system, mainly because aside from being extremely tedious, gathering basic resources can be hazardous, and beginning characters would go through a lot of gathering tools due to early failures; something that could get prohibitively expensive.

- I was able to sell my Raw Large Fish as "Cooked Fish" to the fisherman on the dock (10gp each).  I was not able to sell my regular Raw Fish though.  Raw Large Fish are rather rare, especially when starting out (55/1500 were Raw Large Fish during my test from skill 50-76.7), so this wouldn't break the economy and is really the only vendor-related source of income for a fisherman (550 gold for 7-hrs work).  I feel they should also be able to sell their regular Raw Fish to the vendor for 1gp each (like harvesters can sell their Raw Ribs).  All told, by selling their regular and large Raw Fish, a beginning fisherman would still only be making 2,050 gold in 7 hours, which by all accounts is terrible, but it will help to sustain training.

- The fountain in town square is fishable.  I was able to target one corner of the fountain, fish for about 15 minutes before it was "depleted," then switch to the other corner of the fountain and continue fishing.  Due to the nature of the tiles, creating a fishing macro for this location could be problematic.  I don't see this being an issue, as fishing here is really not much different than fishing at the many other locations possible (and if I'm honest, people won't be clambering for ideal fishing spots...), just a note of interest I felt like mentioning.

- Captcha averaged 24.3 minutes (varied between 21 and 29 minutes between checks).

- Fishing spot exhaustion seems to be based closer to tile rather than a grid of tiles.  I was able to stand in one location without moving, and just had to adjust where I was casting once my current cast location was exhausted.  Running down the shore to find a new spot wasn't necessary.  Each spot lasted about 10 minutes.

- I'm not sure it's the best method, but Fishing seemed to raise Strength and Dexterity very quickly (maybe I was just excited to see something... anything... that wasn't fish... I don't know).  It took 1 hour, 49 minutes to raise Str from 80 to 100, and 4 hrs, 49 minutes to raise Dex to 100 (not sure what start was...)

Some figures:

First pole (500 successful uses):
- 2 hours, 45 minutes
- 486 Raw Fish, 14 Raw Large Fish
- Skill gain 50-63.9

Second Pole:
- 2 hours, 22 minutes
- 483 Raw Fish, 17 Raw Large Fish
- Skill gain 63.9-72

Third Pole:
- 2 hours, 10 minutes
- 476 Raw Fish, 24 Raw Large Fish
- Skill gain 72-76.7

Final notes:

Fishing is really about as basic as it gets.  It may become more "exciting" once special items are introduced.  Skill gain seems pretty normal, and resource gathering success seems to ramp normal as well.  It isn't a very sexy skill, but for RPs like me (my mariner will have fishing, because of course he would), it adds some variety and fits into character.

RE: Notes/Findings/Random Thoughts - GrizzlysGhost - 01-19-2018

Lesser Paragon chests; why are they so tough to crack?

I killed a couple of Paragons earlier (I wish they were gold-colored), and drug the chests to the bank so I could crack them open.  With 100 Lockpicking and 100 Remove Trap, I had ZERO chance of untrapping or unlocking... seriously?

So, I ramped my skills up to 120/120, grabbed some Valorite tools, and gave it a go.  Even with those odds, the percentages were still terrible.



Once I did finally get them opened, the results were a little under-whelming considering the 120/120/Valorite "requirements": (note, they are great for Paragon loot, but not considering the work that goes into 120/120 Lockpicker)


*Chest 1: Shadow Aspect Essence, Substantial Surpassingly Accurate Kryss of Lesser Elemental Slaying
*Chest 2: Earth Aspect Core, Durable Melodist Harp of Lesser Nature Enticement.

For my recent "Soldier Build" test, I decided to run the test with a full belly; the best food I could manage.  I have to say; it seems VERY difficult to cook decent food.  At GM Cooking, I really couldn't cook anything better than "Adequate." I tried to make some "Appetizing" Fish Stew, but gave up after over 500 attempts.  At 100 skill!  It's hard for me to imagine someone putting over 100 skill into cooking just so they could very slightly increase their chances to cook a better meal.  At GM, my success was 0.2%...  (at 101 Skill, the success rate jumps to 10%, but also consider that these recipes call for "rare" ingredients).  I would really like to see this skill become more useful, especially considering the bonus provided by good food is really quite small in practical reality.

RE: Notes/Findings/Random Thoughts - GrizzlysGhost - 01-21-2018


Results of Mining test (starting character):

tl;dr It took 6 hours, 9 minutes to GM Mining from skill 50.  Final Iron Ingot count was 13,147 (plus 15 which were used to make more pickaxes).  I also received a number of every color of ingot (details below).

My mining character will eventually become a Treasure Hunter (as Mining will greatly improve the accuracy of any buried loot!)  But since treasure hunting might take a while to become viable, mining for ingots will be the way to go in the early days (either to sell, or to use for my own crafters).

With this in mind, I created a character with the following starting skills/attributes:

Mining: 50
Tinkering: 49
Blacksmithy: 1
Str: 60
Dex: 10
Int: 10

I found that Tinkering is a good secondary skill, because through the course of your Mining, you will need more pickaxes, and you'll be able to easily make them with your Tinker skill.

Upon creation, my character received the following:

Pickaxe (X6)
Tinker's Tools (X2)
Tongs (X2)
+10 Str (for Mining)
+10 Str (for Blacksmithy)
+10 Int (for Tinkering)

* I did not use any pack animals, as they were WAY out of my budget and due to the small size of this Island didn't consider them vital to my mission.  The majority of my mining was conducted within the Island's mine, though I did mine a few hillsides when resources became scarce.  I used 15 Iron Ingots to make new pickaxes (two of which were Exceptional).


23min/44sec: Reached 65 Mining (can start finding colored ore)
24min/57sec: Reached 100 Str
30min/23sec: Mined first Dull Copper Ore (Skill 67.5)
46min/48sec: Mined first Shadow Ore (Skill 72.3)
57min/48sec: Reached 75 Mining
1hr/39min: Reached 80 Mining
1hr/43min: Mined first Bronze Ore (Skill 80.9)
1hr/49min: Mined first Copper Ore (Skill 81.4)
2hrs/23min: Reached 85 Mining
3hrs/2min: Mined first Gold Ore (Skill 88.2)
3hrs/20min: Reached 90 Mining
3hrs/36min: Mined first Agapite Ore (Skill 91.6)
4hrs/27min: Reached 95 Mining
4hrs/39min: Mined first Verite Ore (Skill 95.7)
5hrs/51min: Reached 99 Mining
5hrs/53min: Mined first Valorite (Skill 99)
6hrs/9min: Reached 100 Mining

Final Tally and 1-Hour gathering test with GM Mining:

13,147 Iron 
216 Dull Copper
202 Shadow
64 Bronze
116 Copper
38 Gold
18 Agapite
10 Verite
8 Valorite

1-hour test:
2,762 Iron
64 Dull Copper
82 Shadow
26 Bronze
22 Copper
6 Gold
10 Agapite
0 Verite
8 Valorite

Final note: I thought it would take longer to GM mining. Wink

RE: Notes/Findings/Random Thoughts - GrizzlysGhost - 01-25-2018


Results of Lumberjack test (starting character):

NOTE: This test was conducted just prior to a patch which reduces skill gain rates for Mining and Lumberjack, but I thought I'd still post for comparison.

tl;dr It took 17 hours, 57 minutes to GM Lumberjack from skill 50.  Final board (plain) count was 62,947 (I also used about 100 or so to make kindling since I was also camping).  I also received a number of every color of board (details below).

I tested my Lumberjack character as I would play him, so on top of Lumberjacking, I was also practicing Camping and Forensic Eval (killed every woodland creature I encountered); which also improved my Swordsmanship, Anatomy, and Tactics at the same time.  With this in mind, had I solely focused on chopping trees, the yield would have been slightly higher.  I initially sold both meat and hides to vendors so I could afford more hatchets, but eventually could afford to just sell the meat and save the hides for my Tailor. 
Starting skills/attributes:

Lumberjack: 50
Tinkering: 49
Forensics: 1
Str: 60
Dex: 10
Int: 10

I purchased training for Swordsmanship and Healing

Upon creation, my character received the following:

Pickaxe (X2)
Tinker's Tools (X2)
Hatchet (X2)
Skinning Knife (X3)
Low-quality Axe
+10 Str (for Lumberjack)
+10 Dex (for Forensic Eval)
+10 Int (for Tinkering)


1hr/15min: 100 Str
1hr/41min: Skill 65
1hr/45min: Dullwood (Skill 65.1)
2hr/56min: Skill 70
3hr/15min: Shadowwood (Skill 71.1)
4hr/12min: Skill 75
4hr/33min: Copperwood (Skill 76)
5hr/48min: Skill 80
6hr/36min: Bronzewood (Skill 82.5)
7hr/29min: Skill 85
7hr/50min: Goldenwood (Skill 85.8)
9hr/48min: Skill 90
9hr/49min: Rosewood (Skill 90)
13hr/16min: Skill 95
13hr/29min: Verewood (Skill 95.1)
16hr/35min: Skill 99
16hr/43min: Valewood (Skill 99.2)
17hr/57min: Skill 100

Final Tally:

62,947 Boards
1,004 Dullwood
975 Shadowwood
626 Copperwood
532 Bronzewood
448 Goldenwood
189 Rosewood
82 Verewood
7 Valewood

Final note: While it did take much longer to GM (than Mining), I still don't think you should be able to GM Lumberjack in less than a day.  Now that the new patch is in effect ("significantly" decreasing skill gain for Mining and Lumberjack, I will run another test).  Also, I gave the basic boards to a new Carpenter of mine to see how far it would take him: Skill 80.9 in 10hrs, 48min (which aligns pretty well with Campari's tables).

RE: Notes/Findings/Random Thoughts - GrizzlysGhost - 01-27-2018

A current change allowing a user to use the dagger on themselves near a tree to get kindling seems to produce an infinite supply of kindling (the tree doesn't run out of resources, and there is no captcha).