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Aspect Gear - Elevate Yourself - Expo - 01-25-2018

How do you access the Aspect Mastery system?
You can check your current progress within the Aspect Mastery gump. You can find it by opening your Paperdoll (Alt P), click Help, and then clicking Aspect Mastery. This will bring up the window that you can click on the various Aspects to see their abilities and stats. Click on the arrows to change through Weapon, Spellbook and Armor Bonuses from selected Aspect. Players earn experience in each Aspect by killing monsters while equipped with Aspect Gear of that aspect. When they have earned enough experience, they may upgrade that Aspect to the next Tier Level (maxing at Tier 10). 

[Image: BaW7M3k.gif]

Where does Arcane Essence come from?
Arcane Essence is needed to craft Aspect Gear. Players can get Arcane Essence by Recycling magical items. Use a Crafting Tool to open its menu and then click Begin Recycling. This will cause a single target cursor to appear which you'll then click on a magical item to Recycle it. There are different modes of Recycling. There are:

Recycle Single Item
Recycle Regular (of Type)
Recycle All (of Type)
Recycle All Magical - be VERY careful using this option as it will recycle ALL magical items in your backpack, even sub-containers. You then target yourself to begin Recycling.

[Image: 5qCXQl6.gif]

How do you craft Aspect Gear?
To create Aspect Gear, you will need to several components:

A GM-made Weapon / Armor Piece / Spellbook
12 Matching Aspect Cores for a Weapon/Spellbook or 2 Matching Aspect Cores for an Armor Piece
10 Matching Aspect Distillation of the same Aspect as the Cores
10 Arcane Essence
1 Mould Tool (of matching crafting skill type)

[Image: BxEomh3.gif]

[Image: sgAycyL.gif]

Oh so much more info on the Aspect Gear Dev Page. I wanted to just copy and paste all his info here because it's so thourough but you can just click that link and read more details. 

RE: Aspect Gear - Elevate Yourself - AreYouKidden - 01-26-2018

This is great, as this is a system that people are going to struggle to understand, and extremely enjoy once they get into it, both for the constant progress you continue to make after 7x GM'n your characters, and the extra abilities you'll get when fighting... Great work!

RE: Aspect Gear - Elevate Yourself - Expo - 01-30-2018

These images are for promotional use only. Please remember that these are rare (but very powerful) effects from using Aspect Gear Weapons.

Air Aspect
[Image: w0sT8uY.gif]

Command Aspect
[Image: XkEBwCd.gif]

Earth Aspect
[Image: vbreZp8.gif]

Eldritch Aspect
[Image: dhul0aX.gif]

Fire Aspect
[Image: fGjBKrA.gif]

Lyric Aspect
[Image: RW1J1HK.gif]

Poison Aspect
[Image: kw96YAQ.gif]

Shadow Aspect
[Image: G8GYuVl.gif]

Void Aspect
[Image: z3Lc39E.gif]

Water Aspect
[Image: sHBPozE.gif]

RE: Aspect Gear - Elevate Yourself - Drizzle - 02-07-2018

Great guide! Quick question, how did ya make those gifs? they're mad clean

RE: Aspect Gear - Elevate Yourself - Expo - 02-11-2018

(02-07-2018, 03:23 PM)Drizzle Wrote: Great guide! Quick question, how did ya make those gifs? they're mad clean

[Image: y8KyUff.gif]