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Few random ideas - clx - 02-17-2018

Luthius, as your current focus seems to be on making more 'UOR' type templates viable, I thought I'd post some suggestions here on top of what I sent you in Discord.

Anatomy: Stun-punch. Make this have a 2-3 second duration, and need to be toggled on by a player, so they need to time it as part of a combo. Ideally it would have a mana (or stam?) cost as well, and a cooldown. 

Poisoning: Give poisoners cheaper poison fields, half mana cost, perhaps. I also liked Jaedan's suggestion where Meteor Swarm could have its damage increased by having points invested in the poisoning skill. 

Spellweaving: Increase unresisted spell damage by x amount (I have no idea how much)

Focus: Increased meditation rates (Again, I have no idea how much would be suitable)

There's four skills that would all work in different combinations with each other, in addition to other skills as they stand, such as SS or Scribe. Anatomy and Spellweaving sounds interesting for double spell damage increase when stunned. 

Some other ideas:


Give them toggled special moves for mana or stam costs. Require 80+ skill in all of wepskill/tact/anat/heal to prevent mages using them. 

The ones I suggest are: 
  • Mortal Strike - target is unable to heal or be healed for x seconds (health bar displays as yellow)
  • Armour Ignore - negates target AR value when calculating damage
  • Bleed Attack - Inflict x damage over time, which will disturb spell casting on the target on each tick
  • Paralysing Blow - Paralyse opponent for x amount of time

Paralyse Spell:

I absolutely hate the need to carry around 20 trapped pouches. Just needless crap.

Make paralyse spell duration/success based on caster magery vs target resist. 1 second paralysed per 10.0+ points difference, to a maximum of 6 seconds paralysed. No effect if less than 10.0 points difference.

This would work incredibly well with the Outlands changes to Mana Drain and Mana Vamp where they drop your resist skill. 

Quote:- Resist chance is (20% * (Magic Resist / 100))
- Will not stack with any other castings of Mana Drain or Mana Vampire on target
- Effect will be overridden by Mana Vampire if that is cast on target
- Players may drink a Magic Resist potion of any type to nullify the effects of either Mana Drain or Mana Vampire on themselves

Mana Drain
-Reduces target player's Magic Resist by 10 * (Magery / 100) for 2 minutes
Mana Vamp
Reduces target player's Magic Resist by 20 * (Magery / 100) for 2 minutes

No need for trapped pouches, and resist potions could in effect serve that purpose, they would only increase resist up to a maximum of 100(maybe 80?) vs paralyse, meaning that 0 resist templates would still be viable vs paralyse casts.