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Opinion: Why this shard's PvP is sub par - Chill - 02-20-2018

I arguably have more experience PvPing on this shard than the majority of the beta PvP testers. I've been in countless duels, and countless faction struggles. Yet after all time spent PvPing you would think I would be here telling you what a good experience it's been. I'm not. I think the PvP here is awful. It could easily be better if some suggestions were applied. Here is why:

1. RNGesus. Whichever way the wind blows, seems like one dueler has 6 hits in a row and the other misses 85% of his hits. Needless to say if someone is landing the majority of their hits and the other is whiffing constantly, it's devastating. There's no balance. It's a PvP system based on coin tosses. Yes there is some level of skill but unlike UOR mage fighting where skill is the end all be all; this system is a series of coin toss hits. The weapon hit damage is high, would like to see more variation in the possible damages. A solo pure mage can no longer really kill any other template. Which brings me to two.
2. Enough with pretending you guys did a UOR friendly "fix" on heal through poison. This is laughable and completely false. I don't know the numbers but it seems like you can heal MORE if you're poisoned with gheal than if you're not. How ridiculous is that, and you guys coyly market that heal through poison has been made more UOR friendly. I mean jesus a gheal heals you more than half life when poisoned or otherwise.
3. The spell delays. Maybe I have a high ping, but the spell timers and delays seem to be off. Lightning seems too fast, and I was able to kill a guy with ebolt after he casted gheal first. How is that possible? How can my FIRST MA not be casted fast enough to disrupt a gheal?
4. Mounts. OSI's orginal map was HUGE. This map is considerably smaller. Has mount speed been adjusted considering the compact ness of towns and areas? No. The mount speed is still too fast. The balance of fighting to running is largely towards running. If i wanted to watch horses run, I'd watch Spirit or Seabiscuit. I came here to fucking fight, yet i consistently find myself running or chasing more than PvPing.

My suggestions:

1. Make a system to balance hit percentages. To make it more even and not one sided. Perhaps you cannot miss more than 2 hits in a row? Or if your opponent hits 2-3 in a row you're guaranteed a hit.
2. Decrease Gheal through poison DRAMATICALLY. Decrease gheal overall even when not poisoned. Increase mini-heal by a few pts.
3. Make magic arrow instant damage like harm. You can't IPY spam because of the system which is fine, but making the damage instant helps for blocking gheals especially with people with high pings. Also i would increase psn tick time and psn stick rate.
4. Reduce mount speed. Problem solved.

RE: Opinion: Why this shard's PvP is sub par - Owen - 02-20-2018

Hi Chill,
Thanks for your feedback.

1.  We use the most in-depth RNG available to us with RunUO/C#. This was thoroughly hashed out during extensive PVP testing in October, long before you arrived. If you're unlucky, you're unlucky, but there is zero favoritism in place and it is completely random.

2. False.  Of course Greater heal doesn't heal more through poison. 

The mechanic works as follows, just for your reference:

- Heals ((10 to 12) * (Magery / 100)) hit points to target
- After casting heal, a 5 second countdown starts for the caster
- Subsequent castings of the heal spell by that player while the 5 second countdown is still in place will reduce the spell's healing amount by a cumulative -10% and will also reset the countdown back to the full 5 seconds
- Effectively, a player must go 5 seconds without casting heal for the heal spell to return back to potency

If the target of the spell is poisoned, the amount of healing will be reduced as such:

Lesser Poison: 100% of normal healing amount
Regular Poison: 100% of normal healing amount
Greater Poison: 75% of normal healing amount
Deadly Poison: 50% of normal healing amount
Lethal Poison: 25% of normal healing amount

3. Your ping has little to no relation to spell delays, which are coded into each spell.  

4.  We tried to slow down mounts in the past 24 hours after the discussion. You can go 4-5 steps at slowed mounted speed and then it causes a desync, which is more unsettling than just leaving things alone.