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keeping dungeon pvp fun - reb - 04-01-2018


reb - heute um 13:35 Uhr
Donald Trump - heute um 08:23 Uhr:
welp dungeon pvp is not any more enjoyable here than it was on rp it seems fun times all @Luthius please go to every single mob in the game and double click it, if it does any ability that either insta kills you or causes you to die with absolutely no ability to do anythign about it remove it
- i totally agree with this. the mobs here are a little overtuned in some ways. the default uo mobs let you have fights in dungeons. here you get stunned and dropped by mobs, dont even need an enemy on your tail

- heute um 13:37 Uhr
I really hope we don't end up with Rel Por type dungeon PvP
where the main skill is in running around casting invis and letting mobs drop people

- heute um 13:37 Uhr
either nerf some abilities, make the agro times 5s instead of 3s or reduce mob density because atm i feel like dungeon pvp is not gonna be very fun

- heute um 13:37 Uhr
Haven't done any dungeon PvP here but with the Rel Por 2 experience in mind, I agree

- heute um 13:38 Uhr
neither did i but i tested all dungeons and some mobs are just bs lol

- heute um 13:39 Uhr
i already said a few months back that i think the mobs should be more spread
I see no harm in there being big rooms with no mobs

- heute um 13:39 Uhr
i dont mind being entangled by sipders etc when i dont get insta killed, bad luck if you were in pvp if that happened. ut if itll be like relpor where the mobs are the bigger threat than the players its broken imo
i never know if Luthius sees my shit.. just gonna drop this on the forum i guess

- heute um 13:40 Uhr
yeah, I did a lot of dungeon pvp on rel por and the best tactic was just a precast invis

RE: keeping dungeon pvp fun - reb - 04-02-2018

the big hall in mausoleum with calamities and abominations should be looked at, the chainstunning to death is not fun.
theres some other areas where you get heatseeking shit thrown at you taking you down to low health while just running trough.

someone said that an easy fix would be a window of like 10s where mobs dont do special attacks to players to prevent these things while still keeping the pvm experience as is.

RE: keeping dungeon pvp fun - Owen - 04-02-2018

Mob aggro will be changed from a flat 3 seconds to a variable 3-5 seconds. This should make running around mobs/certain areas a bit more feasible.