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Character introduction/biography
Name: Nekronos

Race: Human/maybe supernatural entity

Age: Older than he acts

Occupation: Philosopher, Prophet, Community Organizer and Activist, Social Justice Warrior, Hired Hand, Gardener, Bon Vivant, Artist, Novelist, Cartoonist, Scientist, Mad Scientist, Propaganda and Public Relations Expert, Community College Adjunct Professor, Small Claims Court Adjudication Parliamentarian, Genealogist, Crime Fighter, Arsonist, Snake Oil Sales Representative, Longshoreman, Career Military and Special Operations Advisor, Certified Tax Professional, and Credit Risk. References Available Upon Request.

Appearance: is 5’10 but his paperwork says 6’1. A man of modest frame and small squishy tummy, his physique is somewhat different from ones initial expectations for a hero whose legendary deeds precede him. He has hair, but is clearly quickly losing more each day with the ever creeping promise of death taking its exacting toll on all features of his appearance from his receding hairline to his ever growing collection of wrinkles along his eyes and mouth. He remains devastatingly handsome to crowds of women having still some indescribable permanent youthful look in his blue eyes when he is excited. He is of average length with below average girth.

Skills: Nekronos has a diverse collection of skills that he has learned from his unique life experiences and quite sketchy background. He has an uncanny ability to absorb information, but usually only fragmented sometimes disparate and irreverent chunks.

Of note: Nekronos hates notes and so he rarely takes them, and reads them even less. He is a known trickster, imbiber of all manner of pharmacological products he can get his hands on, and thrives on terror, chaos, confusion, and war. He is also a lover of friends, family, animals, culture and art, a friend to nature and all Orcs. Some legends say that he is not man at all but rather some trickster demon or Demi-god sent to confound and delight.

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