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What is Outlands? 
UO Outlands is a new Ultima Online free shard currently being developed by Luthius & Owen. 

What era of gameplay is Outlands?
Outlands is a uniquely tailored mix of T2A and Renaissance era mechanics.

When are you launching? 
The shard is currently in development.

Where is the server located?
We have a mainly East Coast based staff, and the server is hosted in Chicago.  You can ping as a sample if your connectivity.

How many accounts and characters per IP?
3 accounts / 5 characters = 15 characters.

Can you tell me about the custom content? 
There is a tremendous amount of custom content and thousands of hours worth of development into both gameplay and the new map.  As we get closer to launching we will begin to share more information. In the meantime, please join us in Discord (link below or on main web page) and view the #developmentscreenshots channel for some visuals of what we've been up to.

Is there a new map? 
Yes! There is a 100% custom map featuring 3 major cities, 4 supporting towns and 8 never before seen dungeons.  It is approximately 50% smaller than the original Sosaria map, but loaded with content and areas to explore.

Will you have mounts ingame? 
Mounts are available overland, but not in dungeons. 

Do you have heat seeking/chain reactive purple potions?
No. Standard countdown from 3.

Do you have a BOD system?

Do you have custom housing?
We have over 90 new placeable houses, but custom housing is currently N/A (and may never be.)

Is there instahit?

Can you heal through poison?

How many houses per accounts?
One house per account.

How do IDOC timers work?
There is a random timer between 12-24 hours.

Can homes be refreshed indefnitely by a friend if the owner isn't around?
Yes, any friend/co-owner of the house will refresh it by opening the door.

Are you hiring staff? 
At the moment Luthius and I are working independently, but plan on hiring staff members from the community eventually.  Please join the forum and Discord and get involved.

Do you have a Discord channel / chatroom? 
Yes, join us here.

Feel free to ask any other questions you may have below or in the Discord channel.

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