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WINNER ANNOUNCED: House Design Contest
A winner has been chosen!  

Congratulations to WAHOOKA for his Papua-inspired entry: 
[Image: xscCTPm.png]
Runner-up is t0by with his brick house design: 
[Image: F56cdZo.jpg]

Please feel free to submit more designs at your leisure!



Hi all,

As we near the tail end of development, we would like to host a contest which offers players a chance to leave their mark on the landscape: 

[Image: xRIksep.jpg]

We are accepting submissions of your best housing designs via UO Architect files. Download UO Architect here:
You can build the houses using RunUO, Centred+ or straight into UOArchitect - however you like.  If you need any help please feel free to contact me in Discord. 

(If you are unable to use any of the above methods, you could submit screenshots of custom housing designs by floor, without deco or any custom tiles.) 

Please familiarize yourself with all of the existing houses here.  We are looking for something that fills a void - perhaps an unused tileset (Papua, anyone?) or unique shape, and nothing that exceeds 30x30 or 4 storeys tall.  

All submissions must be submitted as .UOA files (ideally) or screenshots. 
All submissions must be original content created for this contest. 
All submissions must be submitted by forum reply. 
Submissions will be judged by Owen and Luthius and a winner will be determined at our choosing. 

The contest will officially close on September 30th! 

You can name the building type, following standard naming rules. 
The winner will receive a statue located within the Prevalia architect, with your name and crowning achievement on it!  

We look forward to seeing your submissions!  Good luck, and happy building!
Greetings people of outlands, for I, Drizzle announce S.W.A.M.P, a useless acronym the accurately describes the quality of the houses. 

The S.W.A.M.P currently contains 3 types of houses:

Links contain all floors

The Swamp Shack: 12x20,  A very small and modest shack for the beginner swamp adventurer, contains many floors for optimal ventilation and vantage points.
[Image: uCpI9Pe.jpg]

Swamp Monster Manor: 18x18 Whoevers house this was is apparently abandoned, contains large flat flooring for well, anything really. Contains a gnarly basement for proper storage and parties.

[Image: pecs7hk.jpg]

Ankle Biter Alley: 30x30, The pride and joy of your veteran swamp man! Despite terrible insect infestations because swamp men don't hire exterminators, this house has everything you would ever need, a giant basement, multiple intertwining areas, great ventilation and air conditioning, you name it.

[Image: ZGBvvRr.jpg]

But wait theres more! Announcing project E.V.I.L! These houses are for the man who strays away from common decency. 

The Wizard Towers: I-is that house floating? You bet your magic ass it is, equipped with a magical floating house, it also contains 4 towers fueling magic into it, which are quite cramped. But contains a spacious main house sure to satisfy any need along with a free and open first floor. 

[Image: VOHZqt9.jpg]

The Mausoleum: Do you miss the days of being an adventurer? The smells and wounds from battle? no? Well, if you do here you go, equipped with only moderate instability, contains realistic mice infestations and 3 types of bubonic plague. 

[Image: Gi0Jwv6.jpg]

i probably broke a rule so just tell me n will fix thx
Summertime Palace

Some unfinished edges. I'm not stuck on the aestics but I think the layout its very unique from what i've seen so far. Lots of open area for deco, plant growing, and or vendors. Could be scaled up or down, if the middle room is not made smaller I think

Alot of it could be more highly customized but I prefer it to be simple and allow for it to be personalized by the player to fit their use of the layout

This layout will suffer as a private home depending on your choices on how to handle houing (ie can people teleport in houses , or hit AOE from the bottom floors)

[Image: kl9o6HX.jpg]

[Image: Za0KZe9.png]

[Image: iisSShW.png]

[Image: d7Dyw8Z.png]

[Image: fBGl7Mq.png]
[Image: NY4cEJu.png]

[Image: 8LSUR1E.png]
[Image: 4sk8MoY.png]

[Image: buoZdnA.png]
[Image: PkPAlQP.png]

#4 (Not included in .rar / UOA format) Concept "party time roof", real funky
[Image: 16Dvnc9.png]
These houses were designed to have a locked area for private use as well as a public area for vendors and rune libraries

Large Cambrian Sandstone

[Image: DJGgSCU.jpg]

[Image: CqUNjrk.jpg]

[Image: LwLC9aD.jpg]

Medium Cambrian Sandstone

[Image: bNG3tIX.jpg]

[Image: xm6kJdP.jpg]

[Image: c82oyw2.jpg]

Large Merchant's Sandstone

[Image: LwfRtbR.jpg]

[Image: KEIzBrj.jpg]

[Image: FW3H6Rs.jpg]

[Image: K3uf0lE.jpg]
14x14 Papuan Medium Home

[Image: x7GLgdZ.png]
[Image: oCNFRh2.png]
Four more papua designs.

[Image: 5BPSlCN.png]
[Image: CZvesK2.png]
[Image: 0qcKhjo.png]
[Image: xscCTPm.png]
These houses are looking really awesome you guys, nice entries! Papua ftw!!
Thank you for all of the great submissions thus far! Looking forward to seeing more!
1. [Image: F56cdZo.jpg]

2. [Image: 4gMMnpl.jpg]

3. [Image: Si6AvUH.jpg]

4. [Image: 9VtNvVY.jpg]

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