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PvM Testing: Overview
Testing Overview

Howdy folks!

We're onto Phase 2 of our testing at Outlands, and it begins with us allowing you to test out some PvM (Player vs Monster) gameplay in three of our dungeons: NuseroOssuary, and The Mausoleum.

Players will begin in and be limited to the confines of Shelter Island and will be able to access the three dungeons available via moongate.

While inside a dungeon, players can return to Shelter Island by entering or clicking either a Golden Moongate or a Crimson Moongate while in dungeons.

Additionally, players can return to Shelter Island by utilizing the Stuck feature of the help system by opening their Paperdoll, clicking Help, and clicking In-Game Help, and then clicking Stuck and then Teleport

Scope of Testing
While players are encouraged to try to utilize any and all gameplay mechanics available to them, the focus of this test is to balance and fine tune the majority of the game's PvM skills in the context of dungeon farming.

Notably, however, Animal Taming and Lockpicking will be excluded from this test, as both of those systems are currently undergoing extensive overhauls and fall outside the scope of this test (and will receive their own unique testing experience).

Additionally, Champs and Bosses of the available dungeons will only have rudimentary handling at the start of testing, but in a few days will be implemented fully.


We will be creating individual forum threads for each dungeon where players can offer feedback and comment on their experience within that dungeon and what they'd like to see changed.

Character Templates

We've come up with 13 concept character templates belonging to three different gameplay categories we'd like players to test out and give us feedback on their experiences with them.

Please place feedback for each character template in the Forum Thread that contains the explanation of the character concept.

Warrior Characters Forum Thread

Hybrid Characters Forum Thread

Mage Characters Forum Thread

In the explanation for each character template, 20 skill points are added at the end of the skills list (and displayed in italics) which represent what players who have unlocked skill caps of 720 should place their points into. Please read the Developer Entry on Skill Mastery to learn about how skill caps work on UO Outlands.

Skill Mastery 

Skills and Mechanics

We would HIGHLY recommend that players testing any character template read the following Forum Developer Entries and look at the explanations for skills, spells, and armor/weapon details related to their character before playing. 

While there are additional Developer Entries that cover mechanics and items players may encounter or use while testing (such as Aspect Gear) it is critical that players spend at least a minute or two and review the skills and spells being utilized by their character to understand its intended functionality.

Skills Summary

Spells Summary

Weapons, Armor, and Combat Summary

Damage Tracker

[Image: 5iSVq62.png]

During testing, it would be exceptionally helpful if players took advantage of utilizing the Damage Tracker tool available to players to record the damage output of their character while testing. 

Players can set the damage tracker to automatically stop recording after a set amount of time, and it would be ideal for players to track damage of their characters over a 30 or 60 minute duration, and then post screenshots of their damage tracker results when posting feedback in the forums regarding particular character templates.

Damage Tracker Usage and Explanation Thread

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