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PvM Testing: Hybrid Character Templates
Hybrid Templates


[Image: aEMqyNc.png]

Str: 100
Dex: 100
Int: 25

Archery: 100
Tactics: 100
Hiding: 100
Stealth: 100
Arms Lore: 100
Anatomy: 100
Healing: 100
Magery: 20

Suggested Equipment
  • Weapon: Heavy Crossbow
  • Armor: Chainmail
The Scout is a hit-and-run specialist, unloading devastating Backstab attacks from stealth to their target with ranged weaponry. The combination of the Arms Lore skill and the bonuses to accuracy and weapon special attacks from stealth backstab gives the the scout a very high chance to deliver an Archery Special Attack Hinder Effect, which renders the target incapable of moving, attacking, casting, or using abilities for several seconds.

When confronted with a powerful foe, the scout should strike from stealth, and then quickly flee around a corner and hide, and then prepare their next stealth attack in safety.

  • Extremely high damage from stealth attacks
  • Frequently Disarms targets, which increases group melee accuracy and damage against the target for several seconds (Arms Lore)
  • Can kill many low-to-medium level creatures in 1-2 attacks
  • Frequently renders targets helpless with Archery Special Attack Hinder effects (Arms Lore)
  • Takes large amounts of melee damage
  • Takes large amounts of spell damage
  • Requires time to set up stealth attacks
  • Requires nearby walls and corners to escape creature line-of-sight in order to hide


[Image: kYTyrPV.png]

Str: 100
Dex: 100
Int: 25

Macing: 100
Tactics: 100
Musicianship: 100
Discordance: 100
Magery: 100
Arms Lore: 100
Healing: 100
Musicianship: +10
Discordance: +10

Suggested Equipment
  • Weapon: War Mace, Maul, Mace, or any Staff
  • Armor: Leather
The Saboteur specializes in debilitating its targets through DiscordanceMacing Special Attack Pierce effects, and the Curse and Mana Drain spells and excels as a group support character when tackling exceptionally difficult creatures. Saboteurs can lower the amount of damage caused by a creature as well as greatly increase the amount of damage a creature takes.

  • Can Discord multiple enemies simultaneously, reducing their damage output and increasing the damage each target takes from all sources
  • Can use the Curse spell to lower target's Melee Attack and Casting speed slightly
  • Can use the Mana Drain spell to lower target's Magic Resist slightly
  • Frequently Disarms targets, which increases group melee accuracy and damage against the target for several seconds (Arms Lore)
  • Frequently will deal extra damage and increase group melee damage to the target by inflicting Macing Special Attack Pierce effects (Arms Lore)
  • Takes minimal stamina losses when damaged (Light Armor)
  • Takes large amounts of melee damage from Non-Discorded targets
  • Takes large amounts of spell damage from Non-Discorded targets

[Image: 0Qk4Ski.png]

Str: 100
Dex: 100
Int: 25

Archery: 100
Tactics: 100
Tracking: 100
Forensics: 100
Anatomy 100
Healing: 100
Magic Resist: 100
Magery: 20

Suggested Equipment
  • Weapon: Bow or Crossbow
  • Armor: Studded Leather
The Hunter functions exceptionally well as a solo adventurer, able to scour the wilderness and dungeons and tackle rare and hard-to-find creatures, while also able to detect impending threats from enemy players. 

  • High ranged damage against it's tracked target (Tracking + Forensics + Anatomy)
  • Good damage reduction against spellcasters (Magic Resist)
  • Can quickly survey large areas for specific spawns, including rare creatures / paragons (Tracking)
  • Can sporadically check locations for threatening players such as enemy faction members or murderers (Tracking)
  • Has increased loot potential from skinning creatures ([b]Forensics[/b])
  • Uses ranged attacks to avoid engaging in melee and takes minimal stamina losses when damaged by spells [b](Light Armor)[/b]
  • Requires time to build up damage bonus against creatures with Forensics


[Image: DRaA7IA.png]

Str: 100
Dex: 100
Int: 25

Fencing: 100
Tactics: 100
Hiding: 100
Stealth: 100
Poisoning: 100
Arms Lore: 100
Healing: 100
Magery: 20

Suggested Equipment
  • Weapon: Spear (when stealthed) and Kryss (when unstealthed)
  • Armor: Ringmail or Chainmail
The Assassin strikes from stealth, inflicting brutal Backstab damage immediately and then finishing their target with poison. Assassins take advantage of the increased chance to cause Fencing Special Attack Cripple effects as well as apply poison from weapons when making Stealth Backstab attacks.

Assassins can greatly increase the chance to hit their targets in melee with frequent Fencing Special Attack Cripple effects and the Disarm effect (Arms Lore) to very quickly finish their foe before they have a chance to retaliate.

  • Extremely high damage from stealth attacks
  • Frequently Disarms targets, which increases group melee accuracy and damage against the target for several seconds (Arms Lore)
  • Increases group melee accuracy against the target by inflicting Fencing Special Attack Cripple effects (Arms Lore)
  • Has a large chance to not lose poison charges when inflicting poison on a target, often able to poison a great many creatures with a single poison potion applied onto a weapon (Poison)
  • Takes moderate amounts of melee damage
  • Takes large amounts of spell damage
  • Requires time to set up stealth attacks
  • Requires nearby walls and corners to escape creature line-of-sight in order to hide
One of the best hybrid characters might be:

Camping (or mining/lumberjacking/tracking)
Arms Lore
I ran a test of a different sort of Hybrid Character today, starting from scratch.  I'm a Crafter/Merchant/PVM player, so integration of crafting specialties into most of my builds is a given.  This was a test of a "Tailor" build I'm thinking about, I like to think of it more as a Frontiersman/Gypsy.  I know, this build is a bit strange, but hey Smile 

Primary Skills:
- Anatomy (provides passive increase to weapon damage and healing as well as cure/resurrection at 60/80)
- Camping (used for hiking (primary mode of travel for RP reasons), helps with melee damage while adventuring) 
- Forensic Eval (increases the amount of hide harvested and increases the chance for colored hide/special cooking ingredients)
- Healing (as a lone-adventurer, ability to heal self and cure poison is essential)
- Spirit Speak (primarily to fill spell stones, which I will most likely sell... needed a semi-early money maker.  Not essential for build, I know Tongue)
- Swordsmanship (I like big knives, and I cannot lie...)
- Tailoring (the actual, real job of this guy).

Starting gear upon Character Creation:
  • Low-quality skinning knife (x2)
  • Customary bag with 10 Cheese, 100 Bandages, and 5 Cure Pots
  • Backpack with +10 Int Stone (for Tailoring) and +10 Dex Stone (for Swordsmanship), Sewing Kit (x2), Longsword
  • In the main pack: Dagger, scissors, 1000 training credits deed, and my Atlas

Testing Details (tiny chart):



- The first hour was spent in the forests of Shelter Island, second hour was spent in the Newby Dungeon, and the third hour was spent in Ossuary.
- I had a macro running on loop: Spirit Speak and Camping (I cut a bunch of kindling from trees before starting each hour).
- I ate no food throughout testing (not sure if that's even a factor, just thought I'd mention it)
- I wasn't able to afford Spirit Stones until after the 2nd hour; then I had to create a mage character to cast Magic Lock on them... 
- I only had the Spirit Stones for the 3rd hour, but managed to fill one to 100% and another to 17.1%.  It took quite a few creatures to fill a stone...
- First hour in the forest, pretty much killing deer and birds non-stop, yielded 190 leather, 114 raw ribs, 36 raw drumsticks and 1347 feathers.
-- I did use Forensic Eval on everything, so without that the yield will undoubtedly be less.
-- I sold meat to vendors in town on this test, but will save meat after launch for my Chef...
- I maxed out Anatomy 40-minutes into the second hour, from a start of Zero.  Anatomy climbs very fast.  Which is why I moved to Ossuary for 3rd hour
- I REALLY like how Spirit Speak will grab energy from a corpse nearly a screen away; very nice!  
- The revamped health/status bar is great, I was glued to the bandage timer; very helpful!
- I did manage to pick up a few special cooking ingredients (different kinds of meat), but the prize was one Expertly Drawn T-Map Smile
- My Forensic Eval improvements reflect only FE that was necessary (once per one or two bodies on average).  It seems you could macro this skill on a corpse for as long as the corpse remains and you could get gains much more quickly that way.
- My tailoring climbed so slowly because I was only sewing the leather I harvested.  This could also be done more quickly I suppose with bolts of cloth... but I was using all of my sheep wool for bandages... and I had to sell my second batch of leather gorgets (rather than recycle) because I needed the money for spirit stones.  First-world problems and all that... 

Impression of Play-Through

I think crafting progress will be a bear.  A big, expensive, time-consuming bear; and I'm okay with that.  Combat skills seem to climb pretty quickly compared to the non-combat skills tested here.  Some skills have a pretty steep initial ramp (0-51 camping in first hour, 51-56.4 in second hour... maybe being outdoors is best?)  Also Spirit Speak (0-50.4 in first hour, 50.4-54.1 in second hour), but this could be contributed to my kill ratio being higher in the forest than it was in the Newb Dungeon.  Overall please with this build, though I might switch out Spirit Speak with something else.  

Thanks for all the hard work on this shard, I'm really looking forward to launch!
Crafter, role-player, frequent PvP target, and Beard Bro for life (*tips hat to Papa Carl)
Skills are hyper easy to get from 0-50, hence why you noted the difference - nothing to do with location. Newbie dungeon zone is fastest place to gain skill pre 70.

Spirit stones wont sell...I wouldn't take SS for a form of "income". Once you get to the point of using SS boosted mobs (level 8 mage summoned creatures) the enemies you kill fill stones in a couple of kills.

Replace SS with tactics, for more "efficient" mob killing to skin. Or if you wish to be more role-play orientated id take tracking for the mob dmg boost, but still fits your RP.

Skill gain was tested and I think tailor is circa 200k leather to yes an effort. All craft skills are, deservedly.
Thanks, I pretty much came to the same conclusion about the Spirit Stone, especially since it looks like it decays w/in 24 hours of activation? It was my first time playing with the mechanic so it's good to learn something new Smile
Crafter, role-player, frequent PvP target, and Beard Bro for life (*tips hat to Papa Carl)

I spent several days testing viability of the Hybrid Hunter template.  I approached it as a new character, and only used materials I farmed or purchased myself throughout the test.  Following are some statistics as well as personal observations I discovered while testing:

Starting skills:
  • Archery
  • Tactics
  • Tracking
  • Forensics
  • Anatomy
  • Healing
  • Magic Resist

I quickly found out that I couldn't effectively farm with Archery alone, as I kept running out of arrows and couldn't afford more, so I purchased a sword as soon as I had enough gold and started to work on Swordsmanship.  Even at the early stages though, Forensic Evaluation saved my bacon (so to speak) by providing meat/hides I could sell.  This was especially helpful as the gold drops in the Newby Dungeon are rather small.  I would kill things with the sword until I could afford arrows, then switch to Archery.  I had to do this almost the entire first day, after which I was able to tackle more valuable mobs and afford arrows (and later bolts) to sustain my Archery.  Having Swordsmanship secondary to Archery was also useful when I found my self still in the dungeons upon running out of ammo.  I could switch to Sword, finish off the mob I was fighting, then find an exit.

I developed my character until I was comfortable farming the dungeons without dieing, then I hit each dungeon with 500 bolts and recorded the results.  This test was not scientific, and there are many variables that effected the outcome (stacked FE, skill increased between beginning and end of test, etc.)  My primary gear was a common x-bow (vendor) and leather armor (vendor).  I didn't eat anything, nor did I use pots.  I had scavenger active to pick up any bolts I could reach and used Forensic Eval on everything I killed as soon as possible (i.e. if I was fighting two skeletons, as soon as one would drop I would FE it so I could increase my damage to the next skeleton).  I also used "Tracking" to target the mob I was currently fighting so I could gain the additional damage benefit that provides.

General Loot Results (again, very non-scientific, 500 x-bow bolts, listed in the order which I tested):
  • Inferno: 1555 Gold, 132 Raw Ribs, 267 Leather
  • Muskeg: 1395 Gold, 137 Raw Ribs, 281 Leather
  • Nusero: 1163 Gold, 117 Raw Ribs, 234 Leather
  • Ossuary: 1001 Gold, 103 Raw Ribs, 206 Leather
  • Mausoleum: 1367 Gold, 138 Raw Ribs, 266 Leather
  • Pulma: 1261 Gold, 130 Raw Ribs, 259 Leather
- Example of Forensic Eval damage stack: in Pulma, after 500 bolts, I finished with +4.4% to Monstrous, +2.7% to Elementals, and +1.9% to Humanoid.  Gains were about .2% each time I'd use the skill. With a full GM character, these figures would be higher because you'd kill things more quickly.

Final primary skill stats after three full days of testing:
  • Archery: 91.2
  • Tactics: 92.8
  • Tracking: 98.2
  • Forensics: 59.1
  • Anatomy: 100
  • Healing: 68.6
  • Magic Resist: 60.6
  • Magery: 0
  • Swordsmanship: 58.2
Some general thoughts:

  • Archery as a starting skill can be expensive.  All of my gold was going toward arrows, so I couldn't upgrade my lousy starting bow or even afford armor until well into the second day. 
  • I was dedicated to shearing sheep for my bandages, which worked well enough for me alone... but if anyone else were competing for the same sheep I would have been in trouble. 
  • I can see tracking as a great mechanic, but I felt it was a bit limited in the dungeons.  I used it to "track" the mob I was currently fighting so I could receive the damage boost (which was definitely noticeable), but I think where it will really shine is above ground.
  • Forensic Evaluation:  While it does gain skill VERY slowly, man is it great once you stack it up!  FE on corpses while you farm just keeps stacking and stacking; and lasts for 12 hours.  If I encounter the same type of mob at a different dungeon, it just keeps stacking on top of my previous encounters.  After an hour, I was dealing an additional 4+% damage to the dominant mob type, which would carry over to my next location.  Getting extra hide/meat was a great bonus, but the real deal for me was the increased damage.  I'm going to find a way of working this skill into as many of my builds as possible.
Potential things that could be looked at:
  • Vendors aren't providing enough ammo.  Later-game, I was draining each vendor (Provisioner-250 and Bowyer-500) of Bolts, and after an hour of farming, I would return and they hadn't restocked yet.  I drained them several times, and each time they refreshed, they restocked with exactly that amount again.  Is there a mechanic that can increase the amount of expendables based on need?  These vendors wouldn't be able to keep up with two archers at the same time...
  • Sheep: the six that are provided on the island just can't keep up with demand... even just one character's demand.  Not sure what can be done about it (quicker respawn, more sheep?) but it could definitely be an issue with a larger population (more than two).
  • Ossuary: skeletons are getting trapped in the wall with coffins and can't be reached with ranged or other melee weapons (first floor).
  • While "Young," my character would revive with ALL items in their bag, even those items just looted from corpses.  I was farming in the dungeons well into my "Young" status and died several times, but it didn't bother me because I kept everything.  It wasn't until I lost my "Young" status that I really felt the impact of death.

I really like this build, as it suits my play-style.  I'm a solo player, so need solid solo characters.  I would start this one off with swords, then decide later if I wanted to switch to bow.  The advantage of bow would be the ability to keep a distance between you and your target (not very effective in dungeons).  I did use chain armor for a short time, but the dex loss was devastating (since I had mobs right on me much of the time in the dungeons).  If I decided to stick with swords, I would improve my armor and carry dex potions, and later equip myself with quality food (which might be hard to find until well after launch).  The highlight of this character is Forensic Evaluation, I really like what the developers have done with this skill!  Overall a good experience, and I will include this build in my gameplay.
Crafter, role-player, frequent PvP target, and Beard Bro for life (*tips hat to Papa Carl)

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