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PvM Testing Patch - 9-26-17 1am CST
Patch Notes

  • Reorganized categories (and Crafting and Harvest categories added)
  • Pickaxes, Hatchets, Shovels, and Fishing Poles will now be craftable with colored materials (and will provide bonuses to harvesting chances)
  • Lockpicks, Trapwire (new item), and Spyglasses are now craftable with colored materials (will give bonuses as well)
  • Harvesting captcha will now only prompt every 10-20 minutes
  • Lockpicking will no longer require a captcha 
Aspect Gear
  • Fixed an issue that was causing Aspect Armor special bonuses to trigger far less often than they should have been
  • Fixed an issue where Fire Aspect Armor would display -1 damage overhead of the target
  • Minions of Champs, Shrine Bosses, Bosses, and Event Bosses will now never flee
  • Readjusted spawns in Nusero to add more high level creatures
  • Increased difficulty on Emperor Dragon dramatically
  • Increased creature loot drop rates on Arcane Scrolls
  • Reduced creature loot drop rates on other high level items such as Skill Mastery Orbs and Aspect Cores
  • Adjusted predefined amounts of high-level item drops on Champs / Bosses
  • NPC Human corpses will now display their "unlootable" weapons, armor, and clothing (however it will temporarily disappear when a player clicks their corpse: working on a fix for this)
  • Fixed an issue where some Minions of Champ/Bosses wouldnt die after their Champ/Boss was killed
Battle Trainer
  • Created a Battle Trainer NPC that players can hit freely to test weapon damage (the Battle Trainer has 0 Wrestling Skill and 0 Armor Value)
  • Poison that was applied by players or summoned/tamed followers against Champs, Shrine Bosses, Bosses, or Event Bosses will only deal Lesser Poison damage if the creature is more than 18 tiles away from the player / follower. If the player / follower moves back within 18 tiles, the poison damage will return to it's normal amount
Special Effects / Abilities
  • The Knockback ability (such as the Emperor Dragon's Wing Buffet ability) will now have smoother animations and should only trigger one damage instance to targets
  • The Knockback ability will now trigger any "OnMoveOver" events for items such as firefields (i.e. players will take damage from each firefield they are knocked back through)
  • Fixed an issue where players would receive multiple notifications for certain abilities expiring (such as "You are no longer hindered")
  • Players will now receive notifications for expiration of several abilities, such as Pierce and Hex
Storage Shelves
  • Added Pickaxes, Hatchets, Shovels, Fishing Poles, Lockpicks, Trapwire, and Spyglasses to the Tools category (items must be GM-quality and at full uses remaining in order to add them to a storage shelf)
  • Added crafting tools (such as sewing kits, tongs, etc) to the Tools category (items must be GM-quality and at full uses remaining in order to add them to a storage shelf)
Public Moongates
  • Players will no longer be able to cast the Wall of Stone or Energy Field spell within 5 spaces of a Public Moongate
  • Players should now be able to start campfires within dungeons
  • Players will no longer be able to hike to locations while inside a dungeon
  • The Atlas will now always display the "Hike to Location" option for a location entry, but will display "Requires X Camping" skill near the button reflecting how much camping skill is required to hike to that destination
  • Food will now correctly display the stacked number of items (such as cheese)
  • Rephrased the wording on satisfaction levels for consuming food and will display as overhead text for the player when eaten
  • A player's hunger level will be displayed as a system message when eating food
  • Using the Item Identification skill on an item will now automatically single click it to display the identified item's property
  • Ankhs will now only resurrect a player once every 30 seconds
  • Atlases have been removed from NPC Vendors
  • Players can now click on the Paperdoll -> Help -> Atlas button to receive an Atlas if they dont currently have one (and can receive one at most once per hour)
Lockpicking and Remove Trap
  • Lockpicks are now a tool that have a number of uses and can be made with colored materials
  • Lockpicks of exceptional quality, as well as of colored materials, have increased numbers of uses, increase the user's effective Lockpicking skill when picking locks, and adds a bonus to Lockpicking Progress on chests
  • Trapwire is a new tool (created with Tinkering) that is used to make Remove Trap checks on containers
  • Trapwire has a limited number of uses and can be made with colored materials
  • Trapwire of exceptional quality, as well as of colored materials, have increased numbers of uses, increase the user's effective Remove Trap skill when removing traps, and adds a bonus to Remove Trap Progress on chests
  • Skill cooldown for Lockpicking and Remove Trap usage is now 3 seconds each
Dungeon and Treasure Map Chests
  • Dungeon and Treasure Map chests now have a Lock Difficulty from level 1-8
  • Dungeon and Treasure Map chests now have a Trap Difficulty from level 1-8
  • Players cannot open a chest until the Lockpicking Progress on the chest reaches 100%
  • Players can make Lockpicking attempts on the chest using Lockpicks, with successes increasing the Lockpicking Progress on the chest (with more difficult chests requiring more successes to reach 100%)
  • Players have a chance to trigger a trap when making Lockpicking attempts, which will cancel their Lockpicking attempt, and instead deal one of 15 different harmful effects to the player
  • A player triggering a trap on a Dungeon or Treasure Map chest does not remove any traps from the chest (players may continue to trigger traps on it)
  • Traps increase in power and effect based on the Trap Difficulty level of the chest
  • A player who triggers a Trap is not able to use the Hiding skill or be hidden with the Invisibility spell for the next 5 seconds
  • Players can make Remove Trap attempts on the chest using Trapwire, with successes increasing the Remove Trap Progress on the chest (with more difficult chests requiring more successes to reach 100%
  • Players making Remove Trap attempts on a chest have a chance to trigger a trap, albeit at a drastically lower chance than for lockpicking attempts
  • The current Remove Trap Progress % on a chest reduces the chance of triggering traps for both Lockpicking attempts as well as Remove Trap attempts by that % amount
  • Players can double click a Dungeon or Treasure Map chest to open a special Lockpicking/Remove Trap window to see their progress and choose their actions (including rotating through available tool materials they have in their pack)
  • Players can also elect to simply double click Lockpicks or Trapwire and target the chest
  • Single clicking on a chest will display the chest's Lockpicking / Remove Trap progress (if any has been made)
  • After a Dungeon Chest has reached 100% Lockpicking progress, a timer starts after which the chest will close and reset (with higher level difficulty chests having longer reset times)
[Image: TdNpCuG.png]

[Image: ViOooAR.png]

[Image: 5C94ayX.png]

[Image: yQ67y3G.png]

[Image: 2XHo8gx.png]

[Image: crqWqA1.png]
Lower level chests should be 1 or 2 attempts only with GM lockpicking/remove trap. Feels wrong that a chest that gives 100 gold forces you to remove trpa 3 times, then unlock it 3 times.

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